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Matriarch Business Wisdom And Poppy Flowers...

entrepreneurship medicine woman rising Mar 18, 2018

{Originally Posted on May 26, 2017}

Featured Goddess Laura Kupperman, CEO, Founder, Yoga Therapist and Business Mentoring Leader

This is the first podcast episode that I had the opportunity to talk shop with my lady biz mentoring hat on. We cover several important topics women who lead, whether at home or out in the world, need to know so for those of you who are struggling with that bolder voice, this will be an energetically lifting episode for you. 

This is also the first episode where my featured guest was talking from a place of such relevant loss as a woman, the loss of her own mother at ten years old which I found to be very inspiring. What I find most interesting is how early, after losing her first mirror for reflection of a woman in this world, Laura was able to flip that pain, make decisions that were not always popular and guide herself a couple of times to navigate her skill set and service points in this world.

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If you are someone who is thinking they wasted their time studying such and such, only to find themselves in a seemingly completely different career now, Laura's path to goddess wisdom will CALM your mind.

Take away Lessons to be Learned

  • How does one take art into their lives in a very atypical way
  • How she used HER intuition and gut feelings, natural feminine traits, to move from the corporate training world to a life of teaching off the mat and the global virtual world
  • What do beautiful Poppy flowers have to do with your ability to nurture your Business health  
  • What is space for feminine leadership to rise right now

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