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Online Level 1 Certification in Behaviors Assessment & Motivational Psychometrics

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How would it feel to use your 1:1 sessions better?

How would it affect your energy, reputation and career satisfaction if you and your staff were able to identify soft strengths, behavioral resistance points and motivate clients to become self-accountable faster?  

Ever feel like you wish you could communicate better and define client motivators faster?

What would that do for your energy and your corporate bottom line? Would it help clients if they had more connection to their self-sabotage patterns or beliefs and you were able to  for them?

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 Level 1 focuses on getting certified in Psychometric assessment and debriefs in order to conduct mindset coaching services and/ or integrate into care or business leadership skills. 

Psychometrics help define why people behave as they do as well as defining the best way to communicate, social interaction and learning styles. 

This Level 1 training offers 5 direct contact hours, 20 non contact hours 

Post training in Level 2 ( Axiology) 

Post Training in Level 3 ( Integrative Life Change Coaching) 



This path into using a mindset approach to health and healing is for you if ....

  1. You are entrepreneurial and visionary
  2. You would like to go deeper in a safe way with clients making a change and forming goals.
  3. You work with those in chronic pain or post-trauma and you understand the importance of seeing the person and their suffering separate from their physical diagnosis.
  4. You would like to flip the paradigm of therapy to training, life management and coaching to empower people to see their own needs day one. 
  5. You are a fellow Women's Health advocate or chronic pain professional who is interested in expanding wellbeing paradigm and alternate consulting revenue streams.
  6. You are a yoga therapist, essential oils coach, nutrition educator, or fitness trainer looking for a better way to assess holistic wellness and readiness for change in your clients while you stick to coaching them and away from treating or healing them. 
  7. You work more proactive and interactively than passively with clients
  8. You are a licensed medical provider that knows you need to coach self care behaviors and help navigate life change but are not quite sure how to integrate it into your current career and do not have the time or money for becoming another independent profession.
  9. You feel something was missing from your prior trainings and you don't have the objective tools to truly embrace a Biopsychosocial, or spirit centered approach to servicing others. 
  10. You want to prevent professional burnout and add a different dimension to your career that is personally satisfying even when disease remains.
  11. You are feeling like a fraud. You are beginning to identify self-sabotage behaviors in yourself but do not know how to break through the same issues you consult with others on.  
  12. You would like to establish group programs and a continuum of services for your clients to thrive as quickly as possible without needing to go back to get another degree or hire additional staff.

 My program values the skills you have and can save you the energy of figuring how to serve yourself and each client best by becoming a bridge builder to their strengths and a catalyst of change instead of focusing on what is wrong with them.

 Stop waiting for the permission to be the change we need. Shift health back into the laps of the public by thinking grassroots solutions to socioeconomic needs and use your education to lead community-driven peer to peer healthcare teams. 


 Psychometrics alone can be game changing for practices. 




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