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The Lion's Gate Promise To Medicine Women Rising: You Are Going To Be Great!


The Lions Gate is your lifestyle elixir.
Drink up my conscious friend because this year it opened up July 26th and will run until August 12th, with the peak of energy in a few hours on August 8th! This window was a ceremony for the star that is bigger and brighter than the sun called Sirius. Sirius would rise over the Great Pyramids of Egypt around now each year. Sirius would bring in some blessings as the Nile would soon be getting filled by rains and the crops would grow. 
There is some mystical alignment here and Egyptians knew how to use it. There is such a powerful window every year between timelines where truths that you call out get told. I mean, those pyramids, right? How the hell did they make them?
I find myself always in awe of Egyptian culture and history.
It would say that it was definitely divine intervention when I found myself on this weird tour of all the spiritual ties Egyptians had before Christianity at the MOMA in summer 2016. Now looking back, it was the precursor of my work connecting lots of their spiritual symbols like the single snake moving up a pole to our belief that the caduceus indicates wise healing. By the way, did you know that medicine was originally a single snake but then adopted the logo of a pharmaceutical company back in the day making medicine take on the energy of a potential poison instead of higher intelligence which is such the karma of the entire system nowadays right?
The most interesting things was that the walk that MOMA guide took me through ended up in Bablonyan artwork and right in front of a statue of Mother Mary holding her toddler son who in turn was holding a sphere in one hand and holding his other in the mudra of feminine spirituality to a load of science and mainstream spirituality declining ears. I had no idea about how tied spirituality was in major world history. The history I learned was void of those facts.   I was actually intrigued by the older Englishman tour guide's note that there was a tribe of Jewish in Egypt that acted a lot like ancient yogis for a time and how he grew up practically thinking that England gave America up as a kind gesture by his textbooks. He said it wasn't until University where he learned the truth! I almost forgot all the little interesting facts like that he shared but they all started coming back to me in thoughts and dreams this past week. It is the Lion's Gate energy that was reminding me that that day is a part of my journey.
A Brave New World
I have been hearing about many sensitive heart-led people speak of their emotional breakthroughs these past two weeks and old memories that remind them of their likes and the core of themselves seems to be filling their hearts back up like the Nile. I too have had a wonderful return back home to a piece of me that I lost along the way towards 47 years old this month.
This Alice in Wonderland escape, out of my dark rabbit hole of 2017 and 2018, makes me feel that 8-8 this year is especially great for peak Lion's gate. We all can tune ourselves up by doing things like meditating and proclaiming done with that which no longer serves your highest good. This particular feels divine for me as is a come to Jesus, full circle story from 8-8-2008. That is a story I will keep and tell for another time. An in-person goddess wisdom share for sure. 
So by now, you know that I think it stinks kids don't get taught Astrology or Cosmology in school. I also am fully aware that for the past fifteen years my academic peers are likely rolling their eyes at my contributions to social and print media. I am sure they love the Goddess Wisdom 101 on Instagram and my latest Goddess Chats on my Podcast I know western school systems tell us what to do to the point for suffocating wonder. Sad there is little feeling and opinion allowed in the training of the American. Astrology and Cosmology, on the other hand, are definite observations but these natural sciences are eastern minded. Their validation is about experiencing the Universe and Earth around you.  There is a spirit in the things you experience but can not see. So can I ask you to close your eyes and slowly breathe for 30 seconds? Now I want you to think about a time you were so relaxed and happy. Really go there to a fun time with teen friends at a party. Now switch gears to a time you were scared or angry as hell. Did you feel the shift by focusing on something outside of you? 

That my friends make spiritual awareness and energy transmissions as valid a life science to me as biology or gemology or quantum physics. 

So, do you want to know why we all look up at the stars most times we step out into the dark night? Because we know that it is the moon and the stars that no matter what clouds block their light, will never leave us. It is grounding us to look up while knowing we are here on Earth but also is reminding us that our inner biochemistry is full of stardust. It makes us wonder. 
Looking up and thanking the stars for their constant cooperation with our Earth gives us maps into the shadows. No matter how much we destroy our Earth's bounty, looking up at the stars will always guide our way. Plus you know who studied the Earth's bounty against the stars all the time? The Ancient Egyptians and if their longevity and amazing pyramids are their human intelligence then I am 100% on board with walking Like an Egyptian.
Gosh, I remember loving that song.
In fact, I decided that I am blasting it right now as I write this. Want to join me as you read?  HIT IT HERE


An extra special treat this August 8th
 So now that I have gotten you in the groove of stars and symbols, and back to the 80's I want to tell you there is something special about the number 8, especially on 8-8 the Lion's Gate.
A number 8 is the sign of infinity and the path of the unified serpents you may see on yoga things representing the Kundalini snake ( wisdom in Egypt, not devil energy, rise to a supreme intelligence. If you lay an 8 on your body placing the cross point at your heart, you would see the lower grounded energies are in the lower circle pointed to Earth and the upper ethereal energies are towards Heaven above. An 8 meets at the heart and I can tell you as an 8th month Leo sun that we are a hell of a lot of love. Passion for things and people we love is loyalty like the Lion's we are which brings me back to the point of this blog, Lion's gate. A portal that opens at the energy of the heart to free you of all that you don't need. The number 8 is also two 4's, each of which symbolizes geometric stability and social family. As such, this gateway time is also a perfect time of sacred geometry for marriage, relationships and getting trust back where lost. It is a symbol of alchemy, a way that two circles of individuality can interconnect to form a brand new thing. 
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America could use a few interlocking circles of trust today don't you think? Anytime you think so, do this mudra and say...
"As it is above, so it is below"  in a softer flowing voice. 
Think about it

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