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3 Income Builders Lots of Smart Women Missed last year!

bizbliss business marketing Nov 24, 2018

Hello Lovely Leader of HER Own Financial Destiny!

So I woke up this Saturday thinking really hard about what I want to be known for when I die. I decided 3 things:

  1. LISSETTE is a beautiful Goddess name so I should align with it more in 2019. 
  2. I really want my children to hear about me changing women's lives all over the world. I want to do that by inspiring them to gather, connect with their superpowers and birth a healthier next generation.
  3. I used to hate this time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is because this is the time of year that a scarcity mindset tries to set up shop in my head. Why? Because somewhere deep inside I used to have an unresolved childhood memory that is attached more to the bad self value feelings and family dynamics that went on than the joy during the holidays. That is how secretly a money story can hit. For me in my business, "being too busy" at home to care that my clients was my way to not own they were skipping out on sessions and forcing me to put together physical training packages focused on weight for January when I knew darn well the women I was attracting actually needed a mental detox and a  refocus on personal priorities. 

 Can you relate?

While the most successful service providers are driving their final sales to meet annual goals, those that have a money story get lazy and just start forcing "End of Year Sales" or giving up completely because their clients get busy.  That is a stress coping mechanism but not a smart success solopreneur Medicine Women one.

Below are two ways to ensure you are making some passive revenue to pad those dreams unfolding.

Curvy Hustle Tip #21 : You need to be patient

Start unwinding that neurolinguistic prison right now with my Curvy Hustle strategy below. 

MINDFUL MANTRA: "My last half of Q4 can leave me sitting pretty in July on that well earned vacation" 

OLD RESISTANCE: "Every Q4 I dip in annual sales and energy => Stressful" 

NEW FLOW SOLUTION: Curvy Hustle Strategy by learning how tangents are blessings and opportunities Q1of 2019 so I begin welcoming 100% impact, income or independence goals by October 2019. 

Be strategic then you don't need to be rich. 

It is likely you see a dip in year end sales after October because you neglected your season of life and that of your customers.  You have not designed the best customer lifecycle which makes planning Q1 and Q2 of the following year ( if you even go there before reacting to chaos) fear based instead of heart centered passion. We go into ways to flesh this out in Module 3 of the Mind Body Brand Academy but long story short, in this year end season, your focus should be on the clients and connections you have to set you up strong strong Q1 and Q2. Focus should not be on a funnel to grab new people sales. It can be if you want to put down that Turkey and glass of wine or spend your children's school vacation on your FITNESS WEIGHT LOSS ADVERTISING but If you work with families, especially the women that are the core of them then I have 2 very strong passive revenue streams most feminine health entrepreneurs are missing instead.


Here are 3 ways...

#1  Leverage off The Popular Folks with Affiliate Marketing 

HealthMeans Lean more about HealthTalks Affiliate Marketing

Women are wired and tired! They need info on the run and are looking for it. If you are educating anyone in more integrative or forward thinking care, you need to take advantage of becoming an affiliate of Health Means and start promoting any of their health talks that align with your message. They have the experts who are way more down the road than you writing the books and blogs and "AS SEEN ON TV" but you can use your Curvy Hustle power LEVERAGE to forward something free like this which can be strategically placed into one of your attraction marketing campaigns as an early part of the customer lifecycle OR as a way to reengage with past clients or new prospects for your sales.


You have my permission to launch an educational, results oriented website of your own even if you work for another company. You do not need special permission to share something you have life experience in, are already researching, experimenting with and are learning tons as a peer to peer support. There are some key protective things you legally and ethically need to take care of that we go over in the Mind Body Brand Academy but basically to own a blog, lead into your next event conversation, make you more valuable to your employer or even reboot an old offer before the end of the year, offer quality resources that align with your offerings. CLICK HERE to my affiliate page on Health Talks to sign up for free and then get creative! Need ideas? Reply to me now. 

Then contact me about lifestyle brand development. 

Don't be silly...Be smart 

Invest in courses and people that teach leverage not just wealth building. One of the main things I teach in the Mind Body Brand Academy is the Art of Leverage to create ease not dis-ease. You know how to make money. You just need to hold space for asking for it easier. 

Speaking of holding space ...

#3) Own your own educator community 

Build a presence online... It can be free

 I posted this letter to my fellow Health and wellness friends over on FB Thanksgiving day challenging them to take control of their income and the current public health nightmare situation. 


But you don't need to dive into a scary financial commitment !

If you decide not to jump on the offer or Use the 1K discount codes to save $1000 on my Mind Body Brand Academy I have a free way for you to explode on the scene by Spring 2019 just by using a 28 day FREE Kajabi challenge which is set up to have you sell something within the month.  Check it out HERE .

If you are a health network marketer, a budding health entrepreneur , someone wanting to focus on how to expand their wisdom into a different energy exchange or wanting to reach more women which will impact children's health seriously, please consider allowing me to partner with you in 2019.

Are you working with anyone right now? Did you exchange your hard earned dollars for their time and get to the work/life design goals you set in 2016 and 2017? 

Are you really labored by figuring our how to honor your health, satisfy your desire for a fulfilling career while not missing out on being present with your family and flexibility in your income lines?  if so, 

Words of Wisdom...Don't be a hypocrite, be open to change if you expect others to.

I do not know where you are going to get a better investment of your Q1 then to take my advice and invest $2000 this weekend but I do know you may not be able to. That is why I gave a variety of paces to this abundance glow I want to impregnate you with! 

But...If you have the money and are open to reaping the present and future freedom the MBBA and Kajabi combo then what is it holding you back?   My circle may not be a big or loud or fist pumping or cool but my ladies that do the work can not believe where they are in a year with this shift in mentality. They know they can come be part of the experience year after year and that I am going to keep adding value without asking them to pay more.


Let's get one thing clear, the #CurvyHustle is not some made up theory by me. It is based on the cosmic intelligence that millions of women's shouldered before you. I just happen to be one that valued the downloads early.  I can streamline your process and cut through your resistance and help lift the veil on ongoing self sabotage while holding your hand within an hour.

So before you discount you can do this... Please Believe you can.


Okay, no excuses.  Go pick your favorite way to earn ASAP then share what you plan to have done with it by January 1st below! 



PS: need the codes for my flash sale? Need a work study to participate in the Mind Body Brand Academy ? I work with women who want to find a way. email [email protected] with your request for information. 


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