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The 3 Ways to Make Sure You Stay Sane While Figuring Out WTF is Your New Normal

There is a time and a place for everything. 

 Not very long ago, even I, a long time women’s empowerment coach, a humanist that speaks to the womanist ideal because that is where my Generation X peers are, I would have not had the courage to share this article or write these words on a corporate networking platfrom like Linked In.

Six months ago,

Hell four months ago, there was still some hesitation on my part about being a voice for intersecting the oppression of women and the sacred mysteries of the Universal Laws of Success with the promotion of a mom led solopreneur surge in the economy using my brand builder mastery , but not now.

H to the E to the LL Now? No way my friend.

Now there is literally nothing more heroic than to be a goddesses sharing whatever the hell you have in your pocket that can get another women to see her health comes first, her social currency is love and that her skills in the home or the industry are all of value. As I push into the ethos of every Mind Body Brand Academy created personal brand, we need thousands of mompreneurs, fiesty thirty and fourty and fifty year old professional wise women to lead some sector of society out of these warrior decisions immediately! 

And we need the conscious non aggressive wise men leaders too.

These men who are up to date on the power of using their more receptive leadership skills currently hold the positions to immediately and religiously dismantle the systemic breakdown of last of the dead COVID economy and let us all become co creators of the new.

It is then when we will become more love led instead of fear led with our decision making!

Till then I keep getting told to find my new normal but WTF is that? 

So here are my top 3 recommended things to make sure you maintain your sanity while figuring out WTF your new normal is .

1. Voice you are overwhelmed to people that love you as much as you need.

It doesn't mean you are weak or unorganized or unproductive. If they are not there to understand you, find a network that can be. Some people are just emotionally shut down under stress and we have a lot of stress management training to do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with admitting you are suffering from some PTSD from watching too much social media or government updates and are suddenly currently stressed out and needing lots of down or alone time for doing next to nothing.

It is not about it “not being unprofessional” to speak about how the body is so damn exhausted from all the mental processing that is required when every week is an unknown. If you do understand the body of a woman, then you know your most powerful tool is to learn how to go offline. Mentally and virtually. Do it for three days every week.

During those days:

  • Only go online with the intention to do work.
  • Schedule that exact pocket of time.
  • Turn off auto notifications from apps , do not have more than 3 windows open to keep you organized and focused, do not take a break for 25 min intervals unless an absolute emergency and then give yourself 5 min full freedom to do whatever it is you need to do.

2. Believe 100% that your max money making years are from midlife on.

I don't care what you made so far in salary. Double it. Men have no problem connecting to their sex, money and power upgrade potential at midlife like women do. I see so many women fall into the trap of thinking forty is their endgame, the start of their downfall and I get so damn mad they are still so infected by the Patriarchy.

My advice, download my Biz Bliss survey and if your personal goals are not separate than your professional ones, we have a little problem. You don't see your personal goals as yours to own unselfishly anymore. 

How about you do now?

Go review where you got to when you held that Maiden's fire you had before the partner or this kids. Well, that pre -game dreaming and action taking got you here. Use the last decade of evidence to review what was necessary to have a goal of your own. A goal you needed clearly stated as yours and yours to attain in order to navigate around the unforeseen changes that came. Celebrate some of that wisdom as you enter into the decades called "midlife".

The secret to happiness for 40 and 50 years olds? 

I personally at just about 48 years old, I think nothing of it.

I just follow the Law of Mental Vibration and let myself ignore other people's obsession with their smile lines. Even though I am currently experimenting with letting my hair turn grey, I mentally decided to not see myself as anything less than I saw as beauty before.

Me about two weeks ago... It's Not genetics or luck if you like what you see. I am proud. I have had a lot of pain to process over the past five years. Especially since my mother died of cancer before sixty and always hated her body after 35. I have never wanted to believe in my lack of beauty was going to make me less valuable as a human. Even though I went through hell at times,  I decided to tune into my body and continue to feed it well. I am Not perfect. I don't need to be for energy exercises to work.  If anything super simple environmental cues, letting myself rest unapologetically and believing in what I wanted my fifties to be and of course plenty of sleep is the key. 

Remember, age is just a number and honestly, who the hell knows? 

My telomeres at the ends of my genes are hopefully keeping me young but I could have hit my real mid-life fifteen years ago without a mental blimp on the radar or for you at 48 it can be another decade down the road because of the decision you make to prioritize yourself today.

Even if you are knee deep in toddler tantrums in your early forties, get serious about dreaming big again.

