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A little story about the Gut and your Pain business

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Dear fellow Body-based Pain care practitioner,

So you are still saying to me that you are not a Nutritionist so you do not need to know anything about the gut.


First, gut health is a lot more than about digestion.


Are you a pharmacist because I believe you had a class in pharmacology for a reason.

Are you a surgeon?

Because I think you might have a ton of CEU hours understanding orthopedic surgical procedures under your belt for a reason.

Well, now there is a reason to start taking a class or reading research about the gut.


As an Integrative Clinical Doctor dealing with lots of pain bodies over the past 25 years

I will leave you with a thought

Maybe, it will even open you up to all that behavioral self-efficacy work I trained in. 

Marketing better

'Maybe now, as a pain body-focused person,  you will better understand why my hashtags are not #stronger #pumpit or #needlepower but rather #YogaOffTheMat and #Alchemy and #MedicineWomanRising 

The Gut has a Hell of a lot to do with pain but the mind and the people you allow to feed it as well as the behaviors you engage in like a ritual laying down the grooves in that vinyl record has a hell of a lot to do with the exposures you give to that gut.

When you are in pain your mood tends to be crappy. Crappy moods tend to have constipated thoughts and I have found that soon enough, the behaviors of not moving and eating for comforts or over-exercising and holding in resentments will lead to constipated bowels.

So, crappy moods from crappy guts will produce crappy outcomes no matter what tools you use to move or release or work with muscles, bones, joints or their cognition about the Pain Brain. 

Crappy guts literally become full of toxins which, if you follow any pain science you know will not play nice with cellular blood chemistry which feeds back into the big centers of pain in the nervous system as inflammation alerts on top of the other pain. 

Eventually, hormones can get thrown off which then produces crappy moods and crappy tissues to work with so you know what? 

That feeds back into crappy outcomes and so they stop showing up for care. 

Now, what if we created our pain business to be about helping people live the life they feel is crappy?🤔

Crappy lives need people to behave differently from a place of not crappy.

Great! I can help with that!

That new behavior might make more sense to someone's present reality, not the future one where everything heals with your guidance and they live happily ever after.

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Did you ever consider Happily Ever After is not even a possibility in their life book? 🤯

So I am thinking it is time to learn about the gut and you don't need to be acting as a Nutritionist in any way to use it.

While you are at it, how about the person with the problems, and not just about being the master of manipulating the physical structure.


If you would like to learn more about how to get started or to find a local Integrative Pain care provider like me, reach out to [email protected]. I have a global network of colleagues as well as a few tricks up my sleeve for you to begin. 


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