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Are Human Beings Set Up To Repeat History?

human behaviors mindset Oct 04, 2019

I guess I grew up thinking Atlantis was fake.

Now that I have looked at human nature’s tendency to mess with all the rest of nature

How we make things like getting ourselves online and in front of people as real humans so hard.

Now I am intrigued.



I am intrigued to see some science has in fact shown our present DNA is only 200,000 years old and not a continued evolution of Neanderthal.

And find a really ancient culture’s creativity in theater and symbolic art that speaks to us in modern times in spiritual high level academic ways way AMAZING!

I guess that is why I offer things like Psychosocial analysis in all my women’s life coaching programs and will be teaching all about our core drivers in life school. After all, if you really want to live your full potential then to know thyself is to love thyself. 

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What will we repeat next? 

I look at what we feel we need...

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A little story about the Gut and your Pain business

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Dear fellow Body-based Pain care practitioner,

So you are still saying to me that you are not a Nutritionist so you do not need to know anything about the gut.


First, gut health is a lot more than about digestion.


Are you a pharmacist because I believe you had a class in pharmacology for a reason.

Are you a surgeon?

Because I think you might have a ton of CEU hours understanding orthopedic surgical procedures under your belt for a reason.

Well, now there is a reason to start taking a class or reading research about the gut.


As an Integrative Clinical Doctor dealing with lots of pain bodies over the past 25 years

I will leave you with a thought

Maybe, it will even open you up to all that behavioral self-efficacy work I trained in. 

Marketing better

'Maybe now, as a pain body-focused person,  you will better understand why my hashtags are not #stronger #pumpit or...

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Special Full Moon X-Tra Vlog


So I thought that this would be fun to give you a fast mini-course on Moons and goddess energies and put out a no-frills, unedited raw special edition podcast for Friday the 13th on a full moon.

An Xtra special moon dance moment

It is the annual  Harvest moon about reaping what you have sown which just so happens to be on the astrological start of another 12 years cycle, an optional parallel timeline course-correct moment. 

I gave a Curvy Hustle groove to the conversation over in The Goddess Wisdom Mastermind on FaceBook

So ever notice that we have 13 lunar cycles and yet society insists there are only 12 months?

Weekly Marketing Show focused on planting good seeds for optimal magic! 

I know, kind of F'd up with alignment right?

So since I was noticing that this is a super important full moon, and I already was feeling the waters and moods, I just not feeling the normal Owning HER Health Podcast this week I said to myself, "Why The Hell Not?" Share what came...

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Why more healthcare CEO's need to have suffered a perineum tear

3 cheers for Healthcare digital marketing 101. 

I get asked now if I ever still care for women.

That kind of irks me a bit because I honestly feel like empowering the platform for even a handful of feminine health leaders or Mind-Body ninja's in this world is doing more for the caring of women than anything else I have accomplished so far.

But I get it.

In my mind, my podcast Owning HER Health, The Goddess Wisdom Mastermind and The Mind-Body Brand Academy is a three-prong approach ( soon to be fours) aimed at roasting that old medicine paradigm turkey.  It is my hope that they all just Glow Up and shift the entire conversation on women and mind-body healing across the globe within the next decade but I completely understand. 

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I understand because the care of women is basically reduced to making sure her Urogenital organs and breasts are performing well in a brand attempt to niche down but that is the subject of another conversation. 


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How The Hell Do You Make The Primary Care of Lady Parts Fascinating?

marketing women's health Aug 25, 2019

This article was originally published by me on Linked In

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I just got off the phone with a consulting client of mine. She was having a hard time putting the work we have done into more sales action because she was stuck in the mindset of how she spent her days as a PT, which she finds fun and wants to share.  Now she feels stuck on her voice and was losing energy. 

Copy Block Sucks You Dry

The best way to move out of this analysis paralysis is to review your progress and what you learned about your ideal client.  With my coaching hat on, I got her to recognize that in the past eight weeks working together she has gone from defining herself as "a women's health physio" to "I am a primary care provider that focuses on the unique needs of women during the early postpartum years". So now she needed to understand that woman as intimately on the emotional side as she did physically. I reminded her how far she had come...

