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A Goddess Chat on The Me First Movement !

beauty women's health Apr 14, 2018

Do you believe feeling beautiful every day of our messy life is our Right?

You will be getting the raw video on this Vlog and some behind the scenes chat because I believe there is such wisdom in the casual woman to woman conversation and that how it rolls is how it rolls.

I wanted to share this Goddess chat with Jaclyn Harris. That is something I can't share on the podcast nor can I share the expressions on our face or the funny times our kids' barge in or when my dog starts to bark but sometimes, while keeping it real as a podcaster, I want to. 

In today's Vlog I share my face to face chat (despite the perfectly placed drop at the end of our call) because I love Jaclyn's lipstick. I just did not think keeping that bright smile all to myself by just sharing the edited podcast version HERE was adequate. Especially since we are discussing how her #TheMeFirstMovement is reclaiming those little shares of our womanly charm. 

Jaclyn Harris is Reclaiming Our Beauty Power...

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