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Being In Q2 Season is the season : The behavior ninja zone!



Tis the Season to be Jolly????

That phrase is normally reserved for Q4 holidays but in reality, TIS ALWAYS...the season of #CurvyHustle leadership. Our dance is to see the value in making sure we are always in our zone of genius and to remain aware of our alignment or notable misalignment with the energy around us. These are advanced communication skills we need to learn early in our quest for corporate elevation. They are good to have across the board especially if you resist meditation or slow mindful yoga where holding presence and being grace under fire is trained in you.

Luckily women have the edge.

We see with our emotions almost too well that we are blind with our eyes. Men on the other hand are all about what they see and are slow to believe what they see is not always reality. They are conditioned historically to cut emotions out. If truth be told, all human forms can be adamant about the power of emotional distance and simply chose to refuse to see emotion. I get it.  They don't know how to control being the witness of it and not the reactive doer and being that out of control is like the worst thing in the world for someone that holds everything in. We tend to feel weak when we do not understand how to work with it.

Looking for our feminine divine

When that is the case, we have lost touch with the strength of our inner femininity and are at risk of hurting others trying to protect ourselves following a dominant masculine lead. This is one of the biggest conflicts in balancing our masculine and feminine energies. Not feeling heard by someone not feeling at all is the worst. If we have this then we are wasting so much vitality mixing toxicity into relationships across the board.

So maybe this weekend you can aim to work on getting some ninja people reading skills. 

Action Step

Try to see task oriented people verses people oriented people.

So, will you be traveling to some family and friends, talking about your dreams over a few glasses of wine? Do you expect to be laughing about how silly you were way back when? Does Easter mean memories and moments of reminiscing to you are are already feeling the pain of  needing to attend an annual egg hunt and can not wait to check off that task to do?  Now we are entering the Twilight Behavior Zone where grown people get taken over by some magical pixie dust in certain situations. So, Next time you are in a group, try figuring out who around you is people oriented and who is task oriented.

The differences

I often see that task oriented people plan a lot and execute the holiday party.  One the expanded psychosocial metrics I train others in, we see dominat people tend to be more task oriented and Influencers more people oriented. So while the task person executed an event, no matter how personal and meant to be casual, the people oriented personality may annoy the hell out of them by quickly sending out an Evite, saying BYOB and using their energy to design a song list that will create an environment for the mood of the gathering of souls to unfold. The first person is meanwhile focused on an outline of what is to be expected to be experienced at the party if things are manipulated in such and such a way. I actually watch these two styles clash a lot and one always tells the other they "ruined the holiday". I have to admit, as far as my parents were concerned, this was me and my dad to the point I seldom wanted to be there but now I look forward to the theatrics by learning and entertaining myself watching the show .

The Perfectionist Host

Ugh, I have a hard time with the Martha Stewarts of the world so I hope I do not offend you when I say that. I am just being honest. Again, its the clash with my Virgo narcissist father and really not that I do not respect the effort and all the beauty lining things up just so. The thing I cringe at is the angry perfectionist.  I do fine with the ones in recovery like me but I hate that sometimes their anger about not having control gets pushed back at me for not knowing all the rules. I mean where was I supposed to their book of how too? At the grocery?  So first, if you are like me, work on not getting bent out of shape with the perfectionist hosts. If you are one but hate it, then find a perfectionist host in recovery like me and ask them about their journey. Soon you will  just know that for some people the dinner party is 100% a task oriented event and for others, they can care less if the meat is sliced beautifully. They care more about the taste of the potatoes and the wine but less about the glassware for the experience of comrades gathered in circle . #AllAboutTheEnergy

Second tip that helped me? 

I learned that my hard work to leave behind rigidity needed to come towards it again for me to be productive.  I am now working hard to move the pendulum back again to a more comfortable spectrum in the middle . I know I need to see there is value in lines and rules and things that must get done for some but I do not want the vision I can now see that there is beauty and value in tangents, failures and unplanned moments for others . Can you relate to needing to find The Yoga of Performance in the union of the masculine grind and curvy hustle?  If anything I have learned to look forward to anyone that used to annoy me at either end. I enjoy looking into my inner mirror and hope I see progress even if I struggle when I see regression there too.

The gift of building a business aligned with these human behaviors 

 In all seriousness, human behaviors are supposed to change with the seasons of the year and seasons of life so why the heck do we deny ourself respect so? Springtime is a great time to really start becoming a people reading ninja to stop being so hard on yourself. Spring screams "go with the flow" "launch, birth, nurture and grow". There is so much renewed and recycled Wintertime energy that now has the power to come into alignment with the active ways of the world.  To me April is the best time for resolutions. Spring and Fall are major transitional energy times. They move you out of one momentum and into another.  The fact that April starts out reminding us we all can be fooled is perfect.

So my lovely medicine woman rising, It is so simple and sane to take a yummy breathe and listen in. How does that feel?

It is so super spiritual yet totally bad ass to understand, does it feel easier in the Spring to sell something than in the wintertime? If so then do more selling in the spring and batch create content in the winter. Wa that a hard ask? Can you work with that?

Is there some freedom you were struggling with all winter long that suddenly is clear as daybreak to see?  Can you take stock in the fact that the Universe has your back so if something is super resistant maybe the lesson is patience? How can you take some action on that?

Maybe you can use this weekend to clean out those old belief systems in the closet a little easier. Why?  Because the beauty of a walk outside gathering Easter eggs is a great way to fill you up on all the bright new greenery and remind you to get back and welcome in the money.

Make Q2  a great time annually to see how productive Q1 and last year's Q4 was for you

Most of all, after all the blueprints, software buys and pep talks out there, how are you bringing up your masculine divine inside upon command to finally shoot because Athena girl, you've been posing with that arrow on an IG selfie way too long!

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Ps.. One Final Love Note...

By Spring you should be starting to see the fruits of your winter and last Falls labor both personally and professionally. If you are not progressing then maybe it is time to set up that call about getting a coach or taking part in one of my upcoming group lady biz work trainings. Check Them Out...

xoxo~Dr Lisa


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