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The Art Of Using The Feminine Leadership Ways of Partnership and Circles for Personal Growth and Healing

ladybizpt women's health Jan 23, 2017

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 On Episode 11

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Susan C. Clinton PT, DScPT, OCS, WCS, COMT, FAAOMPT a leader in the Women's health field and the profession of Physical Therapy as a whole. One would think someone who is that accomplished would not have time for a Goddess Chat but Susan proved me wrong and not only made the time to share #HERstory but had some great inner wisdom to share for strong lady leaders who are birthing dreams instead of children into this world. Don't miss the last 5 minutes where She mentions some great resources for clinicians with Jessica Drummond for self care as well as her initiative and we discuss how forming a circle of trust with fellow women is the way to rise!!!! 

We Talk HER STORY... Hurricane Katrina destroyed...

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Applying Behavioral Styles


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Did you know that there is a lot of behavioral change needed when moving from being an employee into a business owner?


I don't mean just the normal organizational skills or money management.


I am talking about behaviors in how you approach your overall vitality in everything from the hours you exercise to the people around you because these will affect your attitude about the important choices you need to make.

 A great scalable business plan alone is not going to help the woman who is waking up to the fact that she is close to 40 and is no longer going to sacrifice her health for a paycheck. Today with the technology, global market times, an education and some brandable personality, any woman can very well create her own economy.

 Illness should not be your catalyst! 

But at the point your body or mind is screaming it is your psychology, physiology, and sociology skills I need to give you some training in.


Everyone sells you the...

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Om Namah Shivaya Chants And The New Western Oath Of Leadership Part 1

energy medicine ladybizpt Nov 21, 2016

 Om Namah Shivaya is a very popular mantra in yogic studies. For my lineage of study, a branch of the sannyasin and Shivaism loving sect, Shiva is more neutral as both the form of creator , preserver and destroyer force in the universe, all rolled into one.  I guess you can equate that in a religious sense to God.  Without the dogma, I just think the division of science and mystic spirituality broke medicine by creating a division of I and Us.  I think this mantra sounds a lot like the vibe of the OmHealing leaders in my Guru Goddess Tribe.  

“I aim to be both the force of destruction from the old ways and the creator of the new. This is a rising force of wisdom verses indoctrinated ways that no longer service the greater good. This is Om Healing.
— -Me, following the #GuruGoddessTribe Vibe


So basically, if I say...

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Are You Suffering From Energy Drains @ Work?

There are many times, prior to opening my private health care practice, when I would call out to that higher wisdom to keep my fire down when I really wanted to explode and say "WTF" to a resistant colleague trying to bring me down.  This desire to  curse out another colleague sent me often to a yoga mat to reignite my passion because their narrow view used to burn out my flame. Why the hell could they not see their personal potential? 

Back in 2000 or so, my vision of a very logical and brave new Orwellian world was what I saw on the horizon.  It inspired and ignited me. This was a world where pregnant women were empowered to be amazing and birth in their own way without being made into a criminal or medical diseased patient.  Here moms of all ages were enlightened on their unique role as a health leader and CEO of their family and life and where...

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Let's Discuss The Pink Elephant In The Room

The Problem

Most of the suffering of being a friend, wife, CEO, mom, entrepreneur and pretty much any role I or my clients play in life is a direct result of either 1) not knowing oneself intimately enough to say "The Hell with You" to the doubters or 2) putting on such a wonderfully convincing show of perfection that most everyone around you believes it.  

I try hard to cut to the chase of being real and confident in my initial contact with clients because I really want to get to the well of a solution and their relationship with their soul desires of the ego is often one of the hardest roots to soften.  My desire to sooth your soul while gently placing this in your line of sight is tricky because sometimes, the victim voice inside a stressed out mind wants nothing more than to blame someone else for the chaos. We avoid the obvious triggers we can control like the black plague. We all do it and boy that ego hates to feel a sense of blame pulsing in her own...

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The Art of Birthing A Conversation


There is this fine line I walk when discussing the science of the body and the art of living a fully present and abundant experienced life with my three main communities.  First there are the empath filled, open hearted yoga therapists. Then there are the linear, one way from A to B science nerd Doctors of Physical Therapy and then there are the holistic Life and wellness coaches which run the whole field between being obsessed with smoothies and biceps to sound based physiological change.  I myself tend to focus on the energy medicine in everything from chanting mantras to evoking new patterns of movement and flow right down to cramping bellies affecting your pain. 


You can really imagine the complexity of how I understand a client's dysfunction and yet, it all blends seamlessly within me. That is a gift. Owning HER Health is in some ways a celebration of this. Each episode is a #gratitudeChat.

This short introductory episode is a quick outline...

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Celebrating Veteran's Day with Women Warrior Goddess Dani Cook

This was my 6th Episode of my Owning HER Health Podcast and Entrepreneur DanI Cook took my listeners into her triumph from some deep layers of pain which inspired #HERstory of building better communities and helping others shine

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Dani is a fellow Lady biz leader as owner of Digital Fit Marketing Solutions, an author, poet, mom and social movement maker using all of her life's lessons through pain to move her back into love and move other women into a bigger purpose. Dani discusses how she is no longer limited by her veteran related disabilities or childhood traumas and is actually using her story to begin leading others out of the darkness as well. Dani Cook is leading others right down the road to recovery with her! If anyone is dealing with trauma or pain, please download and listen to this 30 min gift of light!!!! Visit Dani online Digital Fit marketing Solutions Pin Up Project Charlotte ...

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