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So I hear you have something to say? I would love to hear your story. 

Common symptoms of needing some intuitive guidance for subconscious energetic resistance include>>>

  • Imposter syndrome
  • Lack of clarity about how to describe what you do
  • Chronic pain or energy swings
  • Fear and procrastination
  • Lack of visible feminine/ receptive leadership power in career and/or close relationships
  • Fear of bold career shifts, taking control of money flow and sexual power
  • Trouble asking for your worth resulting in chronic under earning and over giving 
  •  Perpetual peace keeping an living a life of compromise with few boundaries on personal time or self care rituals.

Do me a favor and drop me an email at [email protected] with whatever questions you have or if you are as into face to face meetups as much as me, book a Goddess Health Consult for personal support or a Lady Biz Consult for some professional recalibration

Even better, we can meet online and get to really get to know each other. I look forward to a consult and hearing your perceived needs and story

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