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Hi, I'm Dr. Lisa

I am a long time health pro that now coaches and trains women clinicians through a critical jump in identity from solo practice owner to CEO with a personal brand for expanding.


My clients want to leap into senior leadership roles, head group programs, become public thought leaders without years of  overwhelm in perpetual start up mode.  


 Less than 1% of your clinical practice and coaching peers are even aware of what is going on with Web 3.0...


 It is already robbing your time, energy and endangering choices in how to make an income. Time to use that to your advantage. 


The consequences of not moving into this headspace for yoga therapists, life coaches and therapeutic healers over the next three years is going to be devastating.


Luckily you are here!

I shifted my mentoring communities into Curvy Hustlers with strategy and sacred success tracks focused on low overhead, max ROI, targeted program buyer communities, lifestyle business designs and science and art of crafting a personal brand instead of riding on the same waves as competitive peers with the same credential letters and modalities.  


Since then I have been moving over 240+ women with the tide and am expanding into year round success squad connecting and business club membership support. 

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Align with Your Media Time

I post weekly in the private FB group and get you coached through self limiting behaviors, can consult with your team in the business club membership or meet for 1:1 coaching.  




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Believe in Your Value 

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Connect as A Couture Authority

You know how it feels when you are wearing the clothes that do not fit so well anymore? How good does it feel when you put on something you love and everyone finds you very flattering? It works that way with your business organizational strategy too! You will get more visible. 

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Beth,PT,CLT, Canada's leading Oncology PT Rehab provider

"Thank You Lissette Alvarez- Holland and everyone in the group. It has ( and will continue to be) a great time time for exponential growth."

Brenda,RMT, CYT, Founder Mood Boost Yoga

"Thank you for your compassion and patience...I felt panic after pressing send last night and then I just surrendered. I chose to let go...I'm co-creating a new life. This is my comeback. I'm all in. Thank you"

Felicia Wenah

"Thank You Lissette Holland and all you MBBA ladies, putting the inner work, self assessment work...into intentional practice is so crucial for general wellness and biz wellness "

Moving from a professional into a person working on purpose.


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Dr. Kitiboni Rolle Adderley,DPT  Owner of Handling Your Health Wellness and Rehab

"I thank the Universe everyday that I came across you" in reference to shifting her personal life and reorganizing her revenue lines while caring through the trials of COVID_19 in the Bahamas..."


Alyssa,C-IAYT, Women's Therapist, Author, Digital Marketing Pro





"Thank you so much! I think this [Jumpstart ]was the perfect opening and gateway to my next step forward. I am so grateful."

Margaret, PT, Integrative Therapist






"Clarity and the accountability is why I did this because that is the main thing I needed...I want to make a living at this"

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