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Think About A Few Curvy Hustle Rules For Transcending

 In my new Membership community The Curvy Hustle Society, I want to focus a lot on the concept of self-awareness and really help emerging women own their new identity as a successful entrepreneur in their service based businesses. 

Some call the way I get them there spirituality.


I see it as very direct targeted personal coaching when I am moving any of my clients from an self employed mindset to a space of becoming the CEO of a growth oriented, diversified enterprise.


How big a Curvy Hustler gets or how far she take one idea always depend on their self identity and sense of personal authority more than their funnel.


This is something a less conscious business mentor just does not get when working with a feminine styled Founder, a conscious healer or one of my numerous Waysayers of Women's Wisdom. 


Entrepreneurship is part of the Healer's Journey for us 

What if your success in life choices is really important? Would you agree that then you would really want to define what success looks and feels to live like?


Yet over and over I come across across talented clinical , professional women who don't really have a clue what they want success to mean for them and hand that evaluation of their contribution over the masses.

I would like to take it up a notch and say success for some people is their sacred path. I reject God intented the holiest to be martyrs once humans evolved to the point of being their own ruthless scavengers destroying the future prosperity of our resources. 


At that point there would be a Universal shift inside the supreme conscious and somehow we would have certain humans be moved into the role of Teacher of the Teachers.


I call the whole thing Unity Transcendence and it comes from three things. 

  1. First, we only can see in others that which we can see in ourselves as a possibility.  It is much better to be conscious of why you are triggered or seek to repeat patterns of interaction with certain people before you get involved in exchanges of money.
  2. Next, we need holy leaders that look like many different people but we don't need perfect ones.
  3. Finally,  everyone that gets money or asks for it is in business. It may be the business of one making sure we are paid fair on a paycheck but anytime you are on the line for a raise, you better be in business for yourself.  If you spiritually bypass that fact, you have a money story.

I will dive into all of these points in future blogs but in this blog post I am only going to speak to the global idea of transcendence and unity. 

Transcendence sounds really churchy, right? 

So I will call it human evolution and explain it from the motivational model of Abraham Maslow as well of the societal confines of 2 binary forms of person called Homo Sapiens and Homo Universalis-- a form of the next evolution of human being. Universalis comes in a variety of styles and stands in many variations of their individual, yet keenly united,  full spectrum of their power. 

 I believe we are at a time of evolutionary tipping points. Where we see this evolution of energies into a unified form but I believe we have two stages of our human beingness living side by side just like the time the Neanderthals were cohabiting with early Homo Sapiens. The incompatibility and blending of different resonances are causing the transformational chaos. 

I know that sounds crazy but is it?

The brain has been found to have a rhythm and pulses as we breathe to clean itself. Home Universalis is a term Barbara Marx Hubbard coined before she passed. If you would like to know more about my mind on this woman Listen Here to my podcast on it.

I believe the evolutionary women of such a change will influence the males, children, and communities the fastest. Research show that entrepreneurial minded women create great a community minded industry. In our missions we drive and use the money to feed the needy, instill health in the whole person and the public social structures of education, environment and healthcare at higher investment numbers than male owned businesses. We then propagate, duplicate, go forth and multiply. 

But not as many women seem to be supported on the evolution that must occur on the inside to evolve to these scaled businesses that thrive. 

Understanding What May Motivate You to Suffer for the Cause

Many people know of Abraham Maslow's motivational 5 level pyramid but they never remember that his famous pyramid was evolved into a 7 level motivational hierarchy.

It was not about how the outside world should be set up to motivate from the outside.

It was about how he perceived our inner world needed to be set up for personal growth out of survival mode and into a thriving expansion. (Note: The Patriarchal masculine, devoid of feminine wealth equality loses the transformational perspective I proposed above) since research shows that companies with female leaders perform better in financial returns than those with just Male CEOs.

But the purpose of this blog today is to help you identify some personal needs. I then enforce where you may be in a mix between the lower three levels in a mix of Maslow's hierarchy of needs and some Vedic wisdom.

I hope to show how they are actually very nicely lined up together in my mind. The ancient Vedic philosophical model of our "Worldly" view and the health stabilizing of understanding our core behavioral motivators and how they may relate to more eastern minded energy centers. 

Level 1: Your Psychosocial and Energetic roots

 In Maslow's model, as well as in yoga and other models of development, human beings have a foundational psychological need to feel safe about their own survival before taking the risk of connecting outwards. If we do not feel safe then we will always REact to others instead of consciously choose how to INteract!

Sidenote: Interestingly enough, a tangent model that was never accepted by the public until after his death. See it below. 


The highest form of successful living requires personal transcendence ... Very much in the alignment of the mindset of a cultural Womanist look on a woman's potential role in a global sense of human evolution in balance with self-fulfillment. 

Level 2 : Our power

After we have the basics then we will search to connect with or form our own web of support. The inflammatory response of REacting instead of INteracting is always more fire than is necessary. There is progress but with a drag. That is why they call it the grind. Can't you feel how raw one's nerves will feel after Grinding out day after day without a sense of reciprocity other than dollar bills?  After a while, this mental way of getting the work done ( time for dollars) will become normal to your body and will become the way your cells and nervous system communicate satisfaction. 

Level 3: The EGO vs Soul

Popular personal/ spiritual development guru, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer coined the acronym E.G.O. for Edging God Out. Whereever you are on the spectrum of your spirituality, entrepreneurship just does not work if there is no faith in a bigger something calling to you.

