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OMG, You feeling this Full Moon?



Hello, you, Sexy and Sane Curvy Hustler ( yes, both women and men qualify!) 

This is a strong one.  You feeling it?

I took a moment in the video to address the needs of the moment but in summary...

How do you know if you are feeling this Scorpio full moon?  

Are you emotional?

Stinging truths coming to light?

On the brink of losing your Shizzle but also feeling more vital and closer to that thing you wanted to progress in for the last 2 years?


Yup! That's it.

Listen, as I said in the above VLOG...we got this. This is why women, in particular, are so damn impressive. We are actually in tune like this and are being placed into our rightful personal authority to lead ourselves and others out of the deep poop of it!!!

But we need to get serious about there being no more excuses.  The resistance sucks but guess what mindset shift helped me get out several threats to being the victim in my mentality over the course of my life?

The identity...

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The Alpha Female Paradox


The other day I came across an article about the #alphafemale and how being one is very intimidating to most men. The health copywriter emerging in me immediately said "Bravo! Good #headlinecopywriting" as I pressed the click bait over on Facebook. 

As I read the list of traits that expectantly described me to T, all I can say is that we humans have an extreme love/hate of the unbalanced #patriarchy. And while I am the first to own the #medicinewomanrising hashtag, I can see that we, as a unified society of the world, are blatantly having a really hard time letting go of the ongoing grief of the distinctly separate presentations of the #woundedfeminine and #woundedmasculine energies amongst us. This is why I will be going over some pretty touchy stuff about #humanevolution, #hormonal influences, #genderroles,  #sexuality, and #sacredTantra made modern in my upcoming SPECIAL SOLSTICE EPISODE OF OWNING HER HEALTH

OHH Episode 44: The Birth...

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