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How The Hell Do You Make The Primary Care of Lady Parts Fascinating?

marketing women's health Aug 25, 2019

This article was originally published by me on Linked In

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I just got off the phone with a consulting client of mine. She was having a hard time putting the work we have done into more sales action because she was stuck in the mindset of how she spent her days as a PT, which she finds fun and wants to share.  Now she feels stuck on her voice and was losing energy. 

Copy Block Sucks You Dry

The best way to move out of this analysis paralysis is to review your progress and what you learned about your ideal client.  With my coaching hat on, I got her to recognize that in the past eight weeks working together she has gone from defining herself as "a women's health physio" to "I am a primary care provider that focuses on the unique needs of women during the early postpartum years". So now she needed to understand that woman as intimately on the emotional side as she did physically. I reminded her how far she had come doing the same deep analysis of herself these past few sessions.  She now knew what she did not want to do or be seen as.  She now understood what kept her back from starting a soloprenuer practice before. Professionally, that connection was already letting her let go of any ego or bias and networking with several new non-medical referral sources. She was light years ahead of the online game by getting her name out there internationally online in conversations she had some experience in.  Now she was moving her brand onto social media but I truly felt the weight of her present pain.  How does one translate what she knows is her focus into anyone walking in her door?  

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Identify the Objective

I am a women's health physio myself by choice in the past ten years.  I started my wellness center focused on perinatal health circles. What might have been easy to capture in a picture when working on a blog in the PT, ATC arena of my past is not as easy when you exercise to train the perineum.  I mean how do you professionally communicate the difference between training pelvic floor weaknesses due to laxity versus weakness due to prolonged high tone? How do you catch an eye on social media outside the women’s healthcare and fitness world bubble without mentioning the word Kegal which you know is not always the answer?   How the hell are you going to explain on Linked In that you are a primary care provider that gets super pumped to figure out the subtle and complex relationship between someone’s breathing and urinating on herself? Seriously,  think about it.  How do you snap that picture and throw it up on Instagram?  How do you explain on Twitter a manual approach on an internal adhesion in 150 characters that even most gynecologists and majority of your professional peers are just getting around to comprehend? 

Get to the Heart of The Matter

As is the solution for most of my "COPY BLOCK” clients, the answer is not to post on what you physically do or even how you do it.  The solution is to speak on how the woman or man with possible pelvic dysfunction may feel. But,  in order to do that one must become empathetic to the everyday life of their ideal client and depending on where you work, that may be a dying art.  

So I had her ask herself, these 3 questions:

  1. What does it feel like to wake up and look over at your husband knowing you have not had intercourse for over a year?  What is her ideal client spending her money on to feel better about her body?
  2. How does that client sleep, eat, get the energy to get through the day?
  3. What does the life that the client wants, look like from 6 am to bedtime? 

I then had her do what I do when researching my content, go ask them if she has no clue from personal experience.  Even if she did have an idea, I encouraged her to ask others as well. Why? Because these feelings are the things you can snap an image of.  Those words are the quotes you can produce a meme and send all over your Facebook and those pains are the services you can create a vlog of solutions about to become THE MOST FASCINATING HEALTH CARE PROVIDER they have ever heard or seen before they even walk through your door. 

So why are you fascinating to partner with? Can you relate to anything above? Do you have a creative way to market your health care brand?  Share below because others want to know and need the advice. 


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