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The Inner Mood Swings of Success: Witnessing the Evolution


I wanted to share an interesting experience I had while being sick. It was a rare day for me to feel under the weather, but it gave me a chance to observe something important about #entrepreneurlife.

Despite starting my day with productive habits inspired by "Atomic Habits," my physical condition affected my mindset. I was determined to fight the virus and listened to my body, making the conscious decision to rest and stay in bed. I took advantage of my control over my time and energy, without feeling guilty about it.

I wondered if others experienced similar mood shifts. By midday, I felt good about how I was conserving my energy because pushing myself when I felt unwell didn't align with my philosophy of being the CEO of my life, practicing The Curvy Hustle Ways. I had important plans and commitments coming up, and I needed to be well for them.

However, something interesting happened around 5:30 pm. Perhaps you can relate as a strong person who struggles with perfectionism as a...

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OMG, You feeling this Full Moon?



Hello, you, Sexy and Sane Curvy Hustler ( yes, both women and men qualify!) 

This is a strong one.  You feeling it?

I took a moment in the video to address the needs of the moment but in summary...

How do you know if you are feeling this Scorpio full moon?  

Are you emotional?

Stinging truths coming to light?

On the brink of losing your Shizzle but also feeling more vital and closer to that thing you wanted to progress in for the last 2 years?


Yup! That's it.

Listen, as I said in the above VLOG...we got this. This is why women, in particular, are so damn impressive. We are actually in tune like this and are being placed into our rightful personal authority to lead ourselves and others out of the deep poop of it!!!

But we need to get serious about there being no more excuses.  The resistance sucks but guess what mindset shift helped me get out several threats to being the victim in my mentality over the course of my life?

The identity...

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I sucked today...

Not gonna lie.  Today I sucked at the Curvy Hustle  I really did.

I had no containment. I curved away and wasted most of the day because I never set my Life KPI's for the day!

I was out of control ...doing a bunch of stuff that I now have to make it worth it in ROI of my energy and time. All of them ended up with me avoiding other money making things!


Not sure what happened. Actually, that is a lie.

( Damn you ego) . I know 100% what happened.


The day was fine. But I sucked on my outcomes and it was a direct result of me not using my self management tools. 

As a direct result,  I let the day go by with no punishments for leaving the structure.  My not going to the coworking station, due to being exposed to Covid and trying to be responsible for a few days, got the best of me.  

I am owning it. Not being "too hard on myself" I literally have an objective metric I am looking at.

For example...I started to write this hours ago with...

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