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Medical Disclaimer

The information provided on this website is offered for educational purposes only.  The information provided is based on the personal knowledge of the author and instructor of the material.  Nothing on this website is offered as a substitute for medical care or to negate or replace any prior given medical care instruction by a licensed or certified health care provider. Dr. Lissette ( Lisa) Holland is a clinical doctor of physical therapy and is not a licensed medical physician.  She is also an experienced level yoga teacher, a certified yoga therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists as well as a certified women's health coach, essential oils coach and certified Behaviors, Motivators and Axiology Practitioner but nothing on this site is offered beyond educational guidance. By reading this and/or registering or purchasing a product or service, you acknowledge that you are not entering into an agreement for personal training, coaching, clinical health or therapy care. You also acknowledge that you are free to make your own healthcare decisions.

By reading this and/ or purchasing any products or services, you assume the liability and responsibility over how you utilize the information provided and will not hold Belly Guru LLC or Lisa Holland liable for any personal injury ensued in how you utilized this information.  You are recommended to inform your current health care providers of any changed in your health status and discuss your health care decisions with them immediately upon deciding to change a prior prescribed plan of care.  

Updated January 20, 2018 


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