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I sucked today...

Not gonna lie.  Today I sucked at the Curvy Hustle  I really did.

I had no containment. I curved away and wasted most of the day because I never set my Life KPI's for the day!

I was out of control ...doing a bunch of stuff that I now have to make it worth it in ROI of my energy and time. All of them ended up with me avoiding other money making things!


Not sure what happened. Actually, that is a lie.

( Damn you ego) . I know 100% what happened.


The day was fine. But I sucked on my outcomes and it was a direct result of me not using my self management tools. 

As a direct result,  I let the day go by with no punishments for leaving the structure.  My not going to the coworking station, due to being exposed to Covid and trying to be responsible for a few days, got the best of me.  

I am owning it. Not being "too hard on myself" I literally have an objective metric I am looking at.

For example...I started to write this hours ago with the intention to connect to you on almost a daily basis by the afternoon.

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I mean it is a great use of my energy and has had a great sales ROI if I am consistent with it plus... I actually enjoy writing. I like getting out inspiring thoughts and these always feel more like love letters or sharing goddess wisdoms so...

WTH? Why didn't I not get such a simple process done?

Well, without filling out my journal,  I stopped making it simple and sane and I did not keep to my daily list of ROI tools for tracking my focus and productivity each hour even though I filled it out!

 I failed in getting very intentional with the 6 things a day I intend to get done.Period. Amen.  



  • A reply to a DM (money making move) turned into an hour search into how to set up my private podcast that I am planning for real talk on substack
  • This metric cancelled out my ROI for that hour! 
  • That fact made me mad and that turned into a mental trigger to catch up on a sales course I did not get to join in the mastermind of  while focused on my recent 3 day Live event. 

That turned into a lunch break, likely looking for a blood sugar hit and well... you get the picture. 


That is what goes into being the CEO of your life, and own a forward positioned company and when you want to hold space for family and yourself. That is different from being self employed and free to be but without much growth mode fuel for life. 

So, I can intuitively check in, but on days my gut and fear lead me...gut instincts are screaming but I can't follow them believing they are "in the flow".


That is primal instinct not intuitive flow. At that moment we need an objective on where to push and where to shift is critical to sacred success! 

So read the rest or not, I am getting this done and giving you a gift for being awesome below because I want us both to model living in generosity, no matter how we suck or the day's challenges suck. Not because I am against surrender, not at all, but because I know what my Life KPI's said to me instead of going by my emotions today!


And I want you to also know the difference. 

I know when I need to push and overcome my gut and when I need to surrender to the intuitive ways of a wise life because I track my personal effectiveness. 

By using 3 main questions:

  1. What are my specific  intentions?
  2. How are my actions in baseline alignment on each hour of my day?
  3. How is that using my impact identity or personal authority?

3 tools I use for life KPI's. 

This is part of a bigger life management system but I have been experimenting with some of the worksheets. I think these I have for you to download now  have begun to help me really focus on what disrupts the process instead of being only focused on the end result of it which could be many things. 

So yes, {{ first_name }}, if you find you are sucking at the elevation and are so damn tired of endlessly evolving, try to start using these. 

If you have a day you are fighting an old habit and end up telling yourself "This is enough" when you know darn well you are totally more than the mediocrity,  let me give you a piece of advice. Use this and then Stop with that toxic side of positivity. It's not taking 100% personal responsibility to analyze yourself objectively. That is why you get a coach to bring your best self out or pay a consultant for their solutions. 

I want you to Just admit it, sometimes you suck on time, energy, focus, relational or money management like me. Never lie to yourself again calling it being positive!

But then make sure you get out of your heart a bit and have a metric to learn objectively from the experience. 


If you did not "make the best of it" go look at the KPIs of your life today.  What fed into the poor engagement?  What stopped you from enrolling yourself? Who enrolled you and why? What emotional buttons did they press?

I know you want to get the best ROI out of everything too.


That is why I had to be honest with myself today and wrote about it. Because I care about you and figuring this out for me to share and get your feedback on is how we do this. 

 xoxo- Dr. Lisa 



PS... Would you like to download 3 worksheets as a gift from me to get started on The Curvy Hustle? 

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