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Think About A Few Curvy Hustle Rules For Transcending

 In my new Membership community The Curvy Hustle Society, I want to focus a lot on the concept of self-awareness and really help emerging women own their new identity as a successful entrepreneur in their service based businesses. 

Some call the way I get them there spirituality.


I see it as very direct targeted personal coaching when I am moving any of my clients from an self employed mindset to a space of becoming the CEO of a growth oriented, diversified enterprise.


How big a Curvy Hustler gets or how far she take one idea always depend on their self identity and sense of personal authority more than their funnel.


This is something a less conscious business mentor just does not get when working with a feminine styled Founder, a conscious healer or one of my numerous Waysayers of Women's Wisdom. 


Entrepreneurship is part of the Healer's Journey for us 

What if your success in life choices is really important? Would you agree that...

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Come On Already! Get Serious About This Expensive Hobby

Come on already! Get Serious about this expensive hobby

And your personal health goals

Before you expect anyone else to okay?

 I really really feel you.

I feel for most women which is exactly why Belly Guru,  was, is and always will be a women's empowerment company. 

I packaged it up over the years in various ways to suit the times...

Belly Guru as an integrative center, 

The Belly Guru system as a yoga educator training, women's health body care whole health system ,

And the foundational roots of the east meet west way I teach others to live their lives, use their bodies, balance their hormones, heal with diagnosed stressors

I even packaged my business into a way to move your career, run a business and build a brand by our complex, cosmically awesome feminine design.

All, On my online Training academy over on Kajabi

But this morning, I really got to understand,

Women will not have the power I want us to have if we keep sitting on that better life fence...

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The Lion's Gate Promise To Medicine Women Rising: You Are Going To Be Great!


The Lions Gate is your lifestyle elixir.
Drink up my conscious friend because this year it opened up July 26th and will run until August 12th, with the peak of energy in a few hours on August 8th! This window was a ceremony for the star that is bigger and brighter than the sun called Sirius. Sirius would rise over the Great Pyramids of Egypt around now each year. Sirius would bring in some blessings as the Nile would soon be getting filled by rains and the crops would grow. 
There is some mystical alignment here and Egyptians knew how to use it. There is such a powerful window every year between timelines where truths that you call out get told. I mean, those pyramids, right? How the hell did they make them?
I find myself always in awe of Egyptian culture and history.
It would say that it was definitely divine intervention when I found myself on this weird tour of all the spiritual ties Egyptians had before Christianity at the...
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Being In Q2 Season is the season : The behavior ninja zone!



Tis the Season to be Jolly????

That phrase is normally reserved for Q4 holidays but in reality, TIS ALWAYS...the season of #CurvyHustle leadership. Our dance is to see the value in making sure we are always in our zone of genius and to remain aware of our alignment or notable misalignment with the energy around us. These are advanced communication skills we need to learn early in our quest for corporate elevation. They are good to have across the board especially if you resist meditation or slow mindful yoga where holding presence and being grace under fire is trained in you.

Luckily women have the edge.

We see with our emotions almost too well that we are blind with our eyes. Men on the other hand are all about what they see and are slow to believe what they see is not always reality. They are conditioned historically to cut emotions out. If truth be told, all human forms can be adamant about the power of emotional distance and simply chose to refuse to see emotion. I get...

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Understanding Our SELF As We Mother


How does a woman prove that through the vocation of motherhood and wife she is the ultimate Medicine Woman?

We are still evolving into another world based on social purpose and grandeur that lives beyond the home but what can we remember about that role of householder in a world that want's us to only feel successful if we are the CEO of a fortune 500 company?  So many mother's and wives who want something more like the others are isolated when learning about how strength to find a balance in their work lives can come from personal pain ?  

In this Vlog, I spoke with a former student of mine who is both a Belly Guru and Dharm Yoga inspired yoga educator,  former client and now a friend. Maria Griemel, RYT graduated from my Yoga Educator program in 2015 and is currently using the practice to launch a vocation of teaching and communicating intimately with people that she never thought she would have.

