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Top 3 Reasons Why Self Realization Says..It is time to STOP PUSHING!!

If you ever gave birth,

Sometimes, there comes a moment where you are exhausted and have been working like hell and you are so ready to be done and the physician says... STOP PUSHING!!

I remember thinking WTF I can't.

I remember really needing this over but I also knew that something bad might happen if I pushed and I cared way too much about a positive outcome

So... I controlled my urge and waited.

I would not say I was resting.

I would not say I was doing nothing.

In fact, I was likely suffering the worst at a very vulnerable moment in my life, because I was sitting on the fence knowing I was frozen. 

My biochemistry was at a horrible state of unrest and I was mentally and emotionally having a million things running around my mind.

Maybe your life has been feeling a bit like labor lately?

If so, welcome to the rise.

Chances are that if you even opened this, you are open to learning more about yourself as the complex interactive energy you are. 

Let's keep it palatable and call it, "developing your emotional intelligence and strategically using mindfulness and intuition to lean into your gut more than the gurus of the moment." 

Will that work for your comfort zone because if you are tired and ambitious, and little feeling like you might be losing it, you need to know this! 

You either work with lots of draining energies unknowingly as a therapist or...

Knowingly deal with people holding onto low energies like limiting beliefs and find they drain you or...

You have witnessed the power a negative mind has to make someone physically ill and psychologically ill close to you to know it is not just in the mind or...

You yourself became a professional healer because you have felt that.

Finally, you may find yourself inclined as a coach or trainer to match yourself with other people's vibe and repel some people like Teflon, consciously or not. 

Regardless, let me alert you to the fact of what divine timing this week October 27- Nov 21, 2019 is for setting up your intention. 

It is going to hurt more if you resist the desire to dig out all those self-sabotage weeds in your wealth garden before the next decade. 

Yes, you heard me

I am a smart AF woman who knows the textbook sciences on regulating your rhythms like the back of my hand but I also value the Universe as a guide and think you can use that awareness if you develop your higher mental faculties. 

  • Reasoning
  • Intuition
  • Imagination
  • Perception
  • Memory
  • Will 

I have used this Universal intelligence for close to twenty years to treat and coach others because I used it to successfully navigating myself out of everything from living beyond sexual assault to growing up around mental disease and domestic violence to beating my own depression and anxiety attacks in my late twenties and early thirties to more recent things like manifesting several career shifts over the years around family changes and other stressful moments of major transitions in my life.

So, with what is coming up, 

I am bold enough to call myself Dr. Lisa and talk all woo and I have to say that is quite liberating.

I dare you to ignore these reasons why it is time to stop pushing

  1. You got a New Moon on Monday,
  2. You are Sitting in Scorpio's season
  3. Got a Mercury Retro coming in three days and feeling the tech issues already! That is basically a promise for communicative chaos
 So, just follow my lead. Take a few extra moments every morning and during the day centering yourself. 
Stop doubting yourself and take advantage of the time to alleviate the frustration by just assuming that you are not thinking straight so put your heart in charge of what to do for the next month.

Retrogrades and Strong opposition in the stars are gonna feel like communication/tech chaos the next month for you sensitive and powerful hearts

You are going to want some Goddess Level grounding.

Trust me. I have been moving by "being in the zone" and "listening to my gut"  for almost two decades. 


You are right on time for this last push into 2020 but you need to stop a moment and wait.

If you are first wave change makers, then man or woman, you have likely been going through labor for the past few years.

If you can relate, I wanted to reach out to you.

Not many people know that Scorpio season is actually tied to the root chakra things and that means

  • issues coming up with where you call home. 
  • Dealing with fear
  • Body-wise, look for being compassionate with sexuality, sexual function, the pelvic region and all somatic tensions ( and the emotional triggers) held there. Learn to listen to that libido as a signal into you overall vitality and emotional control

The last two years have been hard for many of us

Not many people are around you that understand who you are and what your service is in the world as a modern-day medicine woman or medicine man flipping your personal pains into passions.

So, As a mind-body-soul coaching ninja, I want you to better understand that these weirdo things you have no idea why they are happening to you.

Chances are, they are popping up because of all the self-development work being tied into some level of your overall energy. 

As they say...

The issues, get into the tissues.

And the cells, especially if you feel called to your work.

Just know that all this sheading has worked!

If that is the case, you are energetically open but raw and on the rebuild.

Just know that it is expected if...

  • You feel empowered and emotionally stronger than ever before yet find yourself crying in distress and hours later feeling so amazingly blessed. Don't worry. You are not bipolar. You are receptive. There is a difference. A lot of people in pain around you and you no longer walking around with your head in the sand will do a number on you. Be sure to do a little mental detox and whatever you feel protects yourself. This is where I love my essential oils!!! 
  • While feeling more like the you that you wanted, you are also very tired of this transformation crap. I hear from you! I feel it too! You just need to resist the urge to push through for about another month. ( the star stuff) Accept and adapt. Or don't listen to me and if you waste your time or energy and make things fall apart, just listen to me next time. 
  • You feel like constantly changing..."Can it just be done already!!!" Yes, so stop getting in your own way. Spend the next three weeks in grounding and moving forward taking action listening to your gut without thinking too much. Dare to lean into yourself!!!  
  • Your life is nothing like you started this decade expecting it to be. Surprise!!! Let this last quarter of the year be one long RE birthday party into 2020. It already is for the first wave of soul healers that have had the guts to go get the degrees and walk in the robes of the normal scientific circles and academia communities. You needed that to do what you are birthing into

Goddess Wisdom 101 Recommendations...

#1) Essential oil blends for moods.

These are the go-to favorite that I use in this supportive body balance way because they are family-friendly and travel well. 

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especially if you are a goddess opening up to her power, passions, profits or purpose as this is the area.

Especially if you sense the kids are gifted in this way too!

#2)  Move and attend to these physical areas of your body pertaining to Scorpio rising and Mercury 

Not at all surprised that if you are not processing out your stress, you will be spoken to by your chest, nervous system, skin, navel region, nose, gall bladder, nerves, lungs, tongue, arms, face, and hair.

#3) Hormonal balance is important this month, primarily in terms of cortisol balance. Adding Cannabinoids into your diet with black pepper and some yoga Nidra is a great target spot. CBD oil is my main go-to to sleep the deepest. 

It is just going to be a time, until the last 10 days of November, where we tend to speak up with lots of pains when that inner level of satisfaction in these levels tied into our old story are resisting us to go.

But that is not going, growing or glowing.

Time to open up to a new meaning of happiness these next four weeks mainly because of some forced communication restraints by Mercury moving Retro. 

Got a story of your own about this? 

Want to chat about some of my recommendations?

If you see this linked on FB, comment below the post if you can relate! 

Or book a consult wellness call with me over at Dr. Lisa PT 


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