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Talking Chakras and Cancer and Making Our Young Guru Gals Strong!

On episode 10 of my Owning HER Health podcast we opened up my Winter Season with one of my colleagues who has one hell of #HERstory. After climbing the ladder being perfect on so many levels Dr Julie, PT shared a very amazing story of how intimately linked we women are with our perceptions of strength , our emotions and our physical health.


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Dr Julie's story will inspire and also redefine success for you!

My friend and integrative colleague, Dr Julie Granger doesn’t just treat athletes – she is one. The one time All-ACC Honor Roll Recipient was a member of the Division 1 Women’s Varsity Swimming and Diving Program at Duke University but sustained a career-ending shoulder injury and her subsequent year in physical therapy at Duke ultimately solidified Julie’s career path. In 2012, Julie received her board certification Sports Physical Therapy from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties and has been focused on the young female athlete in womens health. In 2016 she redefined pediatric physical therapy with the launch of Performance Rehabilitation & Integrative Sports Medicine ( PRISM) but emerged from the flames as a Maiden Goddess kicking Cancer's Butt with a lot of learning and growing into her health and wealth along the way.  

What's Next...

Now with a new bill of health and the upcoming launch of her ebook for Young Female Athletes, Julie is refocused on building her Prism "StronGirls" , her private practice for youth athletes out of her home and a whole new artistic perspective on holistic health and success in this world.  

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