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How About we Start Reducing the Stress of Success With a Healthier Hustle?

Hi. I am Dr. Lisa. Entrepreneur Life and Leadership Advisor for visionary successful women that want to grow into better leadership,relationships and wellbeing |Top Voice Reducing the Stress of Success in the Hustle.

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Everything Is Energy

Wanna know why only 4% of American women that leap into their own business get back their professional six figure salary? 96% don't have their energy, money, relationships or health management worked out when they try to grow. I treated the fallout as a clinician in my wellness business as The Belly Guru for over 15 years. There needs to be a healthier hustle specifically designed for powerful, accomplished women in transition.

What Do You Need Me To Create a Plan For??


Q: How is working with me different?  

  •  Mind, Body , Relationships, Leadership skills make Branding and Business opportunities come naturally. Procrastination on next level leaps leave when you feel safe emotionally and mentally.  You will become the woman you need to be and naturally do more of what you need to do to leap into your leadership. Sorry but gender equality doesn't mean same ways of being,behaving and feeling great. 
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Don't give up... Get C.A.L.M. and refocused. 

Reframe the Experience. 

 My clients change makers. 

Meet Lora, Author, Podcaster, Trauma Informed Plant Medicine promoting Nurse Practitioner

Lora had been part of a well known business development community. She hopped on a call with me frustrated before finishing her book. We got the shift! Within the next six months she published her book, relaunched her podcast and has two new courses online for her healing business. Listen to Lora's evolution on Owning HER Health Podcast HERE.


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On the Fence?

Are you tired of settling for mediocre personal and leadership development programs that ignore you are a woman who happens to be ambitious about her business? It's time to raise the bar and you'll notice a ripple effect in other areas of your life. Relationships will deepen, opportunities will arise, and success will become a natural byproduct of your inner transformation. This is the power of a holistic approach that addresses every dimension of your being. Contact me today and let's embark on this transformative journey together.

"Lisa's caring touch and ability to hold space made me feel safe from the minute I came into her presence to the minute I left after each meeting. For a person like me, experiences like that are invaluable. I live with emotional pain every day and it's not easy being at a crossroads thinking that something is wrong with you (some chemical imbalance) and you are the way you are due to the circumstances of your life...She listened to me when I needed to speak, and she was blunt with me when I needed a voice of reasoning, among countless other variable situations. "

Mind Body Consulting Client

""I thank the Universe everyday that I crossed your path" "

Physical Therapist, CEO Handling Your Health & Rehab essential worker shifting her life while caring through the trials of COVID_19

"After working with Lisa I have a clear plan of how to reach my target audience and more conviction about being the PT of choice for postnatal women in Atlanta. I have more focused ideas and goals of how to plug people in and keep them engaged"

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Author, CEO Catalyst Physical Therapy

After Initial Career Success Our Fear is About Losing What We Made..

This is a new Renaissance but I am tired and it is scary.

The Conversation on The Blog

Moving from Game Follower to Game Changer is hard. You are moving against the current grind and self made culture. I like to write in ways that make people think differently about that.

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Join our community of like-minded women entrepreneurs who are business founders by a calling. We will use Targeted psychographic assessments to embark on a transformative journey towards understanding you, your targets and make the sacred success path look easy as you focus better being aligned in mind, body, core values and needs of a small business. It's time to escape the pain of the current hustle and embrace a new way of women centric doing of things. Are you ready to unlock your full potential? Fill out the form to connect today and start creating the life and career impact balance you truly desire.

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We are a community of professional healers. Women rising up to become the Medicine to themselves, their family and the world.  Enjoy my self care workbook as a thank you for connecting!