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Moving The Power of Primal Fear into Ongoing Fires of Trust & Confidence


Marching For What Power?

In episode 12 I am coming off the Women's Health Marches all over the world and talking to the Goddess Tribe about how we can use that global feminine energy to gear up our psyche for Self Love this February.

February promises to love and with this episode being between the marches and my Valentine's Day pelvic love episode I thought it was a perfect time to discuss how these marches showed the fear, trust and confidence issues so many people have which blocks them from truly loving themselves and others. I think some of the catalytic force we are feeling now come up big time from those primal feelings and would love your comments back on questions I propose in this session such as...

  1.  How do we take the fire of fear and move that into something that lasts instead of burning bridges? 
  2. Where can we educate and collaborate together in trust instead of fear? 
  3. What are women really looking for when we say we want power?  
  4. What does that power mean to you? Is it body, mind, money, personal value?

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