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Are Human Beings Set Up To Repeat History?

human behaviors mindset Oct 04, 2019

I guess I grew up thinking Atlantis was fake.

Now that I have looked at human nature’s tendency to mess with all the rest of nature

How we make things like getting ourselves online and in front of people as real humans so hard.

Now I am intrigued.



I am intrigued to see some science has in fact shown our present DNA is only 200,000 years old and not a continued evolution of Neanderthal.

And find a really ancient culture’s creativity in theater and symbolic art that speaks to us in modern times in spiritual high level academic ways way AMAZING!

I guess that is why I offer things like Psychosocial analysis in all my women’s life coaching programs and will be teaching all about our core drivers in life school. After all, if you really want to live your full potential then to know thyself is to love thyself. 

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What will we repeat next? 

I look at what we feel we need right now for selling a service and compare that to the effort required for the global innovative of commerce of ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. How despite no internet or phones, they got commerce done and here I am crying about the slow speed of my cancer causing WiFi internet. 

Anyone can see the Mathematical manipulation of stone, earth and concrete in perfect alignment with stars and tectonic plates far outweighed our smart phone skills in terms of mind blowing humanity verses mind blowing convenience right? 

And other amazing feats we still can’t explain today? 

Or am I a little touched with the hippy, dippy, cray cray because to me quantum science pretty much blew up Darwin on anything human. 

So I guess that why now Atlantis kinds of seems like some magical place I actually can see as possible history.  

The kind of history we destroyed so now we can’t see.  

Just as I see the way the powers that be today...

And the collective seem to be living in a similar paradigm with the first Icelandic glacier gone in our recorded times and no real headline. 

The way the last male White Rhino now passed and the Beautiful Belugas are next and the only magazine screaming is National Geographic. 

So when I saw  our current most ancient still inhabited human settlement in Turkey about to go under water by our human hand built dam, 

This story got me thinking...

Maybe the whole flood story was a parable about our own consequences meeting up with us but humans like to deflect and blame. 

“I also wonder what ancient humans did to cause Atlantis to go under?” 🤔

Who will pen Hasankeyf’s story in an ancient wise tale meant to teach a lesson or star in another legend’s story? 



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