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The 3 Ways to Make Sure You Stay Sane While Figuring Out WTF is Your New Normal

There is a time and a place for everything. 

 Not very long ago, even I, a long time women’s empowerment coach, a humanist that speaks to the womanist ideal because that is where my Generation X peers are, I would have not had the courage to share this article or write these words on a corporate networking platfrom like Linked In.

Six months ago,

Hell four months ago, there was still some hesitation on my part about being a voice for intersecting the oppression of women and the sacred mysteries of the Universal Laws of Success with the promotion of a mom led solopreneur surge in the economy using my brand builder mastery , but not now.

H to the E to the LL Now? No way my friend.

Now there is literally nothing more heroic than to be a goddesses sharing whatever the hell you have in your pocket that can get another women to see her health comes first, her social currency is love and that her skills in the home or the industry are all of value. As I push...

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