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The Inner Mood Swings of Success: Witnessing the Evolution


I wanted to share an interesting experience I had while being sick. It was a rare day for me to feel under the weather, but it gave me a chance to observe something important about #entrepreneurlife.

Despite starting my day with productive habits inspired by "Atomic Habits," my physical condition affected my mindset. I was determined to fight the virus and listened to my body, making the conscious decision to rest and stay in bed. I took advantage of my control over my time and energy, without feeling guilty about it.

I wondered if others experienced similar mood shifts. By midday, I felt good about how I was conserving my energy because pushing myself when I felt unwell didn't align with my philosophy of being the CEO of my life, practicing The Curvy Hustle Ways. I had important plans and commitments coming up, and I needed to be well for them.

However, something interesting happened around 5:30 pm. Perhaps you can relate as a strong person who struggles with perfectionism as a safety net. Suddenly, negative thoughts crept in, telling me I was unproductive and too lazy to make the impact I desired in women's leadership and social equity. Where did that come from?

Despite the alignment between my body and mind earlier in the day, I found myself in a downward spiral emotionally, mentally, and physically. In my vlog, I discuss the three steps I took to reframe my mindset and protect my self-awareness throughout the process. It's crucial to understand that as a successful business owner and founder of a mission or ministry, you need to develop the ability to witness and understand your own fluctuations and moods.

According to Vedic wisdom, we are influenced by natural forces, and as a leader, it's our responsibility to identify and navigate those forces. The most empowering thing you can do is step back, witness yourself, and calmly redirect your energy in a different direction.

I wanted to emphasize this concept and encourage you to embody excellence, as constant evolution and growth are part of the journey.

Beware of power leaks that hinder your progress – Curvy Hustlers don't allow them!

If you're interested in learning more about stepping into your core leadership like this, be sure to check out my popular flagship Jumpstart offer where in less than 30 days I go into greater detail and provide energetic explanations for all your energy leaks and power flex archetypes for aligning your mind, body, and business intentions.

Remember, your envisioned impact requires mindfulness and the right tools. Keep striving for your excellence!



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