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An Evolution of A New Eve Story

Eve is the first feminine divine to seek individual all-knowingness, personal empowerment, and enlightenment.  First goddess wisdom seeker —-

She got a bad rap of suckering Adam.

Adam accepted the challenge which opened up the door to a twin flame consciousness most do not understand. 

See the apple in the story did something to the purity of their union. It made there be an ego that feared unconditional love. Then Eve loved as a twin flame and had to let her inner masculine go. Now having it live outside herself, she inadvertently became subservient to it. 

This imbalance of powers in time became unnourishing for both bc they no longer lived in respect of the other or the other animals and the planet as an extension of themselves. 


They became fearful of their differences making them each vulnerable. 

Somewhere along with the evolution of time,  the sacred feminine woke up to what had happened. She took it upon herself to see her reflection in all of creation. This reignited her original primordial flame.

And so she began her path to regain her primordial wisdom from the astral records life— Asekash   

She began to call out for her masculine.

She began to encounter confused partial souls and infuse the receptive ones with this whole knowingness again.

And so it is...

The lineage of New Eve has begun and from her body of work will be born a new Adam. 

They will understand everything is not equal but is still complimentary and reflective and wise.

They will then be able to balance each other as the alchemists they were.  As neutralizing partners again. 


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