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Get Clear About Your Platform

Are you A Female Health Entrepreneur? Stop Selling Your Service & Start Selling You! Design a Career that Fits the LifeStyle of Your Dreams

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Get Access to HER coaching, Mentorship and Network Building Resources

Stop self sabotaging success by not taking your value seriously. Start connecting to the right referral sources by communicating needs and taking the right courses. Get aligned with core values and get rid of that false belief system (BS) that making a significant impact is too expensive or no one will pay you.

  1. Deep Dive First into Figuring out your "Why" you will be taking the risks, investing in courses and reaping the gains. 
  2. Clarify your money maker "What" makes you so special.
  3. Create the Vision. Fit your business into your desired feminine lifestyle instead of hoping to have a life around your business.
  4. Learn how to grow your platform from strong authentic roots with low risk . Build a revenue stream to grow and curve in many directions with financial needs and times of the year.
  5. Eliminate the overwhelm . Build a solo brand from website to marketing to packaging services and a supportive social media community by keeping it simple without the gimmick. 
  6. Be the strong woman you wish to see in all your client success stories

Sneak Peak...

How do you know whose courses to invest in? Most people know what they are running from so jump into anything that promises them to get away from that.

You will save a hell of a lot of money and energy if you first get focused on your why and design the lifestyle you want. Then get coached into making the best choices and taking the most direct action with confidence. 

Care to take a peek at what you can be starting to feel in just 8 weeks? 

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We Are Building Something Special Together

Are You Ready For This amount of Strong Woman Courage, Conviction and Sisterhood?

 Understanding The Pieces of a MicroPractice and connecting the dots For Your Solution

I take the overwhelm out of being on your own.

Participants will learn the science of keeping a beginners mind when minimizing the risks of solopreneurship. Build well defined, measurable goals in location, service provision and personal support needs while building confidence in your decisions.   A micropractice is not the same as a staffed small business. 

Mindset and Emotional Intelligence Wisdom

Just like the human body, taking action with ease begins at being aware and connected to your core.

Working with me offers something very valuable in business...the ability to read yourself, control interactions and lean into the needs of others upon first contact. This is the keystone skill of creating community and long term relationships with your clients. 

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Current Lifestyle Analysis 

We make the time you say you need.

Many health and wellness providers have a dark secret of being their own worst enemy. We are burnout and start business that are based on some guru's idea of an awesome life without considering our own. If you are struggling already with managing your energy, personal growth needs and time , I will be your accountability coach.  We are growing the Goddess Wisdom Mastermind together.  

Designing Your practice style and vision without compromising the mission!

The Vision Board

You need to remain focused.

There is so much to do but in my experience, there are personal development pieces you do not want to miss.  I know you know what you hate about life now but what exactly does your life look like and feel like in this new practice? Let's get clear on that. Who is around you in any given day?  Where do you spend your time, money and energy? Will the current players support you on that? What do you need? Can I connect you with inner wisdom or another resource? 

 Deciding on Location, Collaborations and Costs 

You need well defined marketing and multiple ways to meet income needs.

Don't make the mistake of selling your service. Females lead by creating a personal connection and a collaborative community.  Do not define your value by copying others from a social media group chat.  Getting paid is personal an presents the opportunity to establish a lifelong relationship. Getting what you are worth AND making it fit into a valued work/life integration takes an even deeper understanding of how to play the platform game. Save time and energy. Learn from my twelve years of experience ( and mistakes) making yogic lifestyle coaching and therapy a thing and cash based PT in a hospital owned town a smart choice. 

How to #StartHERConversation 

Even if we sometimes play many roles with our clients ,most of us are more natural in one or two more than the others.  Each of us is also more comfortable communicating through certain mediums and that is 100% okay!!! Let's figure out yours. 

 Pick your Social Strategy

You are not just getting your name out there,  you are collecting your community. What picture do you actually post so the public will expect what they get from you or your programs ?  How can you create community?  

Manifesting The Dream

In 60 days of dedicated self reflection and action you can go from an idea about your own sellable brand to actually making a sale communicating it.

