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Special Full Moon X-Tra Vlog


So I thought that this would be fun to give you a fast mini-course on Moons and goddess energies and put out a no-frills, unedited raw special edition podcast for Friday the 13th on a full moon.

An Xtra special moon dance moment

It is the annual  Harvest moon about reaping what you have sown which just so happens to be on the astrological start of another 12 years cycle, an optional parallel timeline course-correct moment. 

I gave a Curvy Hustle groove to the conversation over in The Goddess Wisdom Mastermind on FaceBook

So ever notice that we have 13 lunar cycles and yet society insists there are only 12 months?

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I know, kind of F'd up with alignment right?

So since I was noticing that this is a super important full moon, and I already was feeling the waters and moods, I just not feeling the normal Owning HER Health Podcast this week I said to myself, "Why The Hell Not?" Share what came out today in my writing because honestly, I do not think it was about the two books I am one part channeling in and one part gathering and blending my entire life's work. 

So on that side note, these books are going to be THE books you should have had in high school. They are a big ol' box of wisdom explaining all the missing pieces in women's health, feminine/ masculine energy, tantra, pain, addiction, trauma, personal development, natural healing, and human health and all that being connected to our spiritual fitness and environment. 

In mainstream terms: Where neuroendocrine immunology meets the biopsychosocial model of healing, spirituality, and E=MC2. That pretty much sums me up in this 45 min mini-goddess wisdom course/ vlog too. 

Very Important to be Talking about the Cosmos tonight! 

What I'm saying is, society has advanced in some sort of more patriarchal dominant way. We forgot that on the scale of all the creation of all earth and time, we human beings, are not the most viable not important creatures. We forget or flat our deny, our time on this planet as homo sapiens is so small.

If you go a lookup, Neil deGrasse Tyson's Mark, a leading astrophysicist in the world out of New York City (I believe he's still associated with the Hayden Planetarium in New York City) you can listen to him speak of the most amazing things he has come to better understand about the fine line between science and spirituality.  So if you look at the timeline of when we evolved, it really has not been a very long time in the big picture. 

Speaker 1: (05:39)
Um, but really, honestly, right, just think of the perspective as a child, thinking about an 80-year-old and then as you get into your forties and your 50s and you're like, God, it goes by so fast. And that's how time has gone for human evolution.

So just because as a society, we've been pushing for equality, it does not mean our physiology has not been pushing beyond it's healthy limiting on some things.  Does it mean we really are still animals by our general innate primal instincts? 

And the generational cellular wisdom?

And also traumas that have evolved within our mindset that has been proven to affect cellular expression in the arena of epigenetics and genomic health.

So how we should be living our lives and what our freedoms are and everything like that today really, on the big timeline of existence, means very little to our collective wellbeing. So mother hood, the mothering vibe, not always in the human to the human manner, is something that we all need to go through.

Maidenhood is something we all need to go through, obviously from childhood, right? Differentiating ourselves, trying to understand, this is how we are leaning on this conversation I hold. We in this audience are leaning towards the feminine qualities in this package but we by no means discount our innate masculinity...If we are healthy and aware of our whole nature. 

Of course we then need to be aware of life on Earth as a whole living system and then the Universe's whole nature as a whole living system.  

So when we say Patriarchy, are we leaning towards the masculine? Well yes, but not in the same way as we lean towards the feminine in the Matriarchy model. And by all means, may we never, and this is where the matriarchy comes in, may we never lose the facts, lose the understanding, that we are a constant compilation and a blending of both. The Matriarchy understands and utilizes that. 

What we're seeing in society right now is that emergence of the freedom of declaring where you fall on that spectrum of femininity and masculinity but the conflict is because the society has taken on the Patriarchy's misogyny. 

It really is not a binary world but the Patriarchy's philosophy is that it is and that the two sides shall never blend into one superior version. Although I speak a lot saying the word "Her" that is because it is where the ears are as a society. One of the most important things story brands need to do is to understand that the story needs to be in the language of the listeners. I am in no way meaning to disrespect the fact that ultimately we are one human being with endless variations of form and function, I understand that. The majority of the women and the men needing to as well, don't. 

But know that when I'm speaking of the real endgame outcomes of my work, it is to speak to the ears I have and then bring them over that universal bridge of understanding.

There are just many people that don't understand on the fence looking in on my target market of people like you that do get it.  Just like there are many people that don't understand why we would do these moon rituals or honor the moon at all.





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