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The Alpha Female Paradox


The other day I came across an article about the #alphafemale and how being one is very intimidating to most men. The health copywriter emerging in me immediately said "Bravo! Good #headlinecopywriting" as I pressed the click bait over on Facebook. 

As I read the list of traits that expectantly described me to T, all I can say is that we humans have an extreme love/hate of the unbalanced #patriarchy. And while I am the first to own the #medicinewomanrising hashtag, I can see that we, as a unified society of the world, are blatantly having a really hard time letting go of the ongoing grief of the distinctly separate presentations of the #woundedfeminine and #woundedmasculine energies amongst us. This is why I will be going over some pretty touchy stuff about #humanevolution, #hormonal influences, #genderroles,  #sexuality, and #sacredTantra made modern in my upcoming SPECIAL SOLSTICE EPISODE OF OWNING HER HEALTH

OHH Episode 44: The Birth of The Alpha Woman Drops June 21, 2019 

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Photo by King Lip on Unsplash

The Paradox of Alpha Female Within The #MeToo Movement

So, what do you believe the story behind this image is?

Are you looking at this image thinking these two Alpha men are fighting over Wonder Woman or are you seeing it through my "Alpha Woman" eyes? Before you read the whole story below stop and jot down your first impression.

The real story is that Batman and Superman are life long frenemies. Everyone knows that. But, what you don't know, is Wonder Woman's precise people reading skills as an "Alpha" nor do you understand her personal relationship with each of these men. She knows Superman will say they are fighting because he was protecting her and Batman will say he did nothing wrong and was being beaten up for trying to say he was sorry.  The truth is they are fighting themselves. They are so use to using their socially acceptable and historical "boys will be boys" excuse to avoid deep dives into emotional conversations that they will rumble on the ground to gloss over their own relationship dominance issues. Then there is the inner conflict with the vulnerable image of themselves Diana showed them each when she held up a big ass mirror by herself for self-reflection. No one liked what they saw through this entire ordeal but the fact remains, this fight you see might be blamed on her but it really has nothing to do with her.  

The Back Story is complicated

So let's dig even deeper. See Wonderwoman does not like herself at this moment. She is covering her mouth in one part paralytic polyvagal response system awe at how fast this firm attempt at having a mature, leader to leader conversation between the three of them went south. She is also covering her mouth equally emotional as hell because she feels bad she fought the man card with a classic #woundedfeminine move so she is needing to keep back the slew of vulgarity as she immediately grounds herself and does her deep breathing.

Diana has been evolving into her well-earned leadership role. She knows she is a very smart woman but she also knows she also lost her cool. She is also aware of the fact that this men's club of world-savers has never before seen an Alpha leader that is blatantly displaying her #feminine attributes to serve her needs best and not theirs beyond her professional role. What you see in the image above is Diana, the Amazon Goddess, taking a few moments using her skills in emotional control mastery, getting her head calm enough to approach the fact she JUST finished telling Batman to get off his knees and stop mocking her for calling him out about disrespecting and endangering their "Team" last battle. She firmly set her boundaries when he asked for a hug to heal by restating the fact that this was a poor display of owning his fault, that it was immature and dangerous for everyone when he placed his egoic needs first and cowardly recruited his pal Superman to not only put her at risk but to all of a sudden distrust her leadership plan and destroy their longtime survival trust.  She is replaying if she had a condescending tone when she told them both to look at themselves. She is positive she was not sarcastic when she spoke her belief that they should feel ashamed of putting the team at devastating risk because of Bruce Wayne's mistake and asked Clark Kent point blank why the hell he went along with it knowing it was ONE TEAM, ONE MISSION. She asked him if he was aware that in being loyal to Bruce he was choosing to enable a person who was being disloyal and would surely be disloyal one day to him as well. She asked them both if that was just because of some stupid "man code ignorance for dominance" over an intimidating woman or if they may have not recognized they might be feeling jealous of her recent successes.  She was referring to being hailed on the League of Justice's social media lately. 

Even the Strongest Women Like Us Do This.

Basically, she was offering them a softer edge to swords they just stabbed her in her back with because women like her, living aligned with their peak potential are clear on their rules but they are equally compassionate. But here is where we sometimes get confused. She made her own #woundedfeminine mistake... She shamed them both for dominance. 

 So why are the men fighting? Because shame was triggered. Superman was emotionally confused. On one side there was his inner feminine compassion for his friend Diana and on the other, this personal ego and brotherhood man card membership with his frenemy, Bruce. He just lost his own emotional shit out of not having the benefit of monthly PMS like Diana has to train him how to handle that inner desire to run away or drop and cry. So, Clark did what most #woundedmasculine fires do, he decided to let it all out on Bruce so he could feel like a hero rather than a jerk. 

So there you have the edited version I will get a bit deeper conceptually into in my writings and podcast shares this season but basically, it is what I see happening everywhere. Out of the confusion of guilt and self-loathing, there is a toxic masculine and wounded feminine desire to guard the heart but there is a healthy feminine and masculine call to help out of the heart.  There is an underperforming head and primal penis driven behavioral style even Superman snapped into with his #toxicmasculinity programming.  There is a deep pounce of a sacred Mama Bear that targeted each man's sense of self with shame because it cuts the toughest men down like a knife.  That is the part WW needs to own. So, Yeah, I am one creative, revolutionary woman podcast host, copywriter, feminine health leader with a bunch of imagination under my belt but...

I am also a business owner, struggling now after a 25 year relationship breakup, two years into a complete shift of lifestyle paradigm and social scene, mom of two teens coming into their own balance of worldly power, trying to lead a #medicinewomanrising evolution while digging out of a complete financial collapse brought on by this very topic so... this is exactly what a co-creating evolutionary woman is.

She is complex.

She owns her lows and her highs

She creates her stage.

She is a professional storyteller and a loving soul.

She is courageous enough to put her beautiful convoluted view out there in clear as freaking day authenticity.

She is willing to let go of the confining structures of her family and friends as she played it last cycle when those structural forms are uselessly done in order to respect herself and follow her cosmic calling.

And she is willing to have a mature conversation with anyone who may very well feel threatened or genuinely holding their birth given right to disagree with her unique take on the picture they see because she is a born conversationalist. So, although she will fight for her beliefs, she is never fighting for dominance. This is why I feel the entire ALPHA FEMALE title is actually a misnomer for a bigger evolutionary thing. RIght now, the term is creating a paradox in the strong woman conversation. 

"The truth is, I believe there is enough scientific evidence to confirm strong women are not made, they are born in every XX mix of genetics but I have a certain twist on the EVE conversation that I will debute in EPISODE 44 of OWNING HER HEALTH and would love getting your thoughts on it."

Therefore as I investigate for EPISODE 44 set to DROP 6/21, I am putting together the first of many #goddeswisdom101 chats to open up the conversation on several approaches to discussing spirituality, revolutionary women in partnership with our most conscious men and this "Alpha Female". 🎤The images of this Alpha lady vary from the image of a woman in heels stepping on the head of a man on the ground #toxicfeminism 😳 to images of a #femaleathlete with visible muscular bulk to a lean blond #barbiedoll meme in leopard print saying she can care less anyone is intimidated. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I could not help but see how each of these images reinforces my theory on the confusion there is in being seen as and seeing an #evolutionarywoman like me emerging. Subscribe on iTune Now

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