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We Are Redesigning Who Gets All The CEO Perks?

There are only 7% of all CEOs on the NASDAQ roster that are women. Few are founders and no wonder why. We lack the proper holistic launch support to move from mom back to career let alone an employee mentality to enterprise mind. Mind Body Enterprises is your solution.

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Many women in their mid 30's and 40's get stuck in their careers out of fear of change and mindless comfort forsaking whole health or personal satisfaction. As natural caregivers we also fall into the habit of getting diverted in our 30's by beginning families and forgetting professional goals in order to fit neatly inside other people's approval or expectations. As we age the pay gap worsens and we don't hold firm on energetic boundaries. Got a feeling there is something better for you? Stop making costly mistakes and wasting time by thinking you are an imposter offering the medicine you want at this level. Woman in the healing arts are even more at risk for empathy fatigue and soul wounds from knowing better but feeling forced to compromise your personal health for broken systems and in house glass ceilings on your time and salary. If you are officially done, Join us.

 What is your definition of Biz Bliss?

 Is it a career that evolves with you or against your natural style?  Is it multiple income lines but not a million jobs or side hustles that do not blend into your family?  Is it a healthier way to be a skilled professional and not sell out your soul?


This $4.99 application is only for those really ready for me to give you 10x this in value back and leave you with no excuses why you can't monetize your skills better after your complimentary consulting call.  This survey is an application for all MBE programs and will red flag some key subconscious core value conflicts, lifestyle goals and social role belief systems that keep women diming our careers or compromising our relationships and health. 

Sure it is a luxury to place YOUR needs first and go all in but I don't believe you need to be a famous diva with a million followers and a live in nanny already to have some. 

With your years of supporting others and level of experience you deserve to jump into the workspace any way you want with a well aligned and profit positive business model from the start.

This is the essential piece of the puzzle most life, health and business therapists or coaches miss when seeking some help about entrepreneurship. 

You absolutely deserve to:

  • Start small and part time without losing personal or business growth opportunities.
  • Stop looking successful in degrees without getting paid a positive ROI in money. 
  • Make that impact with your magic you envisioned early on.
  • Stop always overworking feeding a broken corporate system and feeling the need to convince others of your value. 
  • Have one space to go to each work day that covers you on all moods and understands the game of having curves in life to navigate. 
  • Make sure your daily performance matches your potential without all the distractions.
  • Match your workday loads with your physiology and season of life
  • Support your lifestyle goals in a healthy and happy genius zone
  • Have really big audacious dreams to skip six figure dreams and seed seven figure enterprise designs without any mommy guilt or relationship woes or judgement from the peanut gallery.
  • Tell the Universe Thank You instead of Save me.

Woman you have been working hard. Luxury and comfort could be your middle name before the kids are off to college if you reverse engineer properly in the way of more choice, more holistic performance support, more sole proprietor networking access, and more head space without a threat to family.

I invite you to trust your gut and put some skin in the game right now. This Biz Bliss Survey will map out the subconscious blocks in the way today!.


"Lisa's caring touch and ability to hold space made me feel safe from the minute I came into her presence to the minute I left after each meeting. For a person like me, experiences like that are invaluable. I live with emotional pain every day and it's not easy being at a crossroads thinking that something is wrong with you (some chemical imbalance) and you are the way you are due to the circumstances of your life...She listened to me when I needed to speak, and she was blunt with me when I needed a voice of reasoning, among countless other variable situations. "

Mind Body Consulting Client

""I thank the Universe everyday that I crossed your path" "

Physical Therapist, CEO Handling Your Health & Rehab essential worker shifting her life while caring through the trials of COVID_19

"After working with Lisa I have a clear plan of how to reach my target audience and more conviction about being the PT of choice for postnatal women in Atlanta. I have more focused ideas and goals of how to plug people in and keep them engaged"

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Author, CEO Catalyst Physical Therapy

The Gold Level House of Ethos

Concierge level executive women's lifestyle , leadership and success path done for you products and strategy Coming Summer 2021





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