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The Inner Mood Swings of Success: Witnessing the Evolution


I wanted to share an interesting experience I had while being sick. It was a rare day for me to feel under the weather, but it gave me a chance to observe something important about #entrepreneurlife.

Despite starting my day with productive habits inspired by "Atomic Habits," my physical condition affected my mindset. I was determined to fight the virus and listened to my body, making the conscious decision to rest and stay in bed. I took advantage of my control over my time and energy, without feeling guilty about it.

I wondered if others experienced similar mood shifts. By midday, I felt good about how I was conserving my energy because pushing myself when I felt unwell didn't align with my philosophy of being the CEO of my life, practicing The Curvy Hustle Ways. I had important plans and commitments coming up, and I needed to be well for them.

However, something interesting happened around 5:30 pm. Perhaps you can relate as a strong person who struggles with perfectionism as a...

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OMG, You feeling this Full Moon?



Hello, you, Sexy and Sane Curvy Hustler ( yes, both women and men qualify!) 

This is a strong one.  You feeling it?

I took a moment in the video to address the needs of the moment but in summary...

How do you know if you are feeling this Scorpio full moon?  

Are you emotional?

Stinging truths coming to light?

On the brink of losing your Shizzle but also feeling more vital and closer to that thing you wanted to progress in for the last 2 years?


Yup! That's it.

Listen, as I said in the above VLOG...we got this. This is why women, in particular, are so damn impressive. We are actually in tune like this and are being placed into our rightful personal authority to lead ourselves and others out of the deep poop of it!!!

But we need to get serious about there being no more excuses.  The resistance sucks but guess what mindset shift helped me get out several threats to being the victim in my mentality over the course of my life?

The identity...

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I sucked today...

Not gonna lie.  Today I sucked at the Curvy Hustle  I really did.

I had no containment. I curved away and wasted most of the day because I never set my Life KPI's for the day!

I was out of control ...doing a bunch of stuff that I now have to make it worth it in ROI of my energy and time. All of them ended up with me avoiding other money making things!


Not sure what happened. Actually, that is a lie.

( Damn you ego) . I know 100% what happened.


The day was fine. But I sucked on my outcomes and it was a direct result of me not using my self management tools. 

As a direct result,  I let the day go by with no punishments for leaving the structure.  My not going to the coworking station, due to being exposed to Covid and trying to be responsible for a few days, got the best of me.  

I am owning it. Not being "too hard on myself" I literally have an objective metric I am looking at.

For example...I started to write this hours ago with...

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Is Spiritual Teacher YOUR Legacy?

This is Dharma Mittra—-

(Me in 2012 at my 500 hour Dharma yoga teacher graduation being filled with Lifeschool wisdom-Photo by Jeffrey Vock)  

Dharma is my most influential spiritual life strategist so far this life. 11 years ago I was called to meet him and from day one he made it known, he saw me. His first words to me on my second class were "You are stiff, all twisted up" and he physically cued me to move. I could not even get control of that area of the body which was surprising because having been a dancer, that was rare but what was the most interesting thing is that I did not feel ashamed at my inability to follow his verbal cue. That stood out to me. Up until then, I usually did feel shame when being critiqued by any level of authority. The logic student in me knew it was for my best interest but the inner child who grew up with a covert narcissist dad with PTSD was triggered by comments that did not appreciate the level of effort I put into expressing...

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Think About A Few Curvy Hustle Rules For Transcending

 In my new Membership community The Curvy Hustle Society, I want to focus a lot on the concept of self-awareness and really help emerging women own their new identity as a successful entrepreneur in their service based businesses. 

Some call the way I get them there spirituality.


I see it as very direct targeted personal coaching when I am moving any of my clients from an self employed mindset to a space of becoming the CEO of a growth oriented, diversified enterprise.


How big a Curvy Hustler gets or how far she take one idea always depend on their self identity and sense of personal authority more than their funnel.


This is something a less conscious business mentor just does not get when working with a feminine styled Founder, a conscious healer or one of my numerous Waysayers of Women's Wisdom. 


Entrepreneurship is part of the Healer's Journey for us 

What if your success in life choices is really important? Would you agree that...

