Think About A Few Curvy Hustle Rules For Transcending

 In my new Membership community ETHOS, I focus a lot on the concept of self-awareness. Some call it spirituality when moving from a space of Self realization to a higher sense of self .

I like to take it up a notch for some people moving into the role of Teacher of the Teachers. I call the whole thing Unity Transcendence and it comes from two things. 

  1. First, we need holy leaders that look like many different people but we don't need perfect ones.
  2. Second, you are in a relationship with money. If you spiritual bypass that fact, you have a money story.

I will dive into both of these points in future blogs but in this blog post I am only going to speak to the global idea of transcendence and unity. 

Transcendence sounds really churchy, right? 

So I will call it human evolution and explain it from the motivational model of Abraham Maslow as well of the societal confines of 2 binary forms of person called Homo Sapiens and Homo Universalis-- a form of the next...

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A little story about the Gut and your Pain business

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Dear fellow Body-based Pain care practitioner,

So you are still saying to me that you are not a Nutritionist so you do not need to know anything about the gut.


First, gut health is a lot more than about digestion.


Are you a pharmacist because I believe you had a class in pharmacology for a reason.

Are you a surgeon?

Because I think you might have a ton of CEU hours understanding orthopedic surgical procedures under your belt for a reason.

Well, now there is a reason to start taking a class or reading research about the gut.


As an Integrative Clinical Doctor dealing with lots of pain bodies over the past 25 years

I will leave you with a thought

Maybe, it will even open you up to all that behavioral self-efficacy work I trained in. 

Marketing better

'Maybe now, as a pain body-focused person,  you will better understand why my hashtags are not #stronger #pumpit or...

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