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OMG, You feeling this Full Moon?



Hello, you, Sexy and Sane Curvy Hustler ( yes, both women and men qualify!) 

This is a strong one.  You feeling it?

I took a moment in the video to address the needs of the moment but in summary...

How do you know if you are feeling this Scorpio full moon?  

Are you emotional?

Stinging truths coming to light?

On the brink of losing your Shizzle but also feeling more vital and closer to that thing you wanted to progress in for the last 2 years?


Yup! That's it.

Listen, as I said in the above VLOG...we got this. This is why women, in particular, are so damn impressive. We are actually in tune like this and are being placed into our rightful personal authority to lead ourselves and others out of the deep poop of it!!!

But we need to get serious about there being no more excuses.  The resistance sucks but guess what mindset shift helped me get out several threats to being the victim in my mentality over the course of my life?

The identity of not being a victim of anything. Periodt!

Can you even imagine that power and authority that you too are tapped into???

Now imagine if you were taught how to take 100% responsibility without the fear of the prices needing to be paid stopping you on the edge of your generosity coming back at you 10X over?

What if you and I just get to take up space in our industry or social groups or even family standing in that generosity right next to the fear of abandonment or ridicule in it? 

I think about this.  

I think about this a lot. 


And out of all that thinking, I have determined...Women like you and I are the medicine but not the lone wolves doing it. 

So, while America stands on the line of big Cinco de Mayo parties and cultural appropriation talk today, I want you to focus on the inner conversations coming to light this full moon. 


Where have you been half ass celebrating? 

Where have you been hiding naked in the bushes knowing darn well God sees you anyway and is just being patient?

Because here's the thing. 

We all need to figure this out right now!!! This year is it!!!


Nothing is going to blow up if we don't but we are literally at the end of one story and in charge of how we write the rest.  Things are falling apart whether you are ready for them or not to.


It doesn't matter what season of life you are in or how much the kids or your parents need you. We are the adults.  We are the new order. We have to take 100% activation , impact and asset leadership if we want there to be healthier outcomes.

So, we reframe it from what we have to activate to what we G.E.T. to  


You get to stop being a victim of absolutely everything that came before you, is going on around you, within you or between you and another... Right now, regardless of the story you get to...

  • Get generous
  • Expect excellence, not perfection from you and everyone else
  • Take up space in your industry with your actual time in reality.


You get to eat a Taco and drink lots of shots just freaking Being you. 



As a medicine woman rising from your own resistance, you earned



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