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Hi! I'm Dr. Lisa and I help women in the healing arts toss out the stress of not feeling like a success!

I've diagnosed the problem. You need a way for YOU to get the perks of living within your feminine design minus the need to run naked or conform to the material world's grind!

Face it, with your perfect grades in therapy school, multiple professional certifications, good salary, love of a luxury spa day, teaching spirituality, desire to be domesticated at home and use of essential oils for wellness and healing, you are an enigma to some. You want to be brave like Brene' and follow this call back home to you but you have some habit, a few demons, grown up bills and no idea how to professionally pivot to expand outside of your traditional titles and roles. In one call I can get you to reframe the personal pain of that distress, outline leadership drivers and gaps, open the door to deeper self discovery and map out that business idea into a smart and viable move. Sound good? Book a no risk consult call and see for yourself.

If I had a me talking truth and giving solid new entrepreneur tips back in 2000...

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Pivoting into an entrepreneur healer's life is actually complicated

They like to sell you a four hour work week but it's not. You can serve God and charge high ticket prices. The Bros in healthcare digital marketing got the life of luxury business development looking sexy as a dad but for a woman, without a partner to carry the home life load, or the social structures to be celebrated as a powerful high roller,  success is wanted but just not as sexy.

But could it be? 

What if you didn't run the risks of losing social status as you ambitiously took the stage, had the right networks for truth telling, were receptive to guilt free prosperity and still looked good without shame as a health or wellness professional? Then why not? 

I am invested in creating safe space for that woman in transition because we haven't seen HER standing in her integrated power poses yet. 

  • You are a strong woman with a special modern blend and you learned the risk of burn out the hard way.
  • You are kind and conscious enough now to see the social sickness and you want out but you are paralyzed and becoming complacent.
  • Maybe you have been called intimidating or unspiritual and not serious enough and unfocused when trying to fit into the molds?

People do not know how to relate to a  modern day Renaissance woman like you yet.

Of course we bail on our dreams. It's not imposter syndrome. It's the resistance to losses as we grow and get lonely at times on this sacred success path. Period. 

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Trust me... We don't need to birth anymore Lady Bosses to be healthy, wealthy or happy today! 

Former independent, cis gender identified, lady boss over achieving fighter here!

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  • I will get you off that Lady Boss power addiction the patriarchy sold
  • I will connect you to your voice and inner graces
  • I can provide a faith holding sisterhood and master level network that wants to elevate you. 
  • My Brand Academy will get you a stage to play and slay confidently on. 
  • My business club will grow your executive presence, quiet the technology fears and eliminate the marketing woes of getting into a more virtual game
  • My life school will optimize your human performance, help you rediscover body messages you can trust, and even help you save that marriage or end the wrong one.

Stop ignoring triggers, survive peer pressure and mute perfectionist mode by meeting yourself holistically at the intersection of women's healthy entrepreneurship, money stories and energetic clearing work around identity, sexuality, money and power.

All my start up and market development services are as high touch or low touch as you want and honor your current social, emotional or financial healing needs without shame. 




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Get C.A.L.M. and Focused

Who to pick for personal coaching and business mentoring?  

Think of me as a the C. A. L. M. amongst the early list build storm. C-Clarity , A- Authority, L- Lovingkindness and M- Momentum. 

  • I am the woman that can get you out of this present body, mind or social stress to launch you confidently into this new season of life with an audience and emotional stability.
  • I will teach you, develop your content creation conversations with you, repackage your skills  for you and get you excited about moving into early growth mode.
  • My client's save time, energy and headspace by investing in the soil they grow themselves up in. That involves inner work, a strategic 360 degree client experience, role maps, being picky with community leads, responsible with corporate culture.
  • My communities get you personally primed for owning your own economy and happiness with digital real estate and the right attitude for birthing multiple income streams with flexible, lifestyle friendly,  growth minded systems from the start.

All you need is one idea here and the wisdom to know it is time to let go of what you are not!

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There I said it!

We need heart led models of power, care giving, high intelligence, beauty and wealth that are not the feminine leaning form of ballers wearing lipstick. I know these women are getting rich but sick because I spent almost two decades treating them. Worse yet, we are losing the balance of energy inside men and women that we need for conscious creativity, sustainability and global prosperity. Your little idea to love, lead and live your curvy way is a HUGE force protecting it.

Is it time to bank on yourself 100% yet?

Basically, life is not linear. It curves and I am in the business of taking a hot mess and methodically shifting the vibe into being at the frequency of elevating goddess. My combo of lifestyle healing, leadership coaching, biological priming and business development strategies have launched over 200 licensed service based professional women ( and brave evolving men) into their own world of well respected, heart-based, family friendly, sane, viable, adaptable economic and lifestyle solutions. Do you want that too? I have a gift for you.

You are worth it!

Come just as you are and start the conversations. You are never going to be enough to pay those fees by those that don't realize who you are in their world if they need you. So become clear with who you serve. You'll always be too much for those not ready to invest that much into themselves so stop lowering your standards or prices. Trust me, the rest will keep watching for an opportunity and the best will reach out to you for options.

"Lisa's caring touch and ability to hold space made me feel safe from the minute I came into her presence to the minute I left after each meeting. For a person like me, experiences like that are invaluable. I live with emotional pain every day and it's not easy being at a crossroads thinking that something is wrong with you (some chemical imbalance) and you are the way you are due to the circumstances of your life...She listened to me when I needed to speak, and she was blunt with me when I needed a voice of reasoning, among countless other variable situations. "

Mind Body Consulting Client

""I thank the Universe everyday that I crossed your path" "

Physical Therapist, CEO Handling Your Health & Rehab essential worker shifting her life while caring through the trials of COVID_19

"After working with Lisa I have a clear plan of how to reach my target audience and more conviction about being the PT of choice for postnatal women in Atlanta. I have more focused ideas and goals of how to plug people in and keep them engaged"

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Author, CEO Catalyst Physical Therapy


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