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What a freakin year!!! Thank You for still hanging out!

spirituality womenshealth Jan 31, 2019

Even though I write everyday, It has been a while since I shared a blog. I wish I could say that is because I have been so damn busy publishing these books I am always writing a bit of everyday, that I was out on tour making millions or got busy speaking across the world about how to Fear{less} and Love{More} but I can't. The honest truth was that those were my plans Q4 of 2017 as I looked forward to the new year and then all hell broke loose. Like many in the #medicinewomanrising revolution, I was called up by experience to pledge with the other teachers who are in this cosmic sorority none of us remember saying yes to. We had to pledge all last year and earn our position in the movement. Yup, so if you spent the entire year of 2018 getting your ass personally kicked back into alignment with what you wanted in life, welcome to the family. 

Time flies, even when it sucks

It really wasn't an abusive thing. It was a necessary rebirth and stripping away of any illusions I had left about my life and work conflicting.  It was fear vs soul with the human life I had created. It asked me to use my energy on myself for a change. Not just superficially by eating well or doing some self care but by really trusting my intuition and reclaiming that maiden fired girl I was before I was someone's partner, someone's mother, a licensed professional and stressed out human adult.  In the end, I can see clearly now all the sacrifice of cycling up. I better understand a lot of those Bible verses. I better understand many of the inspirational social artists and activists I have read about or had as a teacher before me. I have to say, It is not easy but the path is fairly simple. I am the one that keeps making it complex.

While I am still not so sure about the outcome, I am not as scared as I was a year ago. I feel extremely blessed to have been given the grace and mercy to feel C.A.L.M. about it. Then again... It could be my hemp oil:) 

Do you feel like 2018 was a transformative year? Why and how did you get through? What is it directing you to do? Reply and let the Goddess Wisdom Mastermind here know. 



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