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Mind Body Brand Academy 2.0: Brand, Product and Program Launch Academy for MINDFUL Solopreneurs


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Become a Full Time Curvy Hustler by Joining MBBA for FREE during Our Launch Party 7 Challenge Week in Feb 2021! 




This is not like any other lady biz circle on purpose.

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Btw, BS stands for Belief Systems and Best Self. 

Your work is showing up 2x a year for 8 weeks of Live accountability that pays you back 10x if you attend and addresses the needs of the season.

Why Join this Vibe?

If you learn to tune into your significance, hold your influencing power and can position yourself as an authority, then what is there to be fearful of in creating new lines of revenue?

If you are growing up and getting comfortable in your own skin anyway why not declare a queendom midlife, in your industry and create a market based off your observations?  You will have the flexibility to move, repackage yourself anytime to grow and evolve over the years in different ways.**



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I have been calling you in... Join this Women's Life, Learning + Leadership Development conversation 

We are a community of professional healers. Women rising up to become the Medicine to themselves, their family and the world.  Enjoy my self care workbook as a thank you for connecting!