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Understanding Our SELF As We Mother


How does a woman prove that through the vocation of motherhood and wife she is the ultimate Medicine Woman?

We are still evolving into another world based on social purpose and grandeur that lives beyond the home but what can we remember about that role of householder in a world that want's us to only feel successful if we are the CEO of a fortune 500 company?  So many mother's and wives who want something more like the others are isolated when learning about how strength to find a balance in their work lives can come from personal pain ?  

In this Vlog, I spoke with a former student of mine who is both a Belly Guru and Dharm Yoga inspired yoga educator,  former client and now a friend. Maria Griemel, RYT graduated from my Yoga Educator program in 2015 and is currently using the practice to launch a vocation of teaching and communicating intimately with people that she never thought she would have.

Social Structures and Socioeconomics Matter to a woman's Health.

One thing we touched on during our Goddess Chat was that women tend to value their success and value in the world the same way no that men do, by their financial independence. That can play quite a mind game on a Stay at Home Mom's sense of self and guilt for not quite living up to her educational potential. But, as we discussed, that is just a lie. Motherhood is entrepreneurial and eye-opening on so many levels of our health and personal wealth potential. Mindset and social support have a lot to do with it.

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After living in Germany after a life living in the Eastern World and the USA and we discuss the layer social conditioning plays into how we carry our pains as women and the honoring of the work of our body.  In this episode we discuss...

How do we as women determine our personal value and success?
How our health in the relationship we hold with our value in ourself affects our mind and relationships and value in the world.
Why is it so important to hold onto our personal stories as sacred and not lose our personal life in the role of Mama Guru
Her hard personal lessons dealing with postpartum energy drains, dutiful wife and extended family expectations, setting boundaries and recovering from chronic pain. 
How community and communication are setting up the next phase of her inner trust in her inner guides and setting the path for more purpose in her life. 

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Maria was so gracious enough to share her story and her personal development mission along with the bridges she is building for refugees from those experiences and understanding her skills beyond the home. As one of my Belly Guru Yoga Educators I am so very honored and happy she continues to share the classical/therapeutic lifestyle traditions of Dharma yoga inspired yogic living in Germany right now. Beyond sharing her grace and hospitality on this interview ( She invites us all to Bamburg anytime) Maria has for me, demonstrated her blossom so much much since first meeting with her as a client in 2013. 

If you are a Mama questioning if it is selfish to want your own time, wondering if your own story matters or dealing with illness and wondering how to shift perspectives, you will love this honest, girlfriend chat interview.

If you would like to learn more about Maria or work with her in Germany please comment below or contact her at her FB page Maria Griemel Yoga. 

This Post was originally published on April 23, 2017 


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