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I SUCK...but

business Aug 23, 2019

Thank you for accepting the lack of glam as I share these unsolicited genuine posts 

It is a launch party for the Mind Body Brand Academy, my 2x a year, an 8-week incubator for evolving, heart-led medicine women. We hang and loving get called out on our BS blocking our highest potential 2x a year for the sole purpose of evolving ourselves, elevating each other and moving our message.

Yes, Soul filled biz building in healthcare is rare, so between sessions, a lot gets carried over at a more superficial level in the Mastermind.

But I really stink at doing what I am supposed to do in order to look valuable “enough” for you to join our inner circle. It is not for lack of knowledge because I know a ton.

I have trained with all the online biz divas like Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo, and of course, am one of Gabby’s Spirit Junkies so my mastermind can benefit on from that. But, no matter what, I suck. 

I hear verified actions from the brand leaders and conversation starters like Michael Hyatt, Ted Mcgrath and podcasters galore but I suck. I am not as wealthy as them, right? So I suck. 

Teaching women how to fish for the right clients instead of making them depend on me for any ol’ fish is how I want to ride out my years.

Yes...My clients will one day blow me away. 

I suck

I know I am supposed to send out surveys galore and post a leading question and then my marketing mastermind friends are supposed to comment a lot to boost my posts and use you all in my market research but you know what?  Like I said...I suck. 

  • I am counter-culture on authority figures I don’t feel good following sometimes.
  • I enjoy holding a circle and actually asking you what you think and listening as you tell me what is on your mind. I watch a lot. I see things people do not see ( or think they hide)

But I miss the fine mature art of non-verbal, in real-time communication so I hold live webinars instead of the auto funnel evergreens.

So just for the record, and in complete trust which is important to me...

You are getting a screenshot, not an immediate video testimonial that I manipulated by a script I gave them. This testimonial was a gift, of the old fashion version. I suck because I know I was told that it was supposed to be targeted to convince you that The Mind-Body Brand Academy and the Goddess Wisdom Mastermind is a valuable life-changing investment to women between the ages of 38-55 who are afraid of having success more than failure.

Oh and yes... I get digital brand positioning but I just cropped and pasted this image in two seconds instead. And when I follow the rules myself and share the systems I bought, I too am saving 10000’s of hours and energy. Systems with great outcomes always work IF YOU DO THE WORK which I guess is the point of this post. I don't always do the work and when I don't, I don't get the flow in for the business. If I do, it works. It really is not difficult but I am difficult. 

I am doing the work now, but it doesn't look the same as the norms but like I said... I play. I just let some rebellious nature sometimes get in my way. a more aligned way and yet I get it.

Most of the time I personally battle an inner ego fear-based piece of MF that says I suck but I am not saying this has anything about my self-value.

My suck fest is 100% about what I am eating, if I am sleeping, how much I am comparing myself to someone with way more time, funds and peer support in the game.  My real suck is actually following the rules of the establishment.

Yet here I am and you are still reading me.

Now isn't that funny:) 




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