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Hi, I'm Dr. Lisa.

I specialize in getting women in the healing arts out of a perpetual startup mode and into a mindset that is moving more than 10K per month through their service based business.  


Why Bespoke Personal Branding and Business Design?


We deserve a way to design our life story. Entrepreneur life for a woman standing confidently in your personal self worth, high net worth and power to influence with your skills and wisdom can have that life.


Together we will offer the world the power of more vibrant, conscious, wealthy, socially healthy business leaders and culture shifting role models.  

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein


My business is specifically designed for supporting women in the healing arts who tend to underprice and overgive or are not diversifying how they can monetize their skill set.  Many are at a much neglected pivot point between already being established in building a business but being stuck in the stress of perpetual startup mode due to funding,marketing and lack of sales diversity and consistency.  My clients that graduate from my holistic services enjoy: 

  • The freedom to choose how to direct their energy and spend their time each day
  • A sane and safe experience making the leap up from being a one woman show to being a smart and stylish CEO
  • Better use of their expertise with flexibility in how to sell their skills
  • Quality personal and business relationships with less dis-ease in negotiating and giving offers
  • A sense of peace in building a bigger business
  • The validation of owning unique value with a couture fitting leadership style that exudes confidence and personality on all stages across their life
  • The relief of eliminating old identities and the weight of fear that created self doubt


The A B C's of a Curvy Hustle

Use these level 1 tools right now to make big leaps this year!


 Align with Your Audience

Learn the most common mistakes self employed healers,coaches and teachers make in marketing and sales. Pop in to use your time on social media wisely. 



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Believe in Your Value 

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Connect in Confidence


You know how good you feel wearing the brand clothes that fits so well and are a very flattering style and perfect tone of color? It works that way with your business organizational strategy too! You will get more visible. 



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Beth,PT,CLT, Canada's leading Oncology PT Rehab provider

"Thank You Lissette Alvarez- Holland and everyone in the group. It has ( and will continue to be) a great time time for exponential growth."

Brenda,RMT, CYT, Founder Mood Boost Yoga

"Thank you for your compassion and patience...I felt panic after pressing send last night and then I just surrendered. I chose to let go...I'm co-creating a new life. This is my comeback. I'm all in. Thank you"

Felicia Wenah

"Thank You Lissette Holland and all you MBBA ladies, putting the inner work, self assessment work...into intentional practice is so crucial for general wellness and biz wellness "

Moving from a professional into a person living with purpose.

Hi, I'm Dr. Lisa

I was a self made brand of one moving my audience into all my professional evolutions for 10 years before moving into promoting peers. 


And guess what? 

In my career pivot out of clinical care I realized that I intuitively had online and local relationships.  I didn't need to push people into following my social media to make sales or start people trusting me all over from scratch.




Because I never was selling myself as a modality and I was showing up for years in my personal authority in various ways and shared how I was getting great results with my clients. 

As The Belly Guru, I had designed a couture personal brand by showing up authentically in key communities. I was running a business intuitively and by more of a feminine design. Still, I suffered financially because:

  • I did not have the right mentors that understood my vision as a forward thinking practitioner
  • They didn't get what sacred success and not getting sick in entrepreneurship looked like for me and many other women
  • They were not consciously guiding me into financial growth behavior in ways that felt aligned with me or how I lived inside my family

So I stuck to the woman I was. I leveraged off culture. I communicated my personality and beliefs and formed a conversation.  I built relationships within an intersecting area of the core wellness markets of women's health, yoga therapy and mind-body pain groups.  I now had a choice where to take the conversations and stand out amongst a bunch of very talented people. 

When I pivoted my life, I took my lists into more of the business of mindset coaching, spiritual development and leadership leaps. 



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Dr. Kitiboni Rolle Adderley,DPT  Owner of Handling Your Health Wellness and Rehab

"I thank the Universe everyday that I came across you" in reference to shifting her personal life and reorganizing her revenue lines while caring through the trials of COVID_19 in the Bahamas..."


Alyssa,C-IAYT, Women's Therapist, Author, Digital Marketing Pro





"Thank you so much! I think this [Jumpstart ]was the perfect opening and gateway to my next step forward. I am so grateful."

Margaret, PT, Integrative Therapist






"Clarity and the accountability is why I did this because that is the main thing I needed...I want to make a living at this"

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BE brave enough to curve ...

When I opened up one of the first boutique medpreneur centers founded by a therapist back in 2005 I landed on the evening news within 6 months and in a book off my first podcast interview.


When I was one of the first to let the woo woo in me penetrate more academic women's health conversations I spoke in the emerging language of the science and that started a revenue line organically mentoring.


When I started the podcast and became Dr. Lisa, I dove head first into a new way to teach self care, women's health, be a mystic and still grow my ministry in women's empowerment. I just shifted mind-body-soul healings into mindset and the soul of your business healings.  Sure some people left but, others followed me into the evolution of this Curvy Hustle.  I was still creating lifestyle healings which was my niche in women's health and empowerment to begin with. Powerful social positioning even gave me the grace and income to pull back and heal through a devastating divorce. 


The common thread was me. I would weave it in the marketing of my products. 


My unique expertise is not physiotherapy or business development, it is in the leaps women that want to be educators, healers and role models for their children, clients and community make after connecting the dots between life's lessons, what is going on in mainstream culture, their own identity and how they want to express themselves.  It is hard making money killing yourself while preaching health, wealth or wellness empowered living. 


So how do you show up on any stage and in any market?


How can you connect into the soul of a person and make them a fan that follows your own evolutions?


What they never told you!

There is a secret alright. Women had the modern business game within us already. The Game is no longer survival in life. That is a very fear based, old world model. Love, heart, community, strategic surrender. This is our time to shine. We were made for getting this world out of this mess at this time and we deserve some respect for that.


In many ways climbing the corporate ladder was a joke while Entrepreneurship is a much more fair gendered game. The one thing I can say, clinically rehabbing thousands of stressed and tired women's bodies, minds and souls taught me how long we can justify that making a career in the wrong unhealthy environments is essential.


It is high time women learned the Curvy Hustle version of creating freedom using our own wisdom, in safe circles of many generations. Time to retire SuperWoman and become the WW branded Wonder(full)Women we already are. 


Let's get you on bigger stages and in different environments this year.

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