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The Alpha Female Paradox


The other day I came across an article about the #alphafemale and how being one is very intimidating to most men. The health copywriter emerging in me immediately said "Bravo! Good #headlinecopywriting" as I pressed the click bait over on Facebook. 

As I read the list of traits that expectantly described me to T, all I can say is that we humans have an extreme love/hate of the unbalanced #patriarchy. And while I am the first to own the #medicinewomanrising hashtag, I can see that we, as a unified society of the world, are blatantly having a really hard time letting go of the ongoing grief of the distinctly separate presentations of the #woundedfeminine and #woundedmasculine energies amongst us. This is why I will be going over some pretty touchy stuff about #humanevolution, #hormonal influences, #genderroles,  #sexuality, and #sacredTantra made modern in my upcoming SPECIAL SOLSTICE EPISODE OF OWNING HER HEALTH

OHH Episode 44: The Birth...

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