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See How Tianna Used This Mastermind to Grown

Dr. Tianna Meriage-Reiter, DPT, C-IAYT, WHC


Have you been waiting for permission to expand your awesome into the world?

Next Round goes Live September 26th, 2021!!

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Mind-Body Brand Academy's ( MBBA) is an affordable personal coaching solution for crucial initial core value clarity and solid business design so many women in the healing space don't even think of designing for. In addition, you have an inner circle of evolving spirited medicine women rising alongside you while you are taken through the core curriculum below targeting the goals you set week one.

~Don't become one of our sales numbers! Evolve at your pace with 1:1 and small group Weekly Live Coaching 16 weeks out of the year. 

~Social Learning Portal off of social media with an app for learning on the go and keeping focus.

~Year round focus on your personal development with tools and action sheets that break you out of Imposter syndrome, limiting money beliefs and confidence drains that hold you back.

~Live Weekly energy work and motivation as well as meet ups to keep you accountable for making progress even if you need a slower pace. 

~Leadership training for attracting loyal customers and communities not just lots of traffic and chaos. Simple and sane biz growth is woven in our secret moves. 

~Move from analysis paralysis and diversify easily to finally meet your sacred success and achieve goals. 

~Be part of a trustworthy global sisterhood of women looking to collaborate with you and move you through resistance or new growth needs. 

MEDICINE WOMAN,  You know you hear the calling to take back the trajectory of your career, impact and power. 2021 is the changing economy and online market space. Do not miss out on being an early adopter of progress. 


See How Kristine Claimed Her Niche in Yoga Therapy

Kristine Kaoverii Weber, C-IAYT Now a National Leader in Yoga Therapy Trainings for Mental Health Providers


Dr. Lisa's approach to for caregiving women to Grow + Glow caught attention early in the online Medpreneur Curve

She has been featured as one of the first Medpreneurs pushing solo run, micro practice solutions for physical therapists, integrative wellness and yoga therapists since 2005

 Hi! I'm Lisa, a physio turned Goddess Biz Bliss Maker and Executive Women's Life consultant but for several years I was "The Belly Guru".  I needed out of other visions of clinical rehab success so I built a popular integrative yoga therapy and Women's health practice in the middle of a conservative corporate medical town in the South back in 2005-2014. I didn't break the mold. I flat out was ahead of my time.

I made woo woo in women's health part of mainstream women's health conversations. 

My business was designed to fit a view I wanted in my life. I wanted the freedom to fully use my skills, adapt my practice model to family, and create flexible income streams but the real long-term power came from me stumbling on the value of personal authority and social marketing. 



Here are the 8 Core Steps To Owning Your Mind Body Brand Authority and Growth

Module 1 Self Inquiry

Become the CEO of your own life first!

Who are you in this world you want to own your life in? Why are you doing this? 

Without an identity you own you will freeze when it is time to leap and self sabotage out of fear. Without a clear awareness and acceptance of your core values, and belief systems around roles, money and boundaries you can not easily map out your sacred success path. 

In MBBA 1 you will map out your story. You will also aim to identify and harmonize your communication style, masculine codes and feminine codes for business building. Finally become aware of behaviors and beliefs that are limiting or motivating your progress to move your ideas into income and your employee servant mind into a strategist of enterprise.

Module 2 Clear Vision & Creator Mind 

 Attract what you need without having to be online all the time. 

 Sacred Success comes when you call in the most ideal people into community and take action to serve them well.

In MBBA Module 2 we will define your Sacred Service, What outcome you offer, and begin calling in our personal community. 


Module 3: Creating your Business Canvas and 360 Customer Experience. 

Curvy Hustlers make connections  not a Sale! 

This is your baby. You can set the rules of engagement. Get into a new comfort zone with the way of the woman. We are NOT going to not use our masculine forces but there is a healthier way to approach being the hunter/ gatherer and family provider by learning how to bend, tend and befriend marketing cycles, trends and systems.  You will learn my MBBA Signature 360 customer lifecycle system for client experience and start to seed your content creation. We will create an annual season of life plan for inside an ideal workstyle.  

Designing your lifestyle with clarity on commitments but without the expected compromise

 Module 4: Money Making Mindsets 

Your self worth is your net worth. What is your relationship with getting and receiving? 

Is your value equal to your ask? 

You get what you expect so let's get clear about that.  I will show you how to 10x your business by moving from a servant employee mind to an significant servicing enterprise mind. 

Module 5 :  Expanding Self Love and Declare Where You Won't Compromise

Stop getting sick while making others feel cared for.

This is the CALM module where we make a commitment to success by getting very clear on health leadership and self care. We also begin designing the culture and lifestyle of your community. 

This is the week to learn how to hold sacred space with yourself and your people. Your goal is to figure out what you need to feed your soul and provide peace of mind.

You can then flip this circle work into creating healing, learning and leadership community circles of your own. 


Module 6 : Simple Social Strategy: List Building to Target Markets 

Say Hello to A Brand New Simple Social Strategy

Now we can mold an active and consistent conversation between us and our people. 

We will confirm the mission and the message and develop smart content and SEO happy copy. Most teach you to constantly be focused on leads. With you MBBA unfair advantage,  you will take a much more strategic but slim and sane pivot.  

Want to dive in but need a 2 for 1 payment plan?

Hey! You can gift a sister some success during our Launch Party Trail week! If you have somDrlIone to share a full price sale, I will let you split it! Offer available until 11:59pm EST Sept 25th.

Module 7: Optimizing the Flows

Connecting the dots matters. 

Nothing works without implementation. I am holding you accountable to those goals made several weeks ago! We are focused on start- up / launch. We will be focused on pulling it all together .

Finalizing those automatic funnels, learning how to survey BEFORE development into your offers. Testing Copy for connection  and getting your business platforms for this round's goals committed and confirmed! 


Module 8: Keeping it Real by thinking Bigger 

In Module 8 your Number One Goal is CONVERSION conversations.  We are going into negotiation skills and actual comfort with sales and onboarding systems.  Maybe even funding and envisioning growth!?



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