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I SUCK...but

business Aug 23, 2019

Thank you for accepting the lack of glam as I share these unsolicited genuine posts 

It is a launch party for the Mind Body Brand Academy, my 2x a year, an 8-week incubator for evolving, heart-led medicine women. We hang and loving get called out on our BS blocking our highest potential 2x a year for the sole purpose of evolving ourselves, elevating each other and moving our message.

Yes, Soul filled biz building in healthcare is rare, so between sessions, a lot gets carried over at a more superficial level in the Mastermind.

But I really stink at doing what I am supposed to do in order to look valuable “enough” for you to join our inner circle. It is not for lack of knowledge because I know a ton.

I have trained with all the online biz divas like Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo, and of course, am one of Gabby’s Spirit Junkies so my mastermind can benefit on from that. But, no matter what, I suck. 

I hear verified actions from the brand leaders and...

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Being In Q2 Season is the season : The behavior ninja zone!



Tis the Season to be Jolly????

That phrase is normally reserved for Q4 holidays but in reality, TIS ALWAYS...the season of #CurvyHustle leadership. Our dance is to see the value in making sure we are always in our zone of genius and to remain aware of our alignment or notable misalignment with the energy around us. These are advanced communication skills we need to learn early in our quest for corporate elevation. They are good to have across the board especially if you resist meditation or slow mindful yoga where holding presence and being grace under fire is trained in you.

Luckily women have the edge.

We see with our emotions almost too well that we are blind with our eyes. Men on the other hand are all about what they see and are slow to believe what they see is not always reality. They are conditioned historically to cut emotions out. If truth be told, all human forms can be adamant about the power of emotional distance and simply chose to refuse to see emotion. I get...

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The Art of Offering a Personal Brand as Help to Yourself and Others. Part 1 of 2

As the founder of Belly Guru LLC I have been a catalyst in promoting holistic women's health for almost fifteen years . Although I opened up as a brick and mortar yoga themed wellness studio, my intension was always to be the creator of a learning space where any mother could learn how to maintain the title of CEO of her life.

My focus was always on empowerment of body , mind and mentality. I fused ancient mental, behavioral and body centric practices with modern integrative tools and rehabilitation to create my brand as "The Belly Guru". I began my health business as a mom of young kids in my thirties and now, as a mom of aging teens in my mid forties,I am very happy Belly Guru LLC was adaptable for the changing seasons of my life, the financial ups and downs of my market and the recent drastic change in health education and delivery systems. Although I have shifted a majority of my impact to coaching and consulting, because I strategically grew a personal brand (instead of my...

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3 Income Builders Lots of Smart Women Missed last year!

bizbliss business marketing Nov 24, 2018

Hello Lovely Leader of HER Own Financial Destiny!

So I woke up this Saturday thinking really hard about what I want to be known for when I die. I decided 3 things:

  1. LISSETTE is a beautiful Goddess name so I should align with it more in 2019. 
  2. I really want my children to hear about me changing women's lives all over the world. I want to do that by inspiring them to gather, connect with their superpowers and birth a healthier next generation.
  3. I used to hate this time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is because this is the time of year that a scarcity mindset tries to set up shop in my head. Why? Because somewhere deep inside I used to have an unresolved childhood memory that is attached more to the bad self value feelings and family dynamics that went on than the joy during the holidays. That is how secretly a money story can hit. For me in my business, "being too busy" at home to care that my clients was my way to not own they were skipping out on sessions and forcing me...
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