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After the March for Our Lives...Medicine Women Look a Whole Lot like Kali


Kali, Goddess of Time

So maybe you won't watch the entire 20-minute video here.  Maybe you want to wait for the podcast version but if you are into overlapping yogic studies with real-life ups and downs, then this is the episode share for you.

  1. With my Yogi hat on you get my excited symbols of Goddess Kali. I see many of her attributes in these rising young maiden fires that are out there now.
  2. With my, Mama Guru concerned parent cap on, I discuss my ignorance on who will lead this Medicine Woman Revolution and a renewed faith we might not be so far away from a New Earth just yet.
  3. A HUGE calling and gathering of the Medicine Woman Tribe. Are you in???

Sure Kali Can be Scary but She Is Always Birthed out of Necessity

I get it. She makes people uncomfortable. She looks absolutely mad but I want you to know that she is not mad in the way we would expect insanity, aggression, and anger gone bad. 

No, Kali is more like Mother Nature when she whips up a hurricane and the day after looks chaotic and destroyed. At the same time, there is a new serenity on the beachfront and a brand new beginning.

Please note, this is not a religious conversation. I am speaking of attributes and energies. I just really like how the Yogis used the Hindu Goddesses for explaining the psychosocial of it all. I actually see a lot of parallels in the Devis with the evolution of a whole healthy woman from infant to Matriarch Queen but if it bothers you that I speak of the Hindu stories then I can easily speak of the Greeks or the Women in the Bible and draw very similar parallels. Just reach out if that is concerning to you. Anyways, this VLOG has a perspective on Kali I would love for you to have a conversation on with me.

I see her as

  • She is out for blood but for what will create a balance and a light, not a fear, a freeze of action or the mass exodus in flight. 
  • A Tantric bridgebuilder. She has full use of her divine masculine and feminine faculties. 
  • Not the dark and scary creature we should fear reminiscent of the Witches being burned when they were really just wise nature inspired Medicine Women. 
  • Looking like a demon even though she is Moon, Sun, and Fire. She is the fighter of equality, sexual freedom, time and all of Mother Nature in her storms but also in her sunsets.
  • Sadly, not as pretty as her sisters. She is not what the Katha Upanishad describes as the magnetic Preya. She is his mousy, diligent sister Shreya until she is called upon and then she becomes a catalyst force to be reckoned with. She moves in swiftly, strategically and gets S%!& done!  Just like these students did for the March for Our Lives. 
  • Most people misunderstand her because she acts in the air of forgiveness of wrongs. She course corrects and because of that, she feels uncomfortable to deal with. Most mortals focus on the course correction not being in their favor instead of the needs for their discomfort in the big picture. 
  • Her essence, she is just unrefined female. It is emotional and cyclical but still very much in touch with her divine masculine. With that, she balances on a fine line. There is a whole lot of untapped potential for self-destruction but, as Goddess, she won't waver. Her intention is to repurpose what is done by devouring the completed and the chaotic. She purges....Afterward, it is always focused on the new beginning. 


This weekend, with the March for Our Lives protests, I saw a lot of kids watching how to play the game like Kali. For Emma Gonzalez, it was her ability to communicate the balance of power in her appearance and her silence and so when I saw Emma hold the crowd in time, I was Wowed.  That is powerful stuff. 

What I saw in Naomi was another dark-faced goddess. This Maiden's course correction came in the form of an 11-year-old black young girl named Naomi Wadler who was bringing forth Shakti, in particular through the Devi of Speech as she proclaimed the soul of another balck sister slane. She could care less about Mercury in Retrograde and what people may misinterpret as her"Hollywood angle" because she is a kid still at heart but a Growing Goddess in mind.  Kali doesn't play that BS and neither did she. 

Finally, there was Samantha Fuentes, who in the passion of the moment, vomited and went right back to her speech without shame. She braved the wilderness and was proclaiming victory in the imperfectly planned but highly impactful way Kali would. 

It's Beginning To Look A Whole Lot Like an Evolution

One was dark, one was bald and one literally vomited her words. 

What we are witnessing is the evolution of more clarity and a Medicine Rising Woman Revolution is part of the strategy. The quest was to be heard and it is clear they were. That it is carved in their traumatized mind that #KidsLivesMatter . There is innate momentum power within a child in pain. 

Yes, generation Z has been exposed to way too much but they also have been coddled from collective pain and for the first time I realized, they have been trained for the global battle at hand. Now that they have been christened into social activism, a million Vines, Snap Chat stories, and Finsta posts will make for no shame in expressing their anger, joy, embarrassment or shame.  They won't be going quietly into the dark night. They are now a globally connected tribe of adolescent hormonal biochemistry.  They rose as a collective, anti-establishment mind that the world has never felt before. 

Want more? Listen to the Vlog... 



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