I know the world says the exact opposite at forty but guess what, in my world, one that I invite you to, the Universe doesn't care about our man made Earthbound 3-D timeline rules. If you are not mentally programed to feel worthy then you will always remain out of physical life force remaining and your soul will remain out of alignment with your authentic nature so if you want to remain sane, hold onto your beauty, let go of additions, stop hiding under toxic weight, then start letting yourself remember the dreams you did not pursue and no matter what age you are, spiral on back to those you can co create a second chance to nurture again.

Warning: The Omnipotent intelligence that placed that first spark of wisdom in you to become a baby from a parent's sexual orgasm is the same voice literally telling ever person by 40 years old, "You need to align your work to self actualization if you want to remain feeling alive."

Otherwise the physical and emotional body can become so burdensome holding back your light. In Vedic healing, Vata with monkey minds will end up in your joints as arthritis. 

If you are too firey and hot blooded angry, you will either have a horrible menopause, hurt your liver or your heart, go through a full blown self destructive mid life crisis, or fall into depression from self directing that unconscious, unprocessed anger. 

I have worked with many many women to map out their health risks and remain their monthly counsel but the while no one may be able to prevent cancer, I hate watching those who get a recurrent cancer alongside some deeper emotional turbulence. If this interests you, Louise Hay and Caroline Myss are two of my favorite writers on similar energetic body misalignments like this I describe. I am not saying every physical breakdown is the direct result of a mental story but I will say, you know the body keeps the score of the subconscious.  You know this.  Who hasn't seen someone's childhood self worth hits become an alcoholism.  Who hasn't gotten a late period when you are drained. That is your goddess wisdom saying, this girl can not bleed and lose these resources today. LOVE THAT GODDESS GURU INSIDE AND HER TWIN WHEN YOU LOOK INTO THE MIRROR. 

You may not find yourself seriously ill, but suddenly you may seem to be re attracting old triggering dramas into your life until you wake up one day a zombie, strung out on everything looking like you have your crap together.  You may need a dark night mentor that can guide you when you wonder why you are suddenly forgetting what the heck excited you about all the things you look around and see.  You can swear you once needed all of that around you to make you happy. 

3. Process The Stress of Growing Wise like a Cheetah free from her cage

You can also envision yourself walking boldly into that wilderness of the unknown like a spunky child being told no but I have to tell you a secret only an honest loving sister down the road a bit will.  The real blow to a woman's psyche happens when you have gone of all the retreats, Glennon Doyle'd and Brene' Brown'd  yourself up into that awareness that you are comfortable and not unhappy but...

You are way less fulfilled than you hoped those fifteen years of marriage or letters after your name or those four kids in your home would make you be.

Healing Chronic Stress and Disease Summit

It is not wrong to wake up.

It is wrong to keep pretending you didn't,  like I did for about five years too long and so even I followed so many women down that patriarchy soul contracts before me.

You are not wrong to feel this way.

It is okay to understand you were mistaken about what you would need into your forties and fifties. The fact you took the spiritual development walk or more likely, it called you to toward in this past decade ago means source wants you to live a life enjoying the glow of walking a goddess model of it.

Happy Endings

It is perfectly fine to want to be in the energy of your highest timeline. It is okay that you have no idea how to get yourself out of that box you made, especially with minimal destruction of the lives held by some relationships, roles and a career you put decades of energy into.  There are new expectations and they may seem in conflict with the expectations you believe the kids have of you but is that true? 

Your best solution? Learn to process stress with energy work. 

Want to learn more how to replenish the lifeforce stress sucks out of you?

 I often decide to share some of my integrative health resources. 

I found this free week of meditation and Energy healing summit given by a Chinese Medicine colleague that is going to include lots of indigenous healing arts which is right up the Goddess as leader philosophy. 

The hosts for this event, Master Mingtong Gu and Nathan Crane, will be interweaving diverse perspectives on health, healing and conscious awakening so I am super interested participating because I believe COVID is divine intervention sent from Mother Nature herself .

If you use my links and end up buying the summit because it kicks butt and you are tired of feeling like you kicked your own all the time, 


You need some ideas to model for your similar client problems ( My favorite way to outline content calendars) 

I will get a very small percentage but really I am happy to do the research to find some people you may never have known about like these indigenous healers. I already accessed the bonus with  offer you some love. 

Because we are stressed out and at the point of transition in the birth of a new world.

Believe me, register for the reminder to meditate in your pajamas every morning.

If the materials are still available when you get here and read about it, Grab the bonuses and listen to the summit talks you can each day for the week.

You and I both know You need it. 

Nothing happens by chance. You somehow got here to read this. Now is Perfect Timing.



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