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Why more healthcare CEO's need to have suffered a perineum tear

3 cheers for Healthcare digital marketing 101. 

I get asked now if I ever still care for women.

That kind of irks me a bit because I honestly feel like empowering the platform for even a handful of feminine health leaders or Mind-Body ninja's in this world is doing more for the caring of women than anything else I have accomplished so far.

But I get it.

In my mind, my podcast Owning HER Health, The Goddess Wisdom Mastermind and The Mind-Body Brand Academy is a three-prong approach ( soon to be fours) aimed at roasting that old medicine paradigm turkey.  It is my hope that they all just Glow Up and shift the entire conversation on women and mind-body healing across the globe within the next decade but I completely understand. 

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I understand because the care of women is basically reduced to making sure her Urogenital organs and breasts are performing well in a brand attempt to niche down but that is the subject of another conversation. 

In this conversation, I want to stick to the fact that we need more visible women in power positions that make the final decisions to step up. They are women that need to become known as public figures, not therapists or coaches or counselors even if they are by trade. They need to become unapologetic influencer marketing divas, across multiple platforms with a variety of touchpoints and access channels, especially in the healthcare industry.  

Why? Because yesterday I had the opportunity to witness a FB page like no other I had been on in over a decade.

I completely forgot how a young SAHM's forum of conversations may go into a space of unconscious masculinity and hypervigilant femininity. I have not been on a Stay At Home Mom forum like that, in a vulnerable, overwhelmed, anxious, imbalanced hormone havoc mind, since back in 2000-2005 or so. 

When I was one, there was barely more than dial-up IT and at the beginning of Belly G, I would have been on them for market research and leads, I was in a completely different educator mindset.

All I have to say is, the enormity of self-comparison and pure anxiety in what other women think in that Facebook group had my jaw drop.

Poor Mama Gurus.

Dear new moms, especially the young ones.

You do not have to worry about all the people that do not like the way you want to pronounce your child's name.

You do not need to impress any inlaws with your parenting skills. I mean look what they did to your spouse!

I felt like there is an entire generation of mother's to be and those fairly new to the mothering vibe season of life that has not had one heart to heart sit down with their now hopefully wiser Matriarch wisdom owning mothers.   But I also know from working with those mothers through horrible menopauses, we may be looking at three generations with the same Medicine Woman alchemy need.

Thank Goddess this level of comparison was not even fathomable as Facebook itself was not even in existence when I had postpartum depression. 

Conclusion: Women need more holistic women's health conversations that expand out of their pants and into their self-esteem. 

Then I got into my noon webinar training with some women that support other women, and aging humans and families, amongst other wellbeing things.

 Judging by the lightbulbs going off, and the ongoing conversations in the Goddess Wisdom Mastermind, many women in the world of providing women's health education and holistic wellbeing are

  1. Overwhelming themselves unnecessarily. There is also a way to get people to know, like and trust your help by using old school things like inviting them over for a real face to face conversation over a zoom chat.
  2. It is really important more mompreneurs have a strategy for keeping yourself connected before, during and after-sales, especially the lookers, until they are ready to invest in themselves. Sadly most of us hands-on service providers focus on only 1/4th to 1/2 of the entire 360degree Client Customer Experience. 
  3. Many think, as I did for many years without a self-exploring female mentor, that the reason someone does not want to pay for their services is that their title is not big or that the client does not want to invest in the clinician. 

The truth, that comes with time and confidence is that you as a clinician are smartest if you are really never making a sale on your product, program, studio, class or craft. The truth is, if you are smart and in for the long game, you would be starting a long-lasting relationship that does not need them to need your healthcare or wellness product right now. 

The Ugly Side of The Business of Caring

The public really does not care about the place you were certified to teach yoga or even care what the difference is between a yoga teacher and a certified yoga therapist unless they are very well educated and if they are getting beyond wanting to go to anyone that can guarantee they will feel better then they are likely looking for something specific in your words and community.

Dear wonderful healing souls...

You have an awesome IG but no one but the other yogis perfecting theirs cares.

You need to have your message able to move these moms I spoke of out of their own way . They need to feel fine wearing a t shirt and sweats to your class. How about one of you make your brand about that. I promise it will be a profitable one. 

You as a Yoga Therapist need to demonstrate over a few emails and posts over a few months time of why your neighbor wanting to go to a very dedicated, self-educated and long-time yoga teacher friend of theirs is not going to be the best use of their dollars and time. That going to you a certified yoga therapist they do not know, like or trust yet might have a new tune to follow and you need to be able to do this without any intended harm to the other teacher's business. You are just being honest about all the experience you have. 

Then there is the hassle of getting someone to see your website and get on your email list. 

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You have a monkey mind

For life as a mompreneur or a busy employee with a desire to engage in her private life as energized as possible, let's get real. We all are fully aware that we are likely the best at healing because we are constantly fighting the battles of stress and wellbeing ourselves. We are an expert on something but not a perfect human! 