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An Evolution of A New Eve Story

Eve is the first feminine divine to seek individual all-knowingness, personal empowerment, and enlightenment.  First goddess wisdom seeker —-

She got a bad rap of suckering Adam.

Adam accepted the challenge which opened up the door to a twin flame consciousness most do not understand. 

See the apple in the story did something to the purity of their union. It made there be an ego that feared unconditional love. Then Eve loved as a twin flame and had to let her inner masculine go. Now having it live outside herself, she inadvertently became subservient to it. 

This imbalance of powers in time became unnourishing for both bc they no longer lived in respect of the other or the other animals and the planet as an extension of themselves. 


They became fearful of their differences making them each vulnerable. 

Somewhere along with the evolution of time,  the sacred feminine woke up to what had happened. She took it upon herself to see her...

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I SUCK...but

business Aug 23, 2019

Thank you for accepting the lack of glam as I share these unsolicited genuine posts 

It is a launch party for the Mind Body Brand Academy, my 2x a year, an 8-week incubator for evolving, heart-led medicine women. We hang and loving get called out on our BS blocking our highest potential 2x a year for the sole purpose of evolving ourselves, elevating each other and moving our message.

Yes, Soul filled biz building in healthcare is rare, so between sessions, a lot gets carried over at a more superficial level in the Mastermind.

But I really stink at doing what I am supposed to do in order to look valuable “enough” for you to join our inner circle. It is not for lack of knowledge because I know a ton.

I have trained with all the online biz divas like Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo, and of course, am one of Gabby’s Spirit Junkies so my mastermind can benefit on from that. But, no matter what, I suck. 

I hear verified actions from the brand leaders and...

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The Lion's Gate Promise To Medicine Women Rising: You Are Going To Be Great!


The Lions Gate is your lifestyle elixir.
Drink up my conscious friend because this year it opened up July 26th and will run until August 12th, with the peak of energy in a few hours on August 8th! This window was a ceremony for the star that is bigger and brighter than the sun called Sirius. Sirius would rise over the Great Pyramids of Egypt around now each year. Sirius would bring in some blessings as the Nile would soon be getting filled by rains and the crops would grow. 
There is some mystical alignment here and Egyptians knew how to use it. There is such a powerful window every year between timelines where truths that you call out get told. I mean, those pyramids, right? How the hell did they make them?
I find myself always in awe of Egyptian culture and history.
It would say that it was definitely divine intervention when I found myself on this weird tour of all the spiritual ties Egyptians had before Christianity at the...
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Today I did NOT wake up in a bed of sunflowers

Today I did not wake up in a bed of sunflowers...

I am a spiritual person but I am a human being. I am not always in a great mood. I am not always feeling strong and my kids and ex can attest to that because of course, I usually snap and project it out on them and they hold the closest perspective but hey, we all pick our soulmates each round.

In fact, I thought of that as I woke up kind of feeling off. It was weird. I was not sad. I was not angry but I also was not as happy as I am accustomed to being and if I was a sucker for some Big Pharma marketing, I might have kept questioning if I was sick at the moment but I was actually really well. What I was is confused. Then my soul mate Fluffy Dog tapped my arm for a morning cuddle and reminded me I am just feeling my wealth.

It was stillness upon awakening.

It has been so long, possibly three years since I woke up in "The gap". Since then, definitely, since Aug of 2017, it has taken me meditation or a savasana to do that.

So waking up...

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The Alpha Female Paradox


The other day I came across an article about the #alphafemale and how being one is very intimidating to most men. The health copywriter emerging in me immediately said "Bravo! Good #headlinecopywriting" as I pressed the click bait over on Facebook. 

As I read the list of traits that expectantly described me to T, all I can say is that we humans have an extreme love/hate of the unbalanced #patriarchy. And while I am the first to own the #medicinewomanrising hashtag, I can see that we, as a unified society of the world, are blatantly having a really hard time letting go of the ongoing grief of the distinctly separate presentations of the #woundedfeminine and #woundedmasculine energies amongst us. This is why I will be going over some pretty touchy stuff about #humanevolution, #hormonal influences, #genderroles,  #sexuality, and #sacredTantra made modern in my upcoming SPECIAL SOLSTICE EPISODE OF OWNING HER HEALTH

OHH Episode 44: The Birth...

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