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Come On Already! Get Serious About This Expensive Hobby

Come on already! Get Serious about this expensive hobby

And your personal health goals

Before you expect anyone else to okay?

 I really really feel you.

I feel for most women which is exactly why Belly Guru,  was, is and always will be a women's empowerment company. 

I packaged it up over the years in various ways to suit the times...

Belly Guru as an integrative center, 

The Belly Guru system as a yoga educator training, women's health body care whole health system ,

And the foundational roots of the east meet west way I teach others to live their lives, use their bodies, balance their hormones, heal with diagnosed stressors

I even packaged my business into a way to move your career, run a business and build a brand by our complex, cosmically awesome feminine design.

All, On my online Training academy over on Kajabi

But this morning, I really got to understand,

Women will not have the power I want us to have if we keep sitting on that better life fence...

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Today I did NOT wake up in a bed of sunflowers

Today I did not wake up in a bed of sunflowers...

I am a spiritual person but I am a human being. I am not always in a great mood. I am not always feeling strong and my kids and ex can attest to that because of course, I usually snap and project it out on them and they hold the closest perspective but hey, we all pick our soulmates each round.

In fact, I thought of that as I woke up kind of feeling off. It was weird. I was not sad. I was not angry but I also was not as happy as I am accustomed to being and if I was a sucker for some Big Pharma marketing, I might have kept questioning if I was sick at the moment but I was actually really well. What I was is confused. Then my soul mate Fluffy Dog tapped my arm for a morning cuddle and reminded me I am just feeling my wealth.

It was stillness upon awakening.

It has been so long, possibly three years since I woke up in "The gap". Since then, definitely, since Aug of 2017, it has taken me meditation or a savasana to do that.

So waking up...

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