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The 3 Ways to Make Sure You Stay Sane While Figuring Out WTF is Your New Normal

There is a time and a place for everything. 

 Not very long ago, even I, a long time women’s empowerment coach, a humanist that speaks to the womanist ideal because that is where my Generation X peers are, I would have not had the courage to share this article or write these words on a corporate networking platfrom like Linked In.

Six months ago,

Hell four months ago, there was still some hesitation on my part about being a voice for intersecting the oppression of women and the sacred mysteries of the Universal Laws of Success with the promotion of a mom led solopreneur surge in the economy using my brand builder mastery , but not now.

H to the E to the LL Now? No way my friend.

Now there is literally nothing more heroic than to be a goddesses sharing whatever the hell you have in your pocket that can get another women to see her health comes first, her social currency is love and that her skills in the home or the industry are all of value. As I push...

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Come On Already! Get Serious About This Expensive Hobby

Come on already! Get Serious about this expensive hobby

And your personal health goals

Before you expect anyone else to okay?

 I really really feel you.

I feel for most women which is exactly why Belly Guru,  was, is and always will be a women's empowerment company. 

I packaged it up over the years in various ways to suit the times...

Belly Guru as an integrative center, 

The Belly Guru system as a yoga educator training, women's health body care whole health system ,

And the foundational roots of the east meet west way I teach others to live their lives, use their bodies, balance their hormones, heal with diagnosed stressors

I even packaged my business into a way to move your career, run a business and build a brand by our complex, cosmically awesome feminine design.

All, On my online Training academy over on Kajabi

But this morning, I really got to understand,

Women will not have the power I want us to have if we keep sitting on that better life fence...

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Top 3 Reasons Why Self Realization Says..It is time to STOP PUSHING!!

If you ever gave birth,

Sometimes, there comes a moment where you are exhausted and have been working like hell and you are so ready to be done and the physician says... STOP PUSHING!!

I remember thinking WTF I can't.

I remember really needing this over but I also knew that something bad might happen if I pushed and I cared way too much about a positive outcome

So... I controlled my urge and waited.

I would not say I was resting.

I would not say I was doing nothing.

In fact, I was likely suffering the worst at a very vulnerable moment in my life, because I was sitting on the fence knowing I was frozen. 

My biochemistry was at a horrible state of unrest and I was mentally and emotionally having a million things running around my mind.

Maybe your life has been feeling a bit like labor lately?

If so, welcome to the rise.

Chances are that if you even opened this, you are open to learning more about yourself as the complex interactive energy you are. 

Let's keep it palatable...

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Why more healthcare CEO's need to have suffered a perineum tear

3 cheers for Healthcare digital marketing 101. 

I get asked now if I ever still care for women.

That kind of irks me a bit because I honestly feel like empowering the platform for even a handful of feminine health leaders or Mind-Body ninja's in this world is doing more for the caring of women than anything else I have accomplished so far.

But I get it.

In my mind, my podcast Owning HER Health, The Goddess Wisdom Mastermind and The Mind-Body Brand Academy is a three-prong approach ( soon to be fours) aimed at roasting that old medicine paradigm turkey.  It is my hope that they all just Glow Up and shift the entire conversation on women and mind-body healing across the globe within the next decade but I completely understand. 

Click image to listen

I understand because the care of women is basically reduced to making sure her Urogenital organs and breasts are performing well in a brand attempt to niche down but that is the subject of another conversation. 


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How The Hell Do You Make The Primary Care of Lady Parts Fascinating?

marketing women's health Aug 25, 2019

This article was originally published by me on Linked In

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I just got off the phone with a consulting client of mine. She was having a hard time putting the work we have done into more sales action because she was stuck in the mindset of how she spent her days as a PT, which she finds fun and wants to share.  Now she feels stuck on her voice and was losing energy. 

Copy Block Sucks You Dry

The best way to move out of this analysis paralysis is to review your progress and what you learned about your ideal client.  With my coaching hat on, I got her to recognize that in the past eight weeks working together she has gone from defining herself as "a women's health physio" to "I am a primary care provider that focuses on the unique needs of women during the early postpartum years". So now she needed to understand that woman as intimately on the emotional side as she did physically. I reminded her how far she had come...