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6 Ways I am Not Being Fragile in the Ongoing War on Racism, Uncontrollable Capitalists and The Patriarchy


Around March 15th, 2020 I went into Lockdown mode. 

By May 15th I was emerging but into a really raw America.

As you can see in my video above, I said that by June 16th,  I expected us to be looking at the world as a New Garden of Eden and after what went down with George Floyd on top of the others, after I posted this, I am calling in a new social ethos.

Number one, racism is married to capitalism.

Racism is how some people got ahead in life so The Universal Laws on Compensation, Reciprocity and Sacrifice ae pushing forward. Racism is tied to white fragility and for anyone to be better than anyone else, we need to remember what social structures turned into this reality. The patriarchy and sadly the misogyny and the white supremacy that goes along in the bed with racism is amongst the themes I propose Goddess Wisdom solve. 

I would simply like to help in the rise of the linking solution so I propose those ready to sit down and design a new common economy consider...

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The 3 Ways to Make Sure You Stay Sane While Figuring Out WTF is Your New Normal

There is a time and a place for everything. 

 Not very long ago, even I, a long time women’s empowerment coach, a humanist that speaks to the womanist ideal because that is where my Generation X peers are, I would have not had the courage to share this article or write these words on a corporate networking platfrom like Linked In.

Six months ago,

Hell four months ago, there was still some hesitation on my part about being a voice for intersecting the oppression of women and the sacred mysteries of the Universal Laws of Success with the promotion of a mom led solopreneur surge in the economy using my brand builder mastery , but not now.

H to the E to the LL Now? No way my friend.

Now there is literally nothing more heroic than to be a goddesses sharing whatever the hell you have in your pocket that can get another women to see her health comes first, her social currency is love and that her skills in the home or the industry are all of value. As I push...

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The Gift of Imperfection

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2020


As author Brene' Brown message runs through my head, I appreciate her quotes in The Gift of Imperfection,

"You must do your own heart work" 


" You cannot give from what you do not have ".  

So I have decided to reopen my 8 week Yogic Living basics course and add a spiritual learning community to it for the next 8 weeks. 

Any adult can register HERE for the materials. 


But I am not every body's teacher in this science.

  • If you need me to wear Lululemon and talk about my $90 eco-friendly recycled tire mat, scroll on down and Unsubscribed below.
  • Don't show up and be disappointed because I know the power of a spoken word and sometimes I curse with that power and still find Source fill me with holy. 
  • I am more into getting your head out of a tight ass than molding one for you
  • During practice, I open up your heart and mind and tap into your core energy which will optimize mental...
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Come On Already! Get Serious About This Expensive Hobby

Come on already! Get Serious about this expensive hobby

And your personal health goals

Before you expect anyone else to okay?

 I really really feel you.

I feel for most women which is exactly why Belly Guru,  was, is and always will be a women's empowerment company. 

I packaged it up over the years in various ways to suit the times...

Belly Guru as an integrative center, 

The Belly Guru system as a yoga educator training, women's health body care whole health system ,

And the foundational roots of the east meet west way I teach others to live their lives, use their bodies, balance their hormones, heal with diagnosed stressors

I even packaged my business into a way to move your career, run a business and build a brand by our complex, cosmically awesome feminine design.

All, On my online Training academy over on Kajabi

But this morning, I really got to understand,

Women will not have the power I want us to have if we keep sitting on that better life fence...

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Top 3 Reasons Why Self Realization Says..It is time to STOP PUSHING!!

If you ever gave birth,

Sometimes, there comes a moment where you are exhausted and have been working like hell and you are so ready to be done and the physician says... STOP PUSHING!!

I remember thinking WTF I can't.

I remember really needing this over but I also knew that something bad might happen if I pushed and I cared way too much about a positive outcome

So... I controlled my urge and waited.

I would not say I was resting.

I would not say I was doing nothing.

In fact, I was likely suffering the worst at a very vulnerable moment in my life, because I was sitting on the fence knowing I was frozen. 

My biochemistry was at a horrible state of unrest and I was mentally and emotionally having a million things running around my mind.

Maybe your life has been feeling a bit like labor lately?

If so, welcome to the rise.

Chances are that if you even opened this, you are open to learning more about yourself as the complex interactive energy you are. 

Let's keep it palatable...

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