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Mind Body Brand Academy : A Personal Launch Academy for Conscious, Loving and Emerging Women Leaders

Mind Body Brand Academy can repackage your talents, craft your brand and get your platform working right to attract your ideal people without sacrificing your price, status or stressing your life! 

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  • Jumpstart Your Leads around a Community: Gather an audience before you have anything produced to sell. Becoming a peer mentor or social influencer in your industry means you can own what ever conversation you want to lead and encourage participation in the ways you want. 
  • Thrive off the Circle Around You.  You might be ready to go but need an experienced mentor that gets you?  Looking for that one supportive women's circle that doesn't think taking the holidays off with family or needing to pace yourself around heartbreak is not taking this seriously? Jump into my weekly support with a feminine powered workflow.  The Live 60 day intensives 2x a year move you to implement the MBBA lessons and live your Curvy Hustle confidently by meeting consistent sales goals without sacrificing your wellbeing. 
  • Get Brand Clarity and Effective Platform Design and Marketing Strategy Direction. Clueless or overwhelmed? I got you. The core curriculum evolves with current industry needs. Step by step moves to own who you are, get fired up by your why, clearly define who you are best for and the changes they will be seeing as part of your community and start showing up consistently, in the right spaces,as someone that can get into the minds of your best prospects to communicate the value of working with you. 
  • Get Weekly Conscious Business Organization and Leadership Skill Support. MBBA is now the core business course inside The Curvy Hustle Society's Business School and only the DIY version is sold separately.Direct sales come easy when you own the negotiation, show up Curvy in your leadership style for a while and learn the art of a reverse funnel!  You get one year of membership into both the business school and full access to additional advanced women's studies when you purchase MBBA Live!

The Curvy Hustle Society is now the only way into MBBA Live without a personal invitation but this DIY access into the Mind Body Brand Academy Portal can get you started now.  Curvy Hustle Society Newsletter begins pumping out wisdom on the weekly beginning Summer 2022 



This is not like any other lady biz circle on purpose.

Click  HERE To See core Modules curriculum details 


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