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An Evolution of A New Eve Story

Eve is the first feminine divine to seek individual all-knowingness, personal empowerment, and enlightenment.  First goddess wisdom seeker —-

She got a bad rap of suckering Adam.

Adam accepted the challenge which opened up the door to a twin flame consciousness most do not understand. 

See the apple in the story did something to the purity of their union. It made there be an ego that feared unconditional love. Then Eve loved as a twin flame and had to let her inner masculine go. Now having it live outside herself, she inadvertently became subservient to it. 

This imbalance of powers in time became unnourishing for both bc they no longer lived in respect of the other or the other animals and the planet as an extension of themselves. 


They became fearful of their differences making them each vulnerable. 

Somewhere along with the evolution of time,  the sacred feminine woke up to what had happened. She took it upon herself to see her...

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A Goddess Chat on The Me First Movement !

beauty women's health Apr 14, 2018

Do you believe feeling beautiful every day of our messy life is our Right?

You will be getting the raw video on this Vlog and some behind the scenes chat because I believe there is such wisdom in the casual woman to woman conversation and that how it rolls is how it rolls.

I wanted to share this Goddess chat with Jaclyn Harris. That is something I can't share on the podcast nor can I share the expressions on our face or the funny times our kids' barge in or when my dog starts to bark but sometimes, while keeping it real as a podcaster, I want to. 

In today's Vlog I share my face to face chat (despite the perfectly placed drop at the end of our call) because I love Jaclyn's lipstick. I just did not think keeping that bright smile all to myself by just sharing the edited podcast version HERE was adequate. Especially since we are discussing how her #TheMeFirstMovement is reclaiming those little shares of our womanly charm. 

Jaclyn Harris is Reclaiming Our Beauty Power...

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What Can You Learn From Your Inner Guru Gal About Holding Healthy Space?

What can You Learn from A Girl?

In Episode 15 we explored that as I hosted Emily, Michelle, Lindsey, Ashley, and Nicole from Girl Scout Troop 3515 of the Hornet's Council here in Charlotte, North Carolina. They showed up reminding me of my inner Guru Gal energies of joy and laughter in balance with getting down to business and nurturing the world. 

This episode is filled with several K.I.S.S. ideas like easy DIY products to save your lungs and livers using natural materials you likely already have at home and lots of Great Links Below!

Did you know that , depending on how you decorate and clean that your inside air quality is likely worse than outside your home?

Reduction of toxins in our homes was the main topic but then something really awesome and cool happened

Find out what happened and download the podcast HERE 

Resources ......


Environmental Health Plants: Get a plant for every 100 sq feet! 

4 Popular ones....Peace lily, Garden Mum, Spider...

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Moving The Power of Primal Fear into Ongoing Fires of Trust & Confidence


Marching For What Power?

In episode 12 I am coming off the Women's Health Marches all over the world and talking to the Goddess Tribe about how we can use that global feminine energy to gear up our psyche for Self Love this February.

February promises to love and with this episode being between the marches and my Valentine's Day pelvic love episode I thought it was a perfect time to discuss how these marches showed the fear, trust and confidence issues so many people have which blocks them from truly loving themselves and others. I think some of the catalytic force we are feeling now come up big time from those primal feelings and would love your comments back on questions I propose in this session such as...

  1.  How do we take the fire of fear and move that into something that lasts instead of burning bridges? 
  2. Where can we educate and collaborate together in trust instead of fear? 
  3. What are women really looking for when we say we want power?  
  4. What does that...
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The Art Of Using The Feminine Leadership Ways of Partnership and Circles for Personal Growth and Healing

ladybizpt women's health Jan 23, 2017

This episode was sponsored by Paul Gough's Business Growth School and leading online audiobook center
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 On Episode 11

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Susan C. Clinton PT, DScPT, OCS, WCS, COMT, FAAOMPT a leader in the Women's health field and the profession of Physical Therapy as a whole. One would think someone who is that accomplished would not have time for a Goddess Chat but Susan proved me wrong and not only made the time to share #HERstory but had some great inner wisdom to share for strong lady leaders who are birthing dreams instead of children into this world. Don't miss the last 5 minutes where She mentions some great resources for clinicians with Jessica Drummond for self care as well as her initiative and we discuss how forming a circle of trust with fellow women is the way to rise!!!! 

We Talk HER STORY... Hurricane Katrina destroyed...

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