Plus, all participants are given access to my  secret Goddess Wisdom Mastermind and given the opportunity to explore immediate revenue streams outside of trading dollars for time. 


If Your Number One Goal is to define your brand.... 

It is not some coincidence you are here.  You know me and like something I shared. You are in the right place if you know deep inside that this is your time to shine along side me! 

Get Lifetime Support from My Growing Tribe of Mompreneurs, Medpreneurs, Lady Health Leaders

This community will evolve to get better and better. Click the Button and Become The CEO of Your Life. Is this your year to find a way to Professionally & Personally Thrive ?

Why Start with Me?

  1. I offer you an extraordinary opportunity to connect with other leaders. The experience of solid personal development coaching and solid roots in a community while you build your platform helps you see yourself in their success. 
  2. I did it twice and in many ways. Over the past three years I decided to do it all again and re brand out of my little perfect utopia of a private practice I created to change with my interests and managed to become more visible in three sectors. While building this brand awareness I led an ordinary, peaceful, everyday mommy life. I just happen to have really cool, entrepreneur leaders as mentors and friends all over the world now.
  3. I earned my Street Cred I am not one of these out of the blue new to the game gurus.  I have 22 years of relationship building and people reading under my belt. I opened the first 100% cash based PT practice in North Carolina and a yoga therapy studio before it was a thing. I know how to make it work as a ladyboss with imperfection. 
  4. I created the perfect solution for my needs by understand my life vision  I Want To save you time and tears without taking away the pleasure of accomplishment.  It is simple but it won't be easy. That is okay because I am building a Goddess Tribe that will grow with and around you. Share the Path I pave 

The most important part ?

I am building a safe and powerful female leadership community. My story does not make me any better than you. In fact, I was you back in 2003.  

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1 year ago, Susie Gronski had a practice and a brand that was just not fitting her unique playful personal style. She had clients but did not have her voice. In the past 6 months of finding her vibe Susie has totally revamped her brand to be the "Physiotherapist for Your Privates" , written a book, started a large following on social media and is well known in the global pelvic health community as a resource for male pelvic PT.

Dr Susie Gronski, DPT, PRPC

Men's Pelvic Health Specialist and Author of The #1 Men's Health Book, The Ultimate Cock Block~ "Lisa is amazing! She helped me overcome my fears allowing me to find my true voice and letting it shine. I'm proud to say I've officially written my very first book. Thanks for all you do Lisa!"

What Will Happen If You Don't Jump In Right Now

Forget About the Investment for a Moment

Here’s what’s really at stake…

You are a health and/or wellness provider and you know all that ‘stuff’ in your current career work/lifestyle that really stinks.  You were a good student so you also know the bad effects of forcing yourself to do something that sucks your soul as well as how good it feels to be excited to share what you want to.

 All that feeling you’re just spinning your wheels until something better comes along is not going to go away until you make a change?

You are also wanting to start a business where others are supposed to invest in you more than you are willing to invest in yourself?  How is that energy supposed to work? 

DO something right. Take a solid, sane and supported baby step to define yourself and show the world you are taking your curvy hustle seriously!  

You’ve got to make that leap or life in all its unsatisfying, unfulfilling mediocrity will stay the same.

Your first step to making the changes you need? Click the button below.



No Risk If you Can Move Past Fear of Failure Right Now!

Every client so far that has done the action steps has felt she invested wisely and made back her investment before the end of her 8 weeks of personal mentorship but Once the coaching launches, if you complete your first 2 module assignments in the first 14 days and feel this course was not already worth the investment, I will give you money back .

That’s right,if you demonstrate you have attempted to succeed, simply send me a quick email and after completing your Health provider Index in the first 14 days, I’ll personally send your refund, no questions asked.

So you really have nothing to lose and all to gain by agreeing to invest in your personal development. Your success in this course can help thousands of other women.

I believe every woman can design her Curvy Hustle. She can have happiness , a joyful, more flexible, productive and abundant career and keep core values with family time. Is living that way within weeks worth taking action right now? 



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