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Come On Already! Get Serious About This Expensive Hobby

Come on already! Get Serious about this expensive hobby

And your personal health goals

Before you expect anyone else to okay?

 I really really feel you.

I feel for most women which is exactly why Belly Guru,  was, is and always will be a women's empowerment company. 

I packaged it up over the years in various ways to suit the times...

Belly Guru as an integrative center, 

The Belly Guru system as a yoga educator training, women's health body care whole health system ,

And the foundational roots of the east meet west way I teach others to live their lives, use their bodies, balance their hormones, heal with diagnosed stressors

I even packaged my business into a way to move your career, run a business and build a brand by our complex, cosmically awesome feminine design.

All, On my online Training academy over on Kajabi

But this morning, I really got to understand,

Women will not have the power I want us to have if we keep sitting on that better life fence

We all do it.

We do it whether we are making 1K or 20 K a month doing what we love.

I know because I have clients that run the spectrum.

Actually, we are not even sitting comfortably on that damn fence.  

We don't even own it.

We are constantly in our over-giving, under-earning, OCD controlling, poorly delegating, self-worth feeling selfish mind games.

Even while we are comfortable in the 5 figure part-time salary or sport the 6 figure salary.

Can you relate to constantly stopping yourself from jumping off that proverbial give me more fence with your marriage partner while editing your life story to push them over?

Are you Sitting in guilt about wanting to be treated better by your kids or wanting them to be okay without you there all the time? ( They are by the way, as long as you are actually focused on being present when you are there)  

Do you Feel like that squirrel on the fence

Are you constantly distracted and wobbling in fear of losing what you love in life just because you move a piece of the puzzle more in your favor?

It is because no matter where you are on the list, you still believe in the poop of the patriarchy.

Because here you are reading this in your late 30's or in your 40's and despite having busted your ass getting everything everyone told you that should make you happy,

You still have a feeling you were cheated out of some legacy building in exchange for home building. 

So I wanted to offer you a push-off that fence in my #CurvyHustle style. 

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Because every woman that likes what I offer here deserves to have an amazing third age love life story.

And that is perfect because guess what? 

In my third age life story, I am here to help you fall in love with yours. 

Are you dreaming too small? Does being Mama to an Empire scare you? 

That is okay.

I have a place in my Goddess Wisdom Party for you too. Join HERE  and I will guide you until you can dream big like us in the Academy. 

But for you who are ready to jump off the fence of nonbeliever already...

Kajabi just announced that this is your moment!

As of Nov 30th, They are no longer going to offer any sales days or discounts.

And why should they?

Four years ago, they came in with their own Blue Ocean #CurvyHustle. I saw it and jumped on too.

Thousands of others that are leaders now did to.

Kajabi is about a 2K investment but they who come to play think this way about it...

2K is a fair investment for all of THIS in promoting your idea and your business too? Isn't it?

I mean aren't you asking people in pain and stress to invest that in you?

Should they?

If you do not even believe enough in what you can do for them to offer them the opportunity to work with you and gain your wisdom in multiple ways?

Kajabi has proved they are the industry leader and seriously, with your clients getting a free training app to take to the gym and follow your course and you being able to run multiple revenue streams from your phone. It really is a no brainer. 

They did exactly what I teach in the Mind-Body Brand Academy. Which by the way, those on Kajabi really get to make all their money back while building a community learning...

  • You do not need to be more to do more. You are enough
  • How to LEVERAGE your individual ability to disrupt the current conversations 
  • How to save money by not making costly mistakes with platform builders and sales tools you are not ready for. 
  • How to reverse engineer the current shark tank mentality and create multi revenue blue oceans aligned with you.
  • How to read other people and Identify the communication gaps and become match your offerings to their personality

Anyone who forces you into a big investment.

Telling you that you have to scale but then not actually offering anything to your new biz scale

BEFORE taking the time to show you if you are ready to invest time or energy into losing your old comfortable BS

That person is a crook in my book. 

And they know it because they then charge you to coach you out of the mess they led you to create! 

Trust me,

I see women sucked into this patriarchy grab numbers and dominate crap every day.

It took me a long ass time to get mentors and honestly, I had to weave a few together, so believe me when I say...

Kajabi is the industry leader for those that believe they have something to sell. 

So looking back at 2019 as a curvy hustler I got to say...


It follows it's own.

Knowing how to manifest and most importantly,

Being skilled in seeing the undercurrents of self-sabotage

Recognizing and coaching you out of self-harm,

Those are priceless life skills. 

Even the best intentions of a 10K mastermind coach talking systems and staffing and CRMs couldn't have made me see

  • It tested my faith in my revenue-generating investments and confirmed I made the best choices with...
  • The power of having my hands off course and coaching platform Kajabi
  • The power of building in flexibility and portability into your business from day one!
  • The overwhelming protection of smart social media and of taking the time to build a personal brand, a personality alongside how you show your services, products, and corporate brand. 

Your life is not an optional game to play. From this moment on, I work with amazing Medicine Women that Play it to win in it.

We Start Small but Play Big

I am determined to help every one of you reading this succeed in a smarter, sane and spiritually induced lifestyle that elevates.

I am committed to holding your hand but also holding up a mirror and showing you who you are in the conversation

And most importantly, you have permission with me to be who you are not!




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