So when I hold the circle of health entrepreneurs in the Goddess Wisdom Mastermind, invite you to a periodic personal development, have you on a yoga mat in the yoga club or private sessions and definitely, when we work for 8 weeks of accountability through the Mind-Body Brand Academy, I am more and more aware that:

  1. The Medicine Women that are coming up now, are suffering from feeling "not enough" across the board. They have Imposter syndrome versus other's perceived higher on the ranking in the medical hierarchy. They have another layer of it when comparing themselves to not only their male peers getting picked over them for leadership roles but their own feminine peers who teach them from around the world. I see this very much an issue in the world of Women's Pelvic health. 
  2. The number one way I see the business building is happening is being erroneously split between two audiences in a self-limiting way.

For many clinicians, we get our main pay by a dysfunctional belief that working longer durations on people means they should pay you more instead of keeping your prices in line with the outcomes and efficiency and speed not the time of contact.

The second energy drain splits your focus and the performance benchmarks on becoming visible, between impressing your peers and impressing your public.

The same clinician that just pumped all their creative energy into a year-long research project or a powerpoint for peers, while being an employee of a CEU company and an employee of a school is actually putting all their energy into building up another person's business instead of their own. Then you wonder why you struggle with your own content shares for the core business building and community. 

If this sound like you, let's think about that because you spending money to jump on a marketing strategy session with me and telling me you are not creative is not really the truth.

Don't worry. You just need a 360-degree Experience Wheel and I totally will get you to step by step in working with me but, you have to invest in that kind of business training. The kind that looks a lot like the seed work, some soul searching on why you get in your own way or open the door for a soft cushioned failure.

So go look in the mirror. I mean it. Go look into your own eyes and hear what she inside is saying. Are you patient enough to do that? Because if you are, within a year, a full 13 moons of the annual cycle, you will be flowing in the consistent dough and better alignment with what you have the skills to do than you are reading this today. 

Last but not least, there are women like me,

Who for years actually held themselves small, fearing how success would ruin the rest of their lives if they let their business grow too soon, too big, too complicated and too much out of the story I was telling myself.

One tip to help weed out some fear of expectations is to take on an MLM that works with your overall care perspective and allow yourself to build a brand that doesn't necessarily need them. 

Times have and have not changed.

Even though I got inspired to help pre and postnatal women back in 2002 or so, and the audience for these services has grown, it still seems like The Belly Guru, although I have praise from hundreds and hundreds of women, did not change much of the women's healthcare conversation in my community. There still is no one that jumped in and took my place walking the line between sorority mother, yoga chick and licensed mentor.

They are still just so many under-educated and overvalued professionals" throwing kerosene on the wrong flames and pushing belly Bootcamp mommy and me. I am sorry if you are reading this and feel offended but I honestly think every perinatal fitness professional, even if certified in women's health coaching,  should be designing their curriculum with a consultant abdominal pelvic health trained physio who also spent a handful of years in sports medicine or younger aged ortho. 

On top of that, keeping all your income eggs in one basket as a hands-on solopreneur is way too risky.

Would you agree that it still seems to take a few years for most women to take care of their pregnancy back pain or sexual pains?  So, to all of you comfortable with having a full schedule by word of mouth,  I have to say, "Proceed with caution". Just assuming everyone has a back or that half the population has a vagina so word of mouth and a post about that in front of people you already know is risky . Especially since the ones liking your posts never intend to pay you for this service. This is the kind of ROI that is not worth a bunch of likes on FaceBook. If the economy shifts, this is not enough unless you have a sugar daddy or mommy supporting your business deficits. 

So, Are you sure you are setting up sustainable business while it is still running five or fewer figures a year?

And that traffic I am talking about being slow was me thinking about how it was in the clinic before the last financial crash in 2009'.

We have come a long way baby

But for women, cutting corners and denying you need anything was preached as being their way into heaven. Do you think those urinating on themselves to a sneeze are not going to go back to choosing the $12 "Silhouette" absorbable undergarments when money gets tight for their family?  If you are catering to those women, the ones that wait until their prolapse is visibly coming out to seek support, think again.

Considering that according to Stone, 2019 "Healthcare is an industry where women make 80 percent of buying and usage decisions and 65 percent of the workforce." You are in an awesome space if you are marketing to women but, Stone goes onto to say, "Yet, women are notably under-represented in industry leadership, making up approximately 30 percent of C-suite teams and 13 percent of CEOs" I expect that the insurance coverage for "elective" body changes will eventually mean things like rectal repairs after a horrible grade 4 perineum tear injury. Unless...

Unless there are more leaders making those decisions with vaginas that had pelvic floor tears.

The time has long come for the women already taking the lead on having some bold conversations like this to pull another woman upon for equality in brilliance on her platform. 

That is why I invest in 1:1 time with each and every member rolling each round in the Mind-Body Brand Academy.

That is why I invest and offer the conversations I do in The Goddess Wisdom Mastermind

That is why I have the chats I have on my Owning HER Health Podcast too.

So when someone says they don't understand how pivoting into healthcare marketing has anything to do with clinical women's health and healing, I just know right away, they are still living in their bubble. They really have no clue. And that is okay because if you made it this far down the page... Then you do! 


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