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How The Hell Do You Make The Primary Care of Lady Parts Fascinating?

marketing women's health Aug 25, 2019

This article was originally published by me on Linked In

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I just got off the phone with a consulting client of mine. She was having a hard time putting the work we have done into more sales action because she was stuck in the mindset of how she spent her days as a PT, which she finds fun and wants to share.  Now she feels stuck on her voice and was losing energy. 

Copy Block Sucks You Dry

The best way to move out of this analysis paralysis is to review your progress and what you learned about your ideal client.  With my coaching hat on, I got her to recognize that in the past eight weeks working together she has gone from defining herself as "a women's health physio" to "I am a primary care provider that focuses on the unique needs of women during the early postpartum years". So now she needed to understand that woman as intimately on the emotional side as she did physically. I reminded her how far she had come...

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3 Income Builders Lots of Smart Women Missed last year!

bizbliss business marketing Nov 24, 2018

Hello Lovely Leader of HER Own Financial Destiny!

So I woke up this Saturday thinking really hard about what I want to be known for when I die. I decided 3 things:

  1. LISSETTE is a beautiful Goddess name so I should align with it more in 2019. 
  2. I really want my children to hear about me changing women's lives all over the world. I want to do that by inspiring them to gather, connect with their superpowers and birth a healthier next generation.
  3. I used to hate this time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is because this is the time of year that a scarcity mindset tries to set up shop in my head. Why? Because somewhere deep inside I used to have an unresolved childhood memory that is attached more to the bad self value feelings and family dynamics that went on than the joy during the holidays. That is how secretly a money story can hit. For me in my business, "being too busy" at home to care that my clients was my way to not own they were skipping out on sessions and forcing me...
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