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What Can You Learn From Your Inner Guru Gal About Holding Healthy Space?

What can You Learn from A Girl?

In Episode 15 we explored that as I hosted Emily, Michelle, Lindsey, Ashley, and Nicole from Girl Scout Troop 3515 of the Hornet's Council here in Charlotte, North Carolina. They showed up reminding me of my inner Guru Gal energies of joy and laughter in balance with getting down to business and nurturing the world. 

This episode is filled with several K.I.S.S. ideas like easy DIY products to save your lungs and livers using natural materials you likely already have at home and lots of Great Links Below!

Did you know that , depending on how you decorate and clean that your inside air quality is likely worse than outside your home?

Reduction of toxins in our homes was the main topic but then something really awesome and cool happened

Find out what happened and download the podcast HERE 

Resources ......


Environmental Health Plants: Get a plant for every 100 sq feet! 

4 Popular ones....Peace lily, Garden Mum, Spider Plant and Dracaena ( thank you girls for leaving me one!)


Citrus Solvents like Lemon or Orange oil, Vinegar, Baking Soda, Corn Starch, Coffee grounds, Borax, essential oils

For those interested in Essential Oils Wellness, hop on over to my store HERE and click on the DIY link to see a bunch of ways to make your own effective cleaners , endocrine supportive non chemically fragrant body care products.

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 You are busy but that is why My audience's special offer HERE over on is so great. With over 180,000 title to chose from you can get smarter on the go!

Check out your 30 day and free 1 click credit HERE to get a book on Essential Oils or Healthy Home living.

Share in their Joy about their power to share their awesome. Add to the Vibe and Ask the girls a question via THE BLOG or just Keep It Simple Sister and comment below! 

Thanks for listening and Owning Your Health so we all can benefit from your Shine! 

xoxo Lisa


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