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In One Hour You Can Start to Uncover What is Really Holding You Back

Got a feeling there is something new for you to share? Stop making costly mistakes simply because you don't have a Visionary Entrepreneur Mentor on your side. I have a gift of vision. I see the web that connects it all and will find the essential missing spots on your success path. Best yet, you will get a network of relatable, multi passionate, multi talented medicine women to network with. The woman behind your idea is stopping herself from living a goddess life. Let's start by creating the right content, conversations and communities.

 What is your definition of Biz Bliss?

 Is it a career that evolves with you?  Is it multiple income lines but not a million jobs or side hustles?  Is it as simple as the ability to schedule a life you always wanted for yourself around the kids or more complex like creating something new during your power years? 

Many women get stuck in their clinical careers out of comfort not satisfaction. As natural caregivers we also fall into the habit of creating professional goals that fit neatly inside other people's personal goals and we don't hold firm on energetic boundaries.

This survey is for getting clear on YOUR needs first and designing that into your business model. This is the essential piece of the puzzle most of the Patriarchy Minded business coaches miss. 

You absolutely deserve to:

  • Stop looking successful but always overworking and under earning.
  • Match your ideas for expansion with your physiology and season of life
  • Tell the Universe you deserve more. More choice, more access, more head space.

I invite you to trust your gut and put some skin in the game right now. This Biz Bliss Survey will map out the subconscious blocks in the way today!.

This $4.99 investment is an assessment of self discovery, gives you access to my mastermind with over 400 women on a similar career pivot path. Plus you get the opportunity to get on a call with a business mentor to debrief your results and map out your potential. 

Let's Move the Dial away from Under Valuing Your Genius

There is now a feminine business development method that feels good and makes you look even better to your Most Valuable Prospects. "The Curvy Hustle" focus is to create a new conversation, content, and community. It attracts the right flies to whatever you are cooking up even before you have a thing to sell.

Hi, I'm Dr. Lisa

Being 100% Word of mouth feels safe but it means you gave others all your power to grow your business. In my goddess wisdom circles you get spiritually minded executive leadership coaching to correct this. These tools protect your vitality plus provide confidence in foundational digital market training. I am focused on you taking the stage shining in your unique relevance, omnipresence and attractive outcomes. Enjoy monthly access to personal growth tools + brand design + sales skills +network visibility + cross industry leverage and a growing marketing minded mastermind of sister souls who are not looking to lose their lives in building the roots of an evolving business.

I Specialize in Crafting Simple Brand Positioning Solutions For Health Mompreneurs Like You So You Can Ditch The Overwhelm and Welcome Growth Opportunities.

Think of me more like pop icon Madonna than your average run of the mill academic turned business mentor. Every few years I evolved my business to include new ways I saw could improve outcomes and honor the stage of life I was in.

How Much Easier Does it Feel to Say, I Am Just Holding a Conversation?

You wanted to pivot for a while now but the perfectionism, scarcity fears, tech , marketing , imposter syndrome, visibility might overwhelm you. In the Curvy Hustle Method of approaching your new lead generation we match your comfort + conviction + communication skills to set up a strategy that will produce an engaged community that want to buy from you

The Evolution of Your "HERStory"

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears"


It is not a coincidence you are reading this. You manifested a good fit  mentor for evolving into a serious business so you have purpose, won't get bored or burnt out 

And it worked. Because I attracted you

And I am looking to help 1 Million women in the healing arts get people investigating them too.

Why? Because owning a personal brand and seeding your ideas will one day scale up or down your business. 

It is like investing into digital real estate.

I should know because I have been using small marketing budgets and leveraging off popular internet conversations effectively for almost two decades. Even though I completely withdrew from clinical work during my divorce and all of 2020 you are looking into me.

Listen, I am a straight shooter.  Something deeper is motivating you to do something different than you do. You can keep calling it anxiety but I only attract medicine woman that will be rebuilding the pillars of society with me. 

So what do you want to do?

I know you are one of the best at what you do and are a bit of a mess evolving right now but I see your potential already.

I am confident that if you downloaded that Biz Bliss Survey you will get a goddess waking up in you because I don't gel with terribly insecure women that don't want to invest less that $5 in themselves. 

I also rub ultra independent women wrong because they know I see their  lipstick patriarchy dependency.

Actually, You wouldn't be reading this if you were either one of them which means you found the right hive to start designing your honey pot in.

Shall we get started?

"Lisa's caring touch and ability to hold space made me feel safe from the minute I came into her presence to the minute I left after each meeting. For a person like me, experiences like that are invaluable. I live with emotional pain every day and it's not easy being at a crossroads thinking that something is wrong with you (some chemical imbalance) and you are the way you are due to the circumstances of your life...She listened to me when I needed to speak, and she was blunt with me when I needed a voice of reasoning, among countless other variable situations. "

Mind Body Consulting Client

""I thank the Universe everyday that I crossed your path" "

Physical Therapist, CEO Handling Your Health & Rehab essential worker shifting her life while caring through the trials of COVID_19

"After working with Lisa I have a clear plan of how to reach my target audience and more conviction about being the PT of choice for postnatal women in Atlanta. I have more focused ideas and goals of how to plug people in and keep them engaged"

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Author, CEO Catalyst Physical Therapy

Not ready to get organized, bank off some visibility or take your lead generation serious yet?

Not a Problem. I got you!

And Let's Not Forget Your Energetic Health is Your Greatest Asset

I spent a quarter of a century figuring out how to scientifically optimize the vitality of people through body, mind and lifestyle healing. Let me help you discover your spiritual DNA to thrive in change. As an added bonus---I am a holder of Goddess Wisdom. Learn to earn with the best mind, body , soul performance tricks for any chaos.


Seriously, You Made it this far down the Page! Don't Leave without Knowing How to Curvy Hustle. 

There is something inside you that wants to learn how to dance with me.

Feel like a fit? 

 Get my action sheets, access to my Private Facebook group with 3 years of Goddess Chats and an invite to take me up on the debrief call to review your results but I need to know you have some skin in the game. 




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We are a community of professional healers. Women rising up to become the Medicine to themselves, their family and the world.  Enjoy my self care workbook as a thank you for connecting!