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The Art of Birthing A Conversation


There is this fine line I walk when discussing the science of the body and the art of living a fully present and abundant experienced life with my three main communities.  First there are the empath filled, open hearted yoga therapists. Then there are the linear, one way from A to B science nerd Doctors of Physical Therapy and then there are the holistic Life and wellness coaches which run the whole field between being obsessed with smoothies and biceps to sound based physiological change.  I myself tend to focus on the energy medicine in everything from chanting mantras to evoking new patterns of movement and flow right down to cramping bellies affecting your pain. 


You can really imagine the complexity of how I understand a client's dysfunction and yet, it all blends seamlessly within me. That is a gift. Owning HER Health is in some ways a celebration of this. Each episode is a #gratitudeChat.

This short introductory episode is a quick outline...

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