If you are using too much force, too much fire getting your money out of your customer lifecycle then that is what we call adding PITTA/ FIRE (Ayurveda circles) . If you are constantly thinking and dreaming then you will be adding heat to the fire too by VATA/ AIR.  Each needs the third force of ground for stability.  We need the wood ( content) and the air ( ideas) and the WORK of friction and resistance scraping those sticks to create the fire BUT....without some periodic re-grounding, energetic imbalances can occur. Too much dirt tossed on the flame will put it out as much as too much air or not enough wood.

 Being The Child, The Victim, The Saboteur and The Prostitute in our life story

Caroline Myss, an author not afraid to challenge your reality on all that speaks of four archetypes in all of our beings and they are here to protect us as we do the hard work of getting to know our own unknown. I often speak in the mastermind about abundance and self imposed limits in the mastermind and before you get all funky about the last title Caroline Myss uses as an archetype, realize where that uneasiness is coming from. It is coming from the image that came to your head and is there because prostitute has been negatively tied to sexual negativity of the female and this reeks of being infected by the Patriarchy on top of everything else.  I recommend that you take a listen to Caroline's book and then you can think hard about how to proceed without that filter. 

Using symbolism is a good way to look at how everyone is approaching how to get out of this hot mess in America. I took some time this weekend and went out into where there are trees and fresh air are. If I get to go by an ocean breeze or a calming lake again soon I will be using the strong balancing power of water to hold space to think some more about these archetypes.

We all need to remain organized in how to understand all this because only the organized mind is at peace and I want to be at peace. 

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By the way, Caroline Myss is famous for once focusing on medical intuition but she is telling her audiences now that she is at peace having evolved into lifestyle more than specific disease. What I too have learned about the origin of disease states in the body is that the root cause is in our energy body first.  In order to evolve into a chronic disease, as a women's health provider I have a dysfunction I am reverse engineering at the energetic level. Otherwise it would have resolved by now. It gets stuck because we are not just a physical body primed for eventual disease. We are not just a manifestation of a mind. We are a complete package of energy that transmutates into body and mind and soul.

As you # curvyhustle, know that you are a package of energy and how well that dances with the energy around you is basically how well your life will go.  In order to deeply understand any of it, you need to know there are global consequences of ignoring common courtesy, international trust, and natural law in your life.  We all will eventually pay our dues. Pay attention to the instrument and technology we call our body and tune into the group mind AFTER you tune into your own mind first. Do it first thing on a daily basis so you know the difference.

No one really holds any validity denying that would be helpful. 

I am also here to do one better. I would like to give you permission to listen inside that mind before you let anyone trigger you on that phone first. Challenge the popular group think by taking one grain of me and one grain of another's words that ignite your soul. Then journal on your own experiences and compare it. This is the work of what the yoga world calls self study. This discovery is simply a matter of making a bold decision and going with it.

Will it be right? Who the hell knows but it will be yours and it will be after considering mine and another's.  You will be able to be in charge of the outcomes in your life and right now that is a great big forward step into a thinking humanity.

“Two percent of the people think; three percent of the people think they think; and ninety-five percent of the people would rather die than think.”

― George Bernard Shaw

Moving forward.

What I will do for you reading this is promise I will always show up a thinker. I want to show up every week with a perspective that there is a very big opportunity right now in front of you.  It is one that no other generation of modern woman has had. They just did not have the opportunity in the recording of time because unlike your mom's world, many more women have the full PhD education. Unlike your grandmother or great aunts, there is proven history, leadership potential, and technology to spread our great ideas outside our towns and nationality.

And then there is us, you and me evolving. We can emerge on the inside of us to become a better species. Not because the current us is broken or bad but because we know there is much more potential life in us. We now know the physiology of our best cycles of life. We can express the pains put upon us without being zapped of our vitality and most of all, we are beginning to express the pains we place upon ourselves. 

I am faithful. I am excited. 

The Future is Courageously Beautiful. 

My Curvy Hustle FB Open Community currently holds 420 women members that are proof of this. Each is developing ideas with minds full of solutions offering a way to do this.  We are hundreds of women evolving and reclaiming at the same time. We will be a force with other circles moving out of that 20th century ignorance but I am the first to admit, a majority of us have still not come to terms with our own story. That makes seeing the full potential of our magic helping others come to terms with their own limited. 

We must accept that you and I are still battling those inner demons we fear will take something we value. There may be an inner child fearful of being abandoned just from ourselves. Without a proper guide, we may never learn to appreciate the dark side of our Inner Child, The Victim, The Saboteur and The Prostitute and yet they hold a ton of messages. 

Mind Body Brand Academy Sessions

I can not wait for season 6 and 7 of the Mind Body Brand Academy . I want to dive head down into all of this and get to the end of 2020 reclaiming our place on this Post COVID conversation space. When we start Session 6 this Fall 2020 and Session 7 late Winter of 2020-2021, I know what we will collectively share now.  This was not possible before simply because we are going into this reclaiming of our lives globally for the first time together. 

I have been exploding with ideas for the inner MBBA community and the wider Goddess Wisdom Mastermind because of what we all can't help but feel and see. This Virus has been my biggest teacher along with my divorce, the births of my children, past lovers, starting my businesses and watching what mental illness has done intergenerationally.  This is on top of close to three decades watching what the human potential in recovery itself can do as a practicing therapist. We need our medicine women more than ever as the model, not just the scribe or the teachers. You just needed some personal permission to dig a little deeper.

COVID_19 gave it to you.

Are you ready to dive in too?

It is really important to understand what you are doing and not going through a dark night rise alone.  This spiritual journey will take some of you into your highest potential very soon but beware, it is hard. You need to understand what you are even bringing to the table to begin with and how to invest.

Feel free to book a discovery call to discuss your potential. 

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