Social Structures and Socioeconomics Matter to a woman's Health.


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Moving The Power of Primal Fear into Ongoing Fires of Trust & Confidence


Marching For What Power?

In episode 12 I am coming off the Women's Health Marches all over the world and talking to the Goddess Tribe about how we can use that global feminine energy to gear up our psyche for Self Love this February.

February promises to love and with this episode being between the marches and my Valentine's Day pelvic love episode I thought it was a perfect time to discuss how these marches showed the fear, trust and confidence issues so many people have which blocks them from truly loving themselves and others. I think some of the catalytic force we are feeling now come up big time from those primal feelings and would love your comments back on questions I propose in this session such as...

  1.  How do we take the fire of fear and move that into something that lasts instead of burning bridges? 
  2. Where can we educate and collaborate together in trust instead of fear? 
  3. What are women really looking for when we say we want power?  
  4. What does that...
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Applying Behavioral Styles


See the Vlog

Did you know that there is a lot of behavioral change needed when moving from being an employee into a business owner?


I don't mean just the normal organizational skills or money management.


I am talking about behaviors in how you approach your overall vitality in everything from the hours you exercise to the people around you because these will affect your attitude about the important choices you need to make.

 A great scalable business plan alone is not going to help the woman who is waking up to the fact that she is close to 40 and is no longer going to sacrifice her health for a paycheck. Today with the technology, global market times, an education and some brandable personality, any woman can very well create her own economy.

 Illness should not be your catalyst! 

But at the point your body or mind is screaming it is your psychology, physiology, and sociology skills I need to give you some training in.


Everyone sells you the...

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The Inner Guru Goddess Guides

Welcome to episode 9 of My Owning HER Health Podcast .

This was my last episode of the the 2016 Fall season! For more episodes Subscribe to my ITunes Show HERE 

The support has been amazing with this soft launch of Owning HER health this second half of Fall and I am excited for all the guests I have planned into first quarter of 2017!

This episode was what I call A GURU GODDESS SESSION where our deep, intuitive collective wisdom as women will be shared. Look for those, hang out with the Goddesses of your life and join in the conversation on twitter @HERhealthPod after the show.  I will be answering your questions on the Tuesday evenings they launch at least twice a quarter in the future! Okay now onto the present.

In this episode you will learn....

  • The secret powers of the Inner Guru Goddess Vibe, how to tap into HER wisdom at different points of your life and how to celebrate those milestones with others
  • What is the one celebration and natural force so many of our young...
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Are You Suffering From Energy Drains @ Work?

There are many times, prior to opening my private health care practice, when I would call out to that higher wisdom to keep my fire down when I really wanted to explode and say "WTF" to a resistant colleague trying to bring me down.  This desire to  curse out another colleague sent me often to a yoga mat to reignite my passion because their narrow view used to burn out my flame. Why the hell could they not see their personal potential? 

Back in 2000 or so, my vision of a very logical and brave new Orwellian world was what I saw on the horizon.  It inspired and ignited me. This was a world where pregnant women were empowered to be amazing and birth in their own way without being made into a criminal or medical diseased patient.  Here moms of all ages were enlightened on their unique role as a health leader and CEO of their family and life and where...

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Let's Discuss The Pink Elephant In The Room

The Problem

Most of the suffering of being a friend, wife, CEO, mom, entrepreneur and pretty much any role I or my clients play in life is a direct result of either 1) not knowing oneself intimately enough to say "The Hell with You" to the doubters or 2) putting on such a wonderfully convincing show of perfection that most everyone around you believes it.  

I try hard to cut to the chase of being real and confident in my initial contact with clients because I really want to get to the well of a solution and their relationship with their soul desires of the ego is often one of the hardest roots to soften.  My desire to sooth your soul while gently placing this in your line of sight is tricky because sometimes, the victim voice inside a stressed out mind wants nothing more than to blame someone else for the chaos. We avoid the obvious triggers we can control like the black plague. We all do it and boy that ego hates to feel a sense of blame pulsing in her own...

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