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The Gift of Imperfection

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2020


As author Brene' Brown message runs through my head, I appreciate her quotes in The Gift of Imperfection,

"You must do your own heart work" 


" You cannot give from what you do not have ".  

So I have decided to reopen my 8 week Yogic Living basics course and add a spiritual learning community to it for the next 8 weeks. 

Any adult can register HERE for the materials. 


But I am not every body's teacher in this science.

  • If you need me to wear Lululemon and talk about my $90 eco-friendly recycled tire mat, scroll on down and Unsubscribed below.
  • Don't show up and be disappointed because I know the power of a spoken word and sometimes I curse with that power and still find Source fill me with holy. 
  • I am more into getting your head out of a tight ass than molding one for you
  • During practice, I open up your heart and mind and tap into your core energy which will optimize mental processing, emotional maturity more than open your hips. 
  • I don't get anal about your postures But, somehow your physical form still improves
  • I do get a little anal about your behaviors so if you are totally into letting go of the fear as your guide, I can tell you the reason you are afraid of tomorrow is ignorance about who you really are. 

The cause of fear

Your root cause of fear is ignorance and I am going to give you understanding

And the education you should have received in school or from socialization.


Being a teacher is about helping you in changing behaviors based upon your education.

It is difficult to change habit patterns through some misinformation and the average person is not going to learn the correct thing.

And to be perfectly honest, I want the nice comfortable life things too but right now, in the trenches of a global pandemic, no amount of money in our bank account really matters. 

That is not what is going to see you through this feeling well, regardless of the current circumstances. 

Self Mastery under fire is the technology you need right now! 


A steady evolution is what I am learning this shift in the economy and world population is wanting.

Funny thing,

I actually started a new personal development company focused on Mind-Body Education Feb 5th before the enormity of this virus hit my country. 

I was going to acquire the Belly Guru, my first company and stop teaching yoga on the mat once and for all but as always,

Ma Universe owns a different story for us.

So, I needed a virus to put back on my hat to serve as a teacher and spending the past week re-teaching the Yoga Sutras off the mat on my FB Lives this week reminded me that something that fits like a glove should be in my ecosystem right now.

We all need something that brings us home on a daily basis so we can rest and digest what we injected during the day.

So what fits you like a glove?

What might this moment have you getting back to?

I am making this an opt-in to test the waters...

Charging the cost of a single mat class for you to put some skin in the game in a comfortable way without missing...

  • A lifestyle detox assessment workbook
  • Hours of the 8-week core yoga lifestyle curriculum
  • My add-in live yoga education
  • The convenient, personal accountability partnership of weekly emails, 24/7 forum access, and the online app

So, take those meditative walks with the dog and have your online class materials handy when you find yourself worrying. 

Because this is not the time to will in more worry by tuning into worry.

My community is intended to be a loving alternative to that, for a piece of each day, each week. 

I want to thank you for believing in my ability to help you help yourself over the time we have connected.

Refusing to remain in survival mode or as a victim is a love offering you gift to yourself.

And although social media and the 80 billion dollar yoga industry would lead you to believe differently, yoga is really a practice in how to be imperfect.

Would it feel good to have some weekly accountability partners and make self study a gift to yourself right now? What could you accomplish by loving on yourself through this that way?

Have you decide this epic event is your shortcut to being your own hero! 

Love in any form is always heroic.


Click if you Wanna study together. 




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