It's time to bank on yourself 100%. Women love, learn and lead differently. We need different things, think different ways and birth different solutions.

How about we expand your mindset from being a 1:1 service based business into an enterprise minded CEO that doesn't need to personally see or employ a lot of people to make more money and have more you time?

Hi! I'm Dr. Lisa

It's Not HIStory. This is "YOURstory" in the making

Trust me, I am a Doctor...We don't need more "Boss Babes"

I really enjoy coaching executive women and teams through big career and corporate culture pivots with a twist. I am getting you redesigned from the inside out to blossom you into a top level executive leader. You will finish working with me owning the executive presence, message attention, personal vitality and peace of mind every woman behind a brand needs and never gets in start up and development stages. We really don't need more Boss Babes. That is not a healthy energy dynamic for women. What we need are more evolved, heart led, intuitive and passionate Lady Leaders showing up in our own Curvy Hustle!

You are worth it!

I know personal coaching and business mentoring are an investment for bootstrapping ideas but relying on Word of Mouth and just selling your services with a self- employed one person show mentality is actually way more expensive than my Curvy Hustle methods! Diving in without a way to grow a community before you officially sell a thing means you are vulnerable to caregiver pivots, evolving interests, personal life changes and potential economic chaos.

"Lisa's caring touch and ability to hold space made me feel safe from the minute I came into her presence to the minute I left after each meeting. For a person like me, experiences like that are invaluable. I live with emotional pain every day and it's not easy being at a crossroads thinking that something is wrong with you (some chemical imbalance) and you are the way you are due to the circumstances of your life...She listened to me when I needed to speak, and she was blunt with me when I needed a voice of reasoning, among countless other variable situations. "

Mind Body Consulting Client

""I thank the Universe everyday that I crossed your path" "

Physical Therapist, CEO Handling Your Health & Rehab essential worker shifting her life while caring through the trials of COVID_19

"After working with Lisa I have a clear plan of how to reach my target audience and more conviction about being the PT of choice for postnatal women in Atlanta. I have more focused ideas and goals of how to plug people in and keep them engaged"

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Author, CEO Catalyst Physical Therapy

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We are a community of professional healers. Women rising up to become the Medicine to themselves, their family and the world.  Enjoy my self care workbook as a thank